as if this place were coming to bits before your eyes. Carol Ann Duffy has won several other awards for her work. Her love poems are generally written in the form of a monologue and deal with situations and people that poetry does not normally touch on. Create a free website or blog at So, a woman will lift her head from the sieve of her hands and stare at the minims sung by a tree, a sudden gift. Carol Ann Duffy was born in Glasgow in December 1955, the eldest child in her family. Duffy chose to recreate the character. The persona is an immigrant from an impoverished country who is still struggling to fit in to his/her new ‘home’ even after 20 years of living there. your foreign accent echo down the stairs. On the landing, you hear your foreign accent echo down the stairs. The best poems by Carol Ann Duffy selected by Dr Oliver Tearle. The landing is, of course, the platform between two flights of stairs and so the voice would tend to echo Henri. It seems at first to be her story but Duffy uses the second person pronoun to get the readers to relate to it. Ads are what helps us bring you premium content! puts the reader in the subject's shoes with her words, "imagine", etc. refuses to tell her its exact worth. back at home surrounded by one's own family and friends. poem 'foreign' by carol ann duffy? The (4), What name do you think has been sprayed on the brick wall? You saw a name for yourself sprayed in red The poem is in four verses, each with five lines. poet speaks of the psychological barriers, as well as the racial hatred which is endemic when foreigners

people, the loneliness of the stranger. Her main character knows where they live, but they do not feel they belong there. It happens suddenly that, even after living in a country for many years, one becomes a stranger all over In what is perhaps the most interesting part of the text, the beauty of Shakespeare’s works extends out into their life together. Wikimedia Foundation, 04 June 2014. What's your thoughts? In the last stanza, she moves away from the devastating experience and puts the audience into another situation. More recently, she has taken to writing verse for children as well as adults. Search in the poems of Carol Ann Duffy: Prayer Poem by Carol Ann Duffy. The But they also reveal that it is a time of darkness because the neon lights would not be noticed during the When I look outside my house I see high-rise buildings and commerce areas with bright neon lights but deep in my heart I always felt isolated because I knew those lights are not for me. By keeping the words vague, however, the poet allows for the imagination to supply -- and the Half a life spent in work, half a life spent in sleep.

became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1999 and was awarded the C.B.E. The third line of the third stanza is a great example. philosophical outlook, although she personally did not see much of a difference. In the last stanzas, as Duffy describes moments of hesitation, confusion, and fear, she transitions into ungrammatical phrases meant to represent her own dislocation in her city. My friends make fun of my appearance especially my small ‘asian’ eyes but i know they love me! Red like blood. ‘On the landing you hear your foreign accent echo down the stairs’ and ‘the voice in your head…’ With the use of second person pronoun, I was immediately pulled into the situation and felt more emotionally engaged. This is another element that sets them apart. Manchester Metropolitan University. that one of you says, Me not know what these people mean. Where can I read the full poem online? She was honoured with an O.B.E. Carol Ann Duffy (b. Some of Duffy’s best-known poetry collections are Standing Female Nude (1985), The World’s Wife (1999), and Rapture (2005). The use of punctuation in these moments creates a very intentional pause in the text. Imagine living in a strange, dark city for twenty years. ‘ Foreign’ by Carol Ann Duffy is a four stanza poem that is separated into sets of five lines or quintets. Carol Ann Duffy Anthology of poems Scottish Set Text National 5 / Higher Originally We came from our own country in a red room which fell through the fields, our mother singing our father’s name to the turn of the wheels.

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