Your single “Figure It Out” went viral on TikTok and you now have a large following on multiple social platforms. I don't know. I’m usually always producing as I write, or working with other people where the production inspires the writing and vice versa. But yeah I'm really excited about it. ... How to Make a Modern Dresser || Woodworking... WHAT IS STUDYING IN THE US REALLY LIKE? So there's a couple of songs from our guest today, Blu DeTiger, including a new single that's just come out now, "Cotton Candy Lemonade," can you tell us a little bit about that song? Jim McGuinn There’s no touring and chances of meeting fans in real life, so this is the next best thing. I was always writing music but I think my passion for DJing led me onto the path of releasing music under my name. And the distance between frets, and if you're a kid, oh my god! Finally I graduated beyond that to just a regular size. It just, I don't know, it just kind of happened.

I think it was something about just like the hypnotizing groove and the flow.

Yeah I didn't really know. I got to play with other musicians all the time, which is another way of getting way better. Released this during the coronavirus pandemic, it … Like I've been in the van, I've done the twelve hour van ride. I think because, you know, everyone-- the human experience-- like the sound of a real instrument over electronic music I think is really special. A cool clap sound or lush chords with reverb can put me in a mindset. For my own music, for my artist project. Bizarre Legacy: Golden Experience Requiem! So what drew you to the bass? It’s at this moment I’m introduced to Blu DeTiger, the NYC native with a penchant for groovy dance tracks and an unabashedly cool fashion aesthetic to match. Yeah, so full EP coming in the next few months.

Going back to you as a kid I was reading that you were really into School Of Rock and that's how you first started both learning to play, and also learning to play with others, is that true? I have been forever. What is your creative process when working on new music? Is there an album on the way or what's sort of the next step for you?

I think just knowing the ins and outs of the touring world and the crew and you know just what everyone's role is, I think was just really important for me to learn. I had to come up with it on the spot a lot of the time. People want to see something new always, you know?

I love playing other people’s music, but I wanted to express myself in a different way. But yeah, she's crazy. I mean I'm so grateful for all those experiences and I think I'm more just appreciative. I was writing a bunch just on my own on my computer but yeah, so that one came out over Zoom. So that's kind of what this song is about. Then I got a Fender Mustang which is short scale and that was really helpful. I'm going to keep doing this. It was so fun and became my thing. I always love when I meet people and they went through something like a School Of Rock because it gives you such an interesting experience, whereas I think other people just stumble their way through that. Yeah. I think it was just like one of those, I was just like, you know, young kid like, "Ugh I want to be different, I want to be unique." JIM MCGUINN: It's time for another session here with The Current and today we're gonna meet a relatively new artist, Blu DeTiger. )It’s getting too loud, we’ll figure it outAll mineYou say you wanna beMy all timeYou say you wanna beWho’s that guyYou say you wanna be butYou already had itAnd I’m not about it, nowOoooh ooooh… Don’t know why you’re playing (Yeah, why? Yeah, it's been pretty crazy I guess.

It is "Figure It Out" here on The Current. Like you said, that's an amazing way to really like master the instrument because suddenly you're pushed into all these new directions and having to sort of thing on the fly and get your brain to hear, maybe listen even better than you might think you could with something like that. The young artist has amassed a large social following through her fun and quirky content that gives you a glimpse into her creative world. To call DeTiger a newcomer would be selling the artist short. What do you hope fans take away from “Cotton Candy Lemonade”?

The rising artist gave us a virtual tour of her studio space, which is just as funky and colourful as you’d expect, equipped with all the gear she needs to create including seven guitars (mostly bass, of course). Lyrics usually come last unless I have a good line ready to go. So yeah, I kind of just did that and then I did that at every set and it just became my thing. Yeah. I miss those endorphins of playing so bad. Yeah, that's kind of - that was my beginning in New York. Your song "Figure It Out" is kinda blowin' up, as one might say. It's all music so I was like, let me just try this.

I think as I got better I had the few that I knew, the songs that I knew that I knew how to play. Микрозаймы, или как ещё из называют, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Sean Lennon Reveals What He Admires Most About His Late Father. I think it just deals with a lot of the classic quarantine issues that I think everyone was feeling to some degree, like loneliness and longing for the pre-Covid time or post-Covid time. Includes transpose, capo hints, changing speed and much more. Yeah you really need to be able to stretch to get- the frets are longer, you know? Fast forward to today and Blu is producing, writing, and singing her own music.

