The number built is unknown.

Above the serial number is the crescent & stars police mark then in use. It appears in any number of books from the relatively entry-level Small Arms Visual Guide up to professional-grade publications. These were just a stop-gap however, and delivered in insufficient quantities to be a force-wide pistol. The likely intent here was to entice the buyer into thinking he was getting a Soviet TT-33, near the end of the time when it was still not simple for the average American to find a firearm made in the USSR. North Vietnam was not alone in receiving these rifles, which Technika moved under the names M.44/56 (rebuilt ex-Soviet Mosin-Nagants) and 48 Minta (the M-48 carbine version made under license). The Helewan thus became service-standard in the Egyptian army, and remained so until joined decades later by the Helewan 920 (a license-made Beretta M92-FS) and 9mm Glock 17s. ACTION: SEMI-AUTOMATIC HANDGUN , BARREL LENGTH: 112MM , SERIAL # E02285 , CONDITION: 7/10 , CLASS: CANADIAN RESTRICTED CLASS. (Egyptian infantry during a WWII gas drill. (photo via Tague website). This version’s magazine omitted the knucklerest. It was very well built, but so were a lot of other semi-auto 9mm handguns. In particular, Omnipol was extremely prolific and successful. In 1952, a group of army officers overthrew King Farouk I and made Egypt a republic. Between 1948 and the 1956 uprising, 21,550 were delivered to police, customs, and bank guards plus 450 (stamped “Polgári”) issued as everyday carries to high-ranking communist party apparatchiks, who were unloved by the Hungarian people. However, pistol experts and gun authors worldwide recognize seven versions, all differing only cosmetically, and this is followed here. Classified Ad, Search Full Text of Listings The pistol upper right, closest to the blue IED barrel, is a Tokagypt with an extended threaded barrel. Curiously the Super 12 could fire both 9mm Parabellum and 7.62x25mm Tokarev, via a parts swap-out kit which was included. That is why accidents have happened when dropping the loaded pistol. There are also Circle 21 and 25 on AK mags, but I’m not sure which factories those were. All quality work. ( Log Out /  Firing pin on CZ is free to move forward only after Triger is fully depressed. Egypt had a slightly better reputation in Moscow than chronic deadbeats Syria and Iraq, but not by much. As evidenced by the switch from “Cal.” to “Kal.”, these were made with the intent of later selling them to commercial buyers in West Germany. A.B.Zhuk states that English-language description are specific to commercial variant of 48M, see 31-11 here: dated 1958. blade front and raised notch rear sight. I have seen Polish-made Makarovs with both “1” and “4”. $77.90. The contract was cancelled prior to completion for unclear reasons, resulting in some pistols being made with an Egyptian crest on the slide and some with blank slides. After the uprising, tooling from this project remained and Hungary saw an opportunity for further benefit. Overhead are WWII Lancaster strategic bombers. The left side of the slide displays: "WALAM 48 Cal.9 mm Brow short Made in Hungary 1958".

Otherwise these are identical to the 1st version.

The perched eagle logo is the insignia of the Egyptian Police and Interior Ministry during the 1950s. These two events marked the end of the post-WWII arms buying spree. Hungary also license-manufactured the WWII Tokarev cartridge under the designation “48M 7,62 Pisztolytolteny” at the Andezit and Bakony factories. (A pegasus was also used sometimes by Hege-Waffen.). This one was made prior to mid-1956 as it has the first communist coat of arms.) Curiously, as recently as 2019, the evidence coding used by some American police departments still lists the Tokagypt’s manufacturer as Ferunion, the Cold War-era Hungarian sales front. The postwar government was soon dominated by communists and in 1949, a blatantly pro-Soviet “people’s republic” was declared. Maybe the last nail in the coffin was a scandalous 1994 affair to sell guns through Panamanian and Ukrainian front companies into the violent breakup of Yugoslavia. The pistols were also made available for other users and TT-33s spread around Africa and Asia. For starters, the town’s name is Oberndorf not “Oberaudorf”. Overall this was a good half-clone, exceeding its own original. Prior to the mass influx of Soviet aid, new firearm projects were tailored to this. The 7.62x25mm Tokarev cartridge (1,378fps muzzle velocity) was considered to lack stopping power in battle, and in any case the round’s other consumers (the PPS-43 and PPSh-41) were themselves out of production and being replaced. The WALAM 48 was a copy of the Walther Model PP made by Fegyver- és Gépgyártó Részvénytársaság (aka FÉG) in Hungary in the years after World War Two. In 1946 the Hungarian monarchy was abolished, and in 1947 a treaty signed in Paris legally ended the state of hostilities.

In 1957 a deal was worked out with General Nasser in Egypt to sell a version of the 48M as well as the Tokagypt copy of the TT33 for the Egyptian military. The gun, a so-called “sterile Walam” was post-production marked “GSM MAUSER OBERAUDORF GERMANY”. Hey man! In 1947, licensed production of the Tokarev TT-33 began at FEG, under the Hungarian designation M.48. The rifle the freedom fighter has is a K98k with bottom sling swivels added, not a 43M. Recurrent problem payers, may be banned from future sales. For the latter (contrary to the impression in the USA during the Cold War) the communists actually did expect to be repaid.

The gun was called the WALAM 48, meaning “WAlther- LÁMpagyár” (the factory name at that time). As passed on from the Mossad to the CIA, the gun offered insights into how arms dealers interacted with arab militants.

During the 1970s Pravda newspaper traced the identity of the man to Aleksei G. Yeryomenko, a commissar KIA on 12 July 1942, the same date the photo was taken.). In fact, the more we did into […], “The contract was cancelled prior to completion for unclear reasons” Secondly, Mauser never had any involvement with Walther. A $25.00 non processing fee will be added to any credit cards that we can't process. You can choose to be notified via SMS Text message and/or Email via the subscription settings page in your account.

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