There’s a lot you need to know about defending before you walk out onto the pitch in FIFA 21.

die Fußballsimulation für die PS4 holst, kannst Du sie mit Updates auf der PS5 zocken. Increased importance for defensive positioning. For the most part, they’ll release their Pitch Notes and share all the changes they’ve made, regardless of how significant or insignificant the alteration is. Background: I am a consistent G1 player, playing since FIFA 16.

This is improved now, as there are less instances of ‘air’ tackling. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For strikers, you need to be looking at stamina, sprint speed, finishing, and composure when buying players. Follow these gameplay tips and we are sure that FIFA 21 Defending and Attacking will become much easier to you. Instant hard tackles have been added to FIFA 21. FIFA 21 is a hugely offensive-heavy game, with most players taking the Galactico “I’ll concede three but score four” attitude. Another of Pep’s best ideas in the Premier League was to use the dark arts of Fernandinho whenever his side lost the ball. Bombing forward to wherever the ball is can rarely be effective, as attackers will then just lob or pass the ball past you. A lot of meta formations have wide players and with the speed pegging back your defence, the last thing you want is two slugs protecting your centre backs. Jockey him (L2/LT) and make sure that you track his run, rather than leaping into a tackle and taking yourself out of the game for 10 seconds.

Adding R2/RT turns it into a fast jockey, which is especially effective if you’re trying to cover ground or want to make interceptions in midfield. These functions still exist, and can be effective for shifting players over – second man press still has its uses – but manual defending is definitely the way to go now. With this type of tackle, previous games have been quite inconsistent. Here's how best to shore up your defences. You cannot just hold L2/LT and rely solely on the AI to autotackle. Now, with player instructions you’re going to want to have fullbacks set as stay back when attacking. Practice makes perfect. Following the feedback of the community, EA realized they had to change the “unrealistic” ways people were using Quick Tactics. I feel terrible after those goals , Auto blocks also need to be fixed. FIFA 21 von EA Sports erscheint zur Saison 20/21 für die PS4, die Xbox One, den PC und abgespeckt für die Switch. This is still a strat however it will not be effective against better players. All Rights Reserved. We have decided to add comments to facilitate communication and interaction between FUTBIN users. This means the back line will be secure even when you’re attacking, preventing wild counter attacks.

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