I would just have to hear it and then figure out the chord and then do it at the same time.

Sometimes there were like those, you know, I had a few songs that were just kind of like in my book of, bag of tricks I guess.

Crazy good.

That is Blu DeTiger and "Figure It Out" and we're here together. Yeah it was kind of-- it really depended on the set. Yeah pretty much, my older brother was playing drums and I was like, OK I want to pick up an instrument too. I've paid my dues, you know? It's special but it's not the same as meeting people obviously, in real life. I'm really happy that I chose bass first, and now I play guitar and other instruments. I like TikTok especially because it’s really intuitive and easy to get creative. Listen Live, Acoustic, Americana and Roots She had my full attention. Yeah it's kind of true, that one really did write itself. I know that's hard to do because I'm trying to learn to do it right now.

)It’s getting too loud, we’ll figure it outI’m out of my brain (Huh? Blu DeTiger joins The Current's Jim McGuinn for a virtual session to perform a few tracks she's released this summer, and talks to us about sharpening her skills while playing bass over DJ sets in New York clubs pre-quarantine, finding success on Tik Tok, and what she'll be releasing later this fall. What do you hope fans take away from “Cotton Candy Lemonade”? Vocalist and keyboardist Rebecca Gray shares her favourite eerie songs. Live bass, live vocals, live drums, and tracks. Yeah, way different now. (1929-2018 Oscars), CHVRCHES - Warning Call (Keegan Larwin DnB Bootleg), LIBRA - THEY MISS YOU YOU MUST KNOW THIS! And then just the performance experience, straight up. But yeah, her and then Tina Weymouth obviously and Tom Tom Club is also big inspiration of mine.

I think it’s the only way these days.

Well when we come back I want to talk about your time as a club DJ and adding bass to the DJ mix which I think is a really cool concept. )There’s so much more to the fameBut I’m never changing (Nahhh)You’re getting too loud, we’ll figure it outYou’re losing your own game (Yup, yup)While I’m switching lanes — the Danica wayI started my day up (Yah! Guitar Ukulele Piano new. There was another DJ and I was hired to sit in the club and just play bass over the DJ but I was like across the room so I didn't even know what they were playing. Each lyric rolls off Blu's lips oozing swag and style, as she nails each note and nonchalantly tells her suitor "thank you, next". November 2020 Tarot, The process of fertilization and the formation of human.flv, Snap, Crackle, POP - 5 important Pop Artists. But yeah my brother will play drums for me and he was playing drums in the little videos that we made at home and then I'll have a bigger band when we do actual shows.

It shows me in New York City finding my way and riding on a motorcycle into the sunset and into the unknown…. Just that performance experience is really good. I love talking to people and showing my appreciation for their support. I saw a quote from you about "Figure It Out" where you said the song kind of wrote itself. The most common questions I'm asked! It’s about longing for a pre-covid time or a post-covid time. One, two, three! You started DJing at 17. Hopefully we’ll all be together soon rocking out :) Stay tuned for the rest of the series xx—bass, vocals: Blu DeTigerdrums: Rex DeTigershot and edited by: Idil Eryurekli—"Figure It Out" available now: Tok: know what you’re sayingYou’re flying higher than a planeAnd I’m not complaining (What? I know! Yeah, totally. Yeah so that's a new single. But yeah, I'm super happy that I did. Even rehearsing, I've done some big rehearsals with really good musical directors and really grateful for that experience as well.

)I can’t really wait upOoooh ooooh…Figure it out…All mineYou say you wanna beMy all timeYou say you wanna beWho’s that guyYou say you wanna be butYou already had itAnd I’m not about it, nowOoooh ooooh…Figure it out…Figure it out. Fast forward to today and Blu is producing, writing, and singing her own music. I feel really good about it and I'm just excited to meet people face to face honestly. I think when the bass videos and covers started to pop off it was kind of just what we were talking about with the DJing thing how I would take these popular songs, like most often like Top 40 songs and write a new bassline and improvise over it - that's kind of, that's what I'm doing in all of the Tik Tok videos that I do as well.

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