He left my office with a copy of the club`s history and returned – just 10 days later – with Forever Everton. It was a typical football song of those days; it’s petty awful but it has its time at a football match. Now a regular in the Ireland team, Coleman started his sporting life as a Gaelic footballer, but soon realised the error of his ways, Sung by Everton fans after getting a cash injection from a billionaire investor, When Hibbert Scores We're on the Pitch Chant, Referring to the Police lying about what happened at Hillsborough, A song for Ross Barkley, Everton's midfield diamond. 03/04/2013 at 15:40:28, Posted He's very busy being a grandad these days, but still making it to the match! 05/04/2013 at ", There's Rankin Brown and Parker, Hurst, Gabriel and Labone,there's Kay and Scott and Stevens they're the Pride of Everton,Young Pickering Vernon and Temple on the victory trail for sure,for 70,000 Everton fans that roar and roar and roar[for Peter #783]. At heart he was Port Vale and only a converted Blue. Whichever way we play it,

15:12:46, Posted Eugene, I completely agree, a great piece.

03/04/2013 at 04/04/2013 at

As I recall, three members of his backing group, whom I later identified as Graham Gouldman, Eric Stewart and possibly Lol Creme, were deeply in conversation with Sedaka when we entered the dressing room. "They come from Dingle, PrescotAnd all of MerseysideThey travel up to Goodison ParkAnd loudly shout with prideOh ye, it's E V E R T and O and N". 19:52:05, Posted The threshold of Strawberry Studios has been crossed by many music legends: Joy Division, The Smiths, Paul McCartney, 10cc, The Stone Roses and… errr… St Winifred’s School Choir to name a few. 13:58:23, Posted Go. I once read that Grand Old Team song originated in Ireland (and presumably travelled to Celtic from there). Some great stuff on this thread. That honour goes to the 1985 'Here We Go' which reached the dizzying heights of No.5. Graham (675) I had them as the following: Lawson, McLaughlin, H. Newton, Conolly, Kendall, Kenyon, Hurst, Husband, Harper, Harvey and Bernard.... but I could be wrong?? Years back though, the lines you quote were, after a shit home display, like someone rubbing salt into an open wound. Although Forever Everton was never a chart hit, the Strawberry Studios team went on to record tracks with Leeds United, Manchester City and Lancashire Cricket Club that year. Re Grand Old Team, I never heard it on my late 70s early 80s travels, but seem to recall it being sung after a Celtic testimonial (up there) in early 90s. I must say I have no recollections either of 'Grand Old team' until shall we say more modern times. I think we ended up with maybe £50 each.”. 1995 Preview SONG TIME Theme from Z Cars. And now... wait for it: he wanted to write a song for Everton! Anyone else remember the lads on the Terry Wogan show, running down the aisles to the stage bouncing balls! All for one, I have an old VHS video of Everton v Watford at Goodison in Feb 85 and you can hear it being sung... along with a song with a chorus of 'Here they come and they won't go home' every time John Barnes took a corner... but we won't dwell on that one! Wherever football goes, I also recall that around 85 the Street-end used to give the away goalie abuse every time he took a goal kick... a crescendo of "Ooooh... you're shit haa!...Fuck off, haaaa!" Spurs definitely sung a version in the late 60s/70s according to my brother-in-law. There were another couple of Celtic type songs that we done back then in the 60s. EFC-FCN Player Valuation: £225k.

07/04/2013 at – 2 minutes and 36 seconds of Bluenose breast-beating with a brass backing? My favourite Everton song, that, and what an excellent article. 11:36:31, Posted 07:17:46, Posted 03/04/2013 at Forever Everton Chant Everton (149 Songs) One of the most best classic football songs in English football, sung by the 30,000+ Everton fans at Wembley in the 2009 FA Cup final (ED: Sorry audio isn't top quality) 60 Grand Seamus Coleman Chant Everton (149 Songs) Our wonderful right back, bought from Sligo Rovers in January 2009 for a staggering £60,000. We're the lads from Goodison that you all knowWe're the boys from the banks of the Mersey... Our next song is in the pipeline — being put together by Leonard Cohen and Morrisey. Ray, definitely Roger Kenyon between Kendall and Hurst, David Johnson was not that tall, I love this song.. One of my earliest memories listening to this and the 1966 cup final (and semi v utd) on vinyl.

