I was just wondering, did any Banshees have any contact with Migs during the Korean War? Its two engines were in the 3200lb/thrust range, the one engine in the Grummen was in the 6200lb/thrust range. -- Shaken - out --. Press J to jump to the feed. Shaken. Worse than a stock F-86F, but not as bad as the F-84B. Of course, it also had more range and endurance at that launch weight. All rights Reserved. The a/c was totally destroyed flying belly first into the rear edge of the flight deck. In the movie, the pilot was supposed to have been killed. At this BR this means that flying the N1K will be nigh impossible now won't it? The F2H-2 did NOT have night fighter radar as standard except for a few F2H-2N's.

Of course a 1948 straight wing naval fighter is going to be worse than a swept wing F-series Sabre that came out in the 50's. /s. It was larger and … Post Jan 10, 2011 #1 2011-01-10T15:49.

Welcome to HyperScale's Discussion, Picture Posting & Trading Forums. No yourself. No, no, the Panther was replaced by the Cougar. StrategyWorld.com, StrategyPage.com, FYEO, For Your Eyes Only and Al Nofi's CIC are all trademarks of StrategyWorld.com Privacy Policy. If they were both evenly matched, then America would not have wasted the money to bring the banshee into service. It had superior high altitude performance for its day, but it was a bit bulky to be truly nimble. Actually, the F2H-2 has better takeoff performance compared to the F9F-2. Ok chaps, you have the choice of the latest marks of these two cold war warriors. The Banshee, for the simple reason that it replaced the Panther in American service, iirc. Left side view of three U.S. Navy Grumman F9F-2 Panther aircraft and one U.S. Navy McDonnell F2H-2 Banshee aircraft in flight. Banshees may have engaged Migs, but didn't shoot any down. 1,877 14. When someone competent gets a hold of this then much raging will be happening.

I reckon the Panther would hold its own as they are both evenly matched. The Banshee was a concurrent aircraft to the Panther, which was intended as all-weather fighter. The plane was only slightly larger than the F9F-5. The first kill in an all-jet dogfight that can be verified by records on both sides happened on Nov. 9, 1950, when an F9F Panther shot down a MiG-15. Killing N1Ks and R2Y2s over Iwo Jima and Saipan. Just because a plane is replaced doesn't mean it was bad.

I reckon the Tomcat could have been superior to the Super bug in fleet air defence, if they had updated the avionics a bit. Worse than a stock F-86F, but not as bad as the F-84B.

Subject: F9F-5 Panther vs F2H-2 Banshee: Fight's on, fight's on!!! The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. But the Banshee's acceleration is absolutely terrible. Fuck that. I was just wondering, did any Banshees have any contact with Migs during the Korean War? No mods, no outside help, just factory standard.

2020 StrategyWorld.com. As to who would win... it depends on the fight: Nice work Ryan. Can you name me any aircraft which are clearly superior to the one which replaced them?

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