Send us a photo to and we will look for a similar floor for you. Hi Lynn, unfortunately we do not sell any Pergo floors. Hi, I am looking for Pergo Bombay Tulipwood flooring.

Mastic NY. Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand it maybe discontinued. I need literally 5 planks of Harmonics brand Sunset Acacia item# 620859 in Alaska. did you find any of this particular floor? Samples are available for most of our discontinued laminate flooring inventory and more are being added. Finding discontinued laminate flooring to finish a project, a repair, or complete a home can be difficult. We are having a problem matching color and size.

Great question. You can easily blend the two rooms together with a transition piece and a laminate flooring that’s close in color and design as your current floor.

Hi Norman, do you happen to know the name of the Pergo floor? Required fields are marked *. I have 2 boxes and need approx 10 more to cover a 202 sq ft dining room. Thanks for reaching out. I would need enough for a 14’x’14 project. Pergo Shayti Walnut laminate flooring. How to Find Discontinued Laminate Flooring Many customers search the web to find discontinued products to finish a project, a repair, or to complete a home. Checking Craigslist or any other self-sell site might work as well! Hi John, unfortunately we do not have any more of this flooring in our warehouse.

Hi . Your next best option might be to find a close match. You can also leave a comment in the feed below, and someone may have what you’re looking for. It is from 2013. Thanks! Doc. We would be happy to try and find a close match the flooring in your home. If you could send a photo of your floors to, we will take a look and see if anything is close. I’m looking for a few boxes of Pergo’s casual living pw 80066 durant beech.

x 4 mm Vinyl Plank Flooring. Lowes used to carry it. Another option would be to find a close match. We recommend checking websites such as Craigslist, eBay and Angie’s List for remnants of discontinued flooring. I am looking for 1 box of Laminate flooring Estate Oak #257063. You can also try to match your existing flooring with a new flooring that looks similar – depending on where you are installing. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment. Hi, i am looking for Valley forge 12mm laminate flooring I am looking for 1 or 2 boxes. I am looking for one box of Quickstep Quadra color California Gold . Hi Christopher, thanks for the question! Hope this helps! Thanks. The best bet would be to check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Ebay! Hope this helps! Maybe someone in this forum may have some! In search of 9 boxes of Harmonics Harvest Oak Laminate Flooring, Thank you! Hi Susan, I am personally not familiar with Swiss Lock flooring, nor do I believe we have stocked it. Hello, I’m looking for Pergo Burnished Fruitwood. Need about 4 boxes worth if available. Unfortunately we do not carry Pergo flooring, you can try checking out the Pergo Outlet for a few boxes or check Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Ebay!

If a product is not selling well, manufacturers will discontinue the flooring or collection of flooring completely. 27mtr. I am contemplating ripping up a bedroom carpet and this flooring was used throughout the rest of the condo. Looks like Home Depot no longer carries it per the link here:“, I am looking for Amazone laminate flooring – D2443 teak Colourtone made by Krono tex. Or even something close to it? Good luck! PO#1737 Series: Venetian Great advice James! Need a few planks (or maybe a box) of Pergo PS5371 Paririe Red Pine. If anything is available, please let me know! I am looking for PO 2000 Diamond Pergo, Need alot, I’m looking for laminate flooring that was sold by totem 10 years ago and it has a reddish hue to it and it had the name apple as part of its make. We often help customer match previous flooring with new flooring. Any chance you guys might have it? We can send you free samples of the ones we think would work. See previous post just in case it is Wilsonart Mahogany 2032-71 laminate flooring. We’re very sorry to hear about the damage that happened to your home during the hurricane and we would like to see if we can help, if possible. If you could send a photo of your floors to, we will take a look and see if anything is close. thanks. Give us a call at 800-520-0961 or email us at

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