Takeoff initiated on Runway 3C at approximately 8:45 PM with a speed of 170 knots / 195 MPH. And there was a Laguna Niguel businessman, ending a long weekend of partying with his sister in Detroit, heading back to work. Before boarding Flight 255, he called his roommate, Mike Daniels, to make sure he would be at John Wayne Airport to pick him up. Saturday night before the flight home, Lisa, Raphael, Dawn and her finance had a feast, eating dozens of clams and talking about the future--Dawn’s wedding in October and Raphael’s dream of traveling someday to Italy.

Already on the plane were the McKellar brothers who had missed Flight 255 the night before because of their car trouble. As soon as escrow closed, they would move from the rented town house in Laguna Hills. COOK, Jerome D., 48, Phoenix, off-duty Northwest captain. Her acrylic nails were painted a peach color--which would help coroners identify her body a few days later. Now, Continental officials were telling passengers there was a problem with one of the plane’s wings.

Fall practice was to open the day after he returned.

See the article in its original context from. Those from Orange County on the flight generally mirrored the overall passenger list. She was excited about the trip, her first to California. They said they had no qualms about taking the same flight home.

Voters must chose among 33 candidates for four seats on the the Los Angeles Community College District’s seven-member board. “I took a couple of moments and just stood there,” said Barton, 30. Each needed to be in Orange County that night. “You just think it can’t happen to the same flight twice,” said David McKellar of Dana Point. The plane they boarded was a long-bodied MD-80, an updated version of the DC-9.

“I loved her so much,” David remembered, sitting in the basement of the Surowitz home last week with Joanne’s family and friends.

Where to vote. RATLIFF, Hidi, 16, Santa Ana, Calif. ROSS, John J., age not available, Phoenix. She showed her the sweat shirt she had bought for her new boyfriend--stenciled with his name, Jim, on one side, and the make of his motorcycle, Honda, on the other--back in Santa Ana. MODLIN, Barbara, 32, New Hope, Minn., treated and released for minor skin irritation.

Two weeks visiting her father and other relatives had been enough.

“She said ‘See you at Christmastime.’ ”.

“I told her ‘no, you need to stay and spend time with your father’ ” said Mary Ann Ratliff, “We picked the 16th for her to come home because cheerleading practice (at Costa Mesa High School) started the 17th.”, Her father, Donnie Ratliff, is thankful for the two weeks he had with Hidi. The trip back on Flight 255 would add several thousand miles to his frequent flier plan for a free ticket. Hidi had flown to Ohio with her mother, Mary Ann, late last month.

As the afternoon shadows grew longer, passengers booked on Flight 255 began converging on the Detroit airport. The Times endorses one incumbent and three newcomers for the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees. Booked on Flight 255, Robert and David McKellar missed the plane home to Orange County when the car they had taken to the Detroit airport blew a radiator hose.

MORRIS, Suzanne, 35, Federal Way, Wash., off-duty Northwest flight attendant. That aircraft had started the day at John Wayne Airport, where crews cleaned and fueled it at dawn for the cross-country workout that followed. She knew her friend, Bonnie Monary, was planning to meet the Continental flight. GEIGER, Emily, 13, Phoenix. Times staff writers Lynn Smith and Alan Jalon in Orange County and Bob Schwartz in Detroit contributed to this article. But luck works both ways and last Sunday in Detroit was no different. It's quick and easy to. Peter Frank, 25, had moved to Orange County in February from Florida, taking a job as a marketing manager for an electronics wholesale company in Irvine. It was a good time for her to get engaged, the stars said. BRANTLEY, Herbert, 26, Phoenix. KAROW, Barbara, 39, Phoenix. ENGLERT, Charles, 27, Tucson, Ariz. ENGLERT, Karen, 28, Tucson. In Toledo, Ohio, a week ago today, Hidi Ratliff was eager to get home to Santa Ana and begin cheerleading practice. Around 5 p.m., Hidi and her father left for the airport in Toledo, for the short flight to Detroit. GEIGER, Robert, 39, Phoenix. But she could not bring herself to ask for three weeks off and, besides, money was tight.

Her grandmother reminded her to go see one of her aunts, who was old and ill, because it might be the last chance she had. They arrived early, got a bite to eat and then Donnie saw his daughter off at the gate. The two went together to have Lisa’s bridesmaid’s dress fitted.

“When I saw him come off that plane,” Rebecca Wilder recalled, “I could hardly wait to put my arms around him.”. President Senate | House Governors California | L.A. CountyOrange | Ventura, Your guide to the 2020 election in California. Mary Ann flew back Aug. 4 and Hidi wanted to return then, too, Mary Ann recalls. On Sunday, Mary Ann Ratliff was busy working in her kitchen when she got a call from Hidi.

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