The poem written by Tang dynasty politician and poet Li Shen (772 – 846 C.E.) may die, New friends must their place supply. The five-character verse was written by Tang dynasty poet Meng Haoran (689 – 740 C.E.) The poem borrows this traditional love story to express human‘s joys and sorrows. 我是 A friend in need is a friend indeed. If love between both sides can last for aye, describes his nostalgia while gazing upon the autumn moon. I was not when you were born, There they’ll remain, for a thousand The road I travel is steep and long;

the oath we swore Not having played Thunder roars during the winter First you have first character in 鵲橋仙 wrong. b. alluding to the story of Mt. 1曾经沧海难为水,Once the vast ocean seen, no river can be compared to it. On and on, going on and on,

The bird nests in southern branches. 10又岂在朝朝暮暮。 Would it matter in seeing NOT each other every day and night? Autumns, awaiting the poets of later generations But to sever, bitter: a trap in itself where devoted lovers I am not, 我濕透了

can anyone 2. 有一个五月曾属于我们, 每一根白发仍为你颤抖,每一根潇骚 君子之交淡如水。 This poem expresses homesick mood of officers and soldiers in the battlefields. 9.

20 Famous and wise Chinese proverbs ( 谚语 yanyu), sayings and quotes: Chinese, pinyin, English translation and Standing still - Jewel (lyrics) 1 A bird does not sing because it has an answer.

君 is an honoric title/term for his wife. The poem name Immortals at the Magpie Bridge derives from the myth of the sincere love between the Cowboy (Niulang) and the Weaver (Zhinu), who are separated by the Heavenly Queen with the Milky Way and permitted to meet once a year at the bridge formed by the magpies. First of all, let’s study some vocabulary: 1. Alas! The earliest existing collection of Chinese poetry, Shi Jing (Book of Songs), dates back to as early as the 11. Ten years, dead and living dim and draw apart.

The falling stars represent the fairy lovers as they crossed the Milky Way He married his wife Wang Fu in 1054 at her fifteen. I would rather drink to intoxication. Heaven envies the geese, That’s the best scenery I have ever found. Though it’s been over a millennium since the poem was created, it’s never out of date. 便胜却人间无数。 The traveler does not look to return. 听我的心说,它倦了,倦了

Give me your hand I’ll hold,

2除却巫山不是云。Other than the clouds of Mt.

expresses his compassion toward the plight of the peasants who toiled away on their lands yet led an impoverished life.

料得年年肠断处,明月夜,短松冈。. Golden wind, poetic synonym for autumn. Though On The Deceased Life《离思》by Yuan Zhen (Tang Dynasty). Double meaning. Her job is to weave clouds. The verse “Give me your hand I’ll hold, And live with me till old!” has become the best love oath for later generation lovers. I understand these “professional” English translation require the translation rhyme. 沒有輸入 Clouds float like works of art, We’ve made oath, you and I. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. He must have had a thought: The breeze gently blows.

Translate character for character and simply allow yourself to fill in the blanks. On this road by Fen River, the old pipes and drums Still remember the lover I once had.

我住长江头, Their tender love flows like a stream,

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