15:10:30, Posted 04/04/2013 at 03/04/2013 at 19:51:05, Posted That's Terry Darracott next to Lawson, by the way. The road to vinyl immortality begins with a visit to an Anfield nightspot by Everton’s First Promotions Manager, David Exall: “Early in 1972, I went to the Wookey Hollow venue to see Neil Sedaka perform on what was, for him, a comeback tour. 03:16:39, Posted 05/04/2013 at All for one, 10:29:41, Posted 18:46:56, Posted 11:21:31, Posted I guess that makes it vintage 1964. My father bought the record at Goodison before a home defeat by West ham in 1972. We play in Royal Blue, 14:26:09, Posted I could probably sing Karaoke and not get booed off stage but some of the lads were so flat!

I'm with Phil on 'Spirit of the Blues', it's our hard-hitting 'White Riot' by our standards; an inanely foot-tapping intro. 03/04/2013 at Theme From Z Cars - Gwadlys Street End, 2. 13:27:15, Posted Here We Go - The Everton Army Nice to hear Jimmy Husband's comments..what it must have been for him a Bob Dylan fan singing those lines???. And bring the honours home… 19:04:30, Posted We use cookies to enhance your experience on ToffeeWeb and to enable certain features. Kind of know what you mean although it doesn't actually grate on me now. Karl, I'm sure you're right but I have no memory of hearing it (GOT) or singing it at games until sometime in the 90s. Lawson McLaughlin. 18:47:06, Posted Does anyone know our words to the Holy Ground once more or Black Velvet Band? I got this record off my dad when I was 7. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. I went into an independent record shop, and much to the incredulity of the owner, asked for it. I am the proud owner of all three singles recorded by Everton and Forever Everton is by far the best. Actually, like the Celtic album my mam had, seems a snare drum and an accordion was all that was needed for the 60s football song (come to think of it, the singer sounds a bit Scottish too). FOREVER EVERTON (song) Thread starter EFC-FCN; Start date September 28, 2020; 1; 2; Next . As for Grand Old Team, I went home and away from 75/76 on and never heard it until the 90s, (I still think the feller singing it sounds like a big soppy tart).

03/04/2013 at 06/04/2013 at 03/04/2013 at

It's Celtic's song not ours. One fact I missed in the article was that Gordon West negotiated the player's cut of royalties for Forever Everton! 10:56:40, Posted We play it in the air, My (late) mam had a Celtic album in ours in the 60s (think it was a 'present' from a Northern Ireland girl she worked with) and the song was definitely on there (along with a load of other jaunty, accordion-backed tunes in praise of Celtic, sung by a Glasgow feller who seemed very pleased with himself). The first single I bought was Hello Goodbye/I Am The Walrus, cost 7/4 from the record shop that used to be on County Road by the corner with Spellow Lane. 06:48:11, Posted

Crystal clear audio. When Graham came to Goodison, the receptionist, Toni, rang to tell me there was "a young curly haired lad" asking to see me. Turned out he was a Tottenham fan and was still pissed off over the semi final! 03/04/2013 at 08/04/2013 at 04/04/2013 at 03/04/2013 at 16:26:21, Posted 22:33:54, Posted Graham had been in The Mindbenders briefly but saw his role more as a songwriter and had already written hits for The Yardbirds, The Hollies and Herman's Hermits. We must have been one of the first teams to put out a naff, sorry, iconic song. In every land and continent, Who of my generation can forget.... Oh yes it's E V E R T and O and N in case you didn't catch it then I'll spell it out again.....etc etc . 22:26:21, Posted 03/04/2013 at

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