Anything advertised on tv is a rip off and that is fact to rely on never buy anything or hire attorney Es from tv ads it’s all a rip off boycott ATT. Even when I turned it off, it made a slight humming noise and leaked all over my glass coffee table and magazines. Folks for about the same price you can buy a small air conditioner that actually works. Did put it back and tighten it a little, an no water is coming. But, since we live in Florida and the climate is always changing, after an over night use of the product, the Artic Air failed. If the Arctic Air were that powerful then it would also cost a LOT more, but it’s not. I think it works just as it says. My mother’s a.c. went out, she saw the infomercial and wanted to try the Arctic Air. For all of you folks who want to know how to get your money back….if you paid with a card you can dispute the charge. Mine came broken!!!

It cheaply made and it claims to cool the air, but only if its directly on your face.

It seems to help so far. Either it leaks or it’s completely stuffed. I received this as a gift and I am very disappointed with it. More than half of the water will soak into the filter, so refill the water after the 5 minutes, turn it on and enjoy hours of cold air at full blast. It was still cheaper going that route then buying in the store. It is not made to cool a big room but it keeps me cool. *Card Number: In my opinion not worth the money we spent on the units, replacement filters and now they don’t work! Definitely I would never recommend this product to anybody else. What a TOTAL waste of money!!! The price is much greater and no mention of this lower level Arctic Air appliance is even mentioned on tv. BUT, they billed me and shipped them anyway.

Arctic Air vs Evapolar The technology used is an evaporative air cooling filter that transforms hot air into cool air. As the hot dry air passes through the evaporative water filter, it causes the water in the filter to evaporate.

Really, don’t say that to people. I tried every speed. !” It states clearly it “is not” an air conditioner, it’s a “cooler” which in turn provides “cool air” and not “cold air.”, If basic english comprehension escapes you, then go buy a traditional fan, otherwise, this little device is worth every bit of its “nominal price!” , The only problem with this little unit are the people with the wrong expectations buying it off the shelf… . First bought the Arctic Air cooler which I intended to use to cool the parameter of my foodcart stall instead of using the conventional fan that doesn’t humidify air when in hot season like summer.

I bought it from Target a week ago and I am thoroughly pleased with it. AS I GOT INTO THIS THING I COULD SEE THAT THERE IS NO WAY THAT WATER COULD REACH THE FILTER SO THERE IS NO WAY IT COULD WORK FOR WHAT IT SHOULD BE, AS A SWAMP COOLER. How big of an area can this unit cool? Yes I would like to get a class action certified and get all our money back. Their product was trash and it was made in China which by the way, many of the products I have purchased through various sites that are made in China not only don’t work, but are total hoaxes! According to my calculations, that should come to $59.97 plus a few dollars for processing or whatever. I shook it out and tried to dry it out as directions suggested.

Week two: light flashes three times ever min indicating the water is low. That’s because you didn’t have enough of them working in the room. The more humid the air is, that is being drawn into the unit, the less effective its cooling power will be.

Relax. I have a positive review for this item. TOTAL SCAM STEER CLEAR OF THIS CHINESE MADE JUNK !

You can’t even feel the cool air unless you are a few inches away from it. I clicked on this to double my double offer which should total 4 items. I couldn’t believe it. I actually like this product.

It uses the simplest and most efficient cooling process – water evaporation, taking hot and dry air and making it cool and moist. I want a refund, and maybe there should be a class action lawsuit filed against this company, for false advertisment. I am sorry for those who have had a bad experience, but mine works great and doesn’t leak like some of you had mentioned.

The first one didn’t work at all. In addition these coolers also purify the air thus giving you refreshing, dust free air. Seems the filter soaks up the water but because the unit is off and no evaporation, the water tray overfills and leaks. Tonight mine is full and blinking. What happens if you have arthritis?

I have RA, Fibromyslgia and Lupus. I have the Artic Air Cooler. I love it! I reviewed the product and even researched other items and I still decided to try the Artic Air. Any help???? This has been a life saver. It has run constantly for the past 15 days. I purchased a a artic air cooler from this company. Arctic Air and Evapolar are both personal air cooler and humidifier.

It’s not designed to run on a 12volt system. fees and shipping. Just received this useless machine. I will exchange it but after reading the bad reviews I hope this doesn’t happen again. Worked a couple months then got rusted up inside. I just bought mine, filled it, turned it on….and the light is flashing. Your email address will not be published. I don’t add water to it, I use it as a fan. An air condition uses antifreeze doesn’t really have much to do with humidity, also humidity is WARM moist air not cold moist air. *Address: My Address Bought one, received two. Yes it has to be close but anything this small would have to be close. Put a regular fan in front of it to extend the “cold zone”. They had two speeds generally, low and high. It is poorly designed and before I buy anything else, I will search out reviews. I really appreciate all the above comments. It says to sit in front of it and you will be cool. Freezing cold! My only complaint as of now is that the little light no longer works but other than that again it’s 40 bucks how can you go wrong?

It is designed to be put on a desk or bedside table, 2-6 feet away from you, and pointed at you. If you are reading this and you have not purchased one yet, DO NOT PURCHASE! Add to that the whole thing is loading with several pounds of freon just to make the difference. Don’t buy them. I will not buy or advise someone, to obtain one of these “coolers”. As I write this review, I am using it for the first time. I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and it worked fine as long as I position it close to me on my desk. Any one like me remember these? I paid $35.99 for 5 nights of comfortable sleep. First of all, there is no temperature gauge. I purchased an Arctic Air not long ago from my local drugstore.

I need to get my money back they can have their fraudulent units. Mine was a gift. The damn thing won’t run.

I paid little over $39.00 for this crap. For the “Electrical engineer” that took his apart and says there is “no way water can get to the filter”, you are wrong. Hi all, I knew this was a first class scamo long before they said just add water? Shame on Arctic Air for not making their true intentions advertised in a way so that people watching the infomercial were clear about what they were purchasing. Needless to say, I cancelled my order immediately (had to wait on hold for over 20 minutes). I did not move it!!!! It’s kind of soothing. She also mentions in the review to take a few ice cubes and put them in a zip-lock freezer bag and place them in some of your cracks and crevices. It is designed to cool YOU, and it will do that quite well as long as you are not in a high humidity area. An important note of concern: The “evaporative filter” in the unit is prone to mold, hard water scale, and algae buildup – and it must be periodically cleaned to address these issues. First off need a large blower fan capable of producing hurricane-force winds and a big rugged twin piston compressor with a circular condenser radiator working overtime on 240 vac and 100s of power hungry watts. When I’m in nearly scalding hot water, it cools my face.

But if it can run without water, I would sleep with it on all night!! As an engineer I’ve studied this product and found that in a 6 by 6 room you need at least 12 of them working together.. It is only when the telephone person mentions the upgrade, are you supposed to understand that the TV version is NOT the one you will receive. This means about 5 watts available.

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