went on to spend much of the remainder.

She died in 2010 at age 100. The islands of the Venetian lagoon. But we were happy and charmed in our neighborhood, and soon had our regular place to go for cappuccino in the morning. We wandered for a couple of hours in the archaeological museum, staggered as always by how much remains of the ancient world. celebration of what she calls 'the voluptuousness of Italian And I just picked up Elizabeth Strout’s Anything is Possible. The writing here is so lyrical and heightened that I read passages several times.

bestseller lists until July of 2000, an astonishing 142–week

Tented like a souk, rowdy and colorful!

I hold off for two weeks before I begin to plant. Under the Tuscan Sun

Will be in to buy her book.


countryside—but what they all boil down to is an intense There was no one at Praz’s abode and the guide had time to give us a leisurely tour and to share stories of her own about the place.

Sicily is another world. "Casual and conversational, her chapters are filled with Photo credits: Frances Mayes, Larry Vaughn. and a million place in the middle!

You never know, of course, when you write a book what its fate will be.

Summer ’15–Recommendations from a Summer of Travel, http://southwritlarge.com/articles/the-monumental-cakes-of-frankye-davis-mayes/, http://www.tastebook.com/blog/author-frances-mayes-on-her-perfect-food-day/.

Rivers are always changing color. Order a drink and you’re welcome to a lavish buffet of stuzzichini—crostini, olives, chips, focaccia, prosciutto, slices of omelet, and grissini, bread sticks (also invented in Torino).

In Tuscany

recipes for polenta and gelato.

Very good. FM: Most cities seem like many separate towns smashed together. Ed and William did, and they reported it was claustrophobic and harrowing. Broadway Books, 2000.

White clad, candlelit tables are set up to the right of this cozy space, the table stacked with books. One of three daughters in her family, she was a bookworm from an early The floor (heated underneath)  is old brick cotto. What do you do to stay so youthful? It remained on the Atlantic, Carolina Quarterly, Gettysburg Review, Museo Egizio. We celebrated Ed’s birthday in Florence. after 1988. "The biscuit–colored houses are the same colors we see all I love Camille Glenn’s crab recipes, the corn pudding, chocolate pound cake, buttermilk biscuits, and so many others.

"I didn't mind the August 23, 1999, p. 154. More later….. The rarefied French influence of the House of Savoy, which ruled Italy from 1861 to 1946, is everywhere in Torino. "They are the most giving people. FM: He’s 17 now, and has hit six feet.

The museum is located right in the centro. Writing this felt a little like drawing without lifting the pencil away from the paper.

Her love of Italy remains strong, despite her still–shaky

I took a few pictures but I guess it would be tacky to post them.

good reviews in the literary world, but she remained a relative unknown She’s on a quest. My article is in the winter issue, in the very good company of Robert Draper, Donald Sutherland, Jack Turner, Nan McElroy and others who love the non-touristy, cultural side of this most enchanting of cities. theaters. We have a small olive oil crop this year, due to crazy weather, but the oil is, as always, sublime.

Forgot to mention, we took out an internal chimney that ran through the kitchen and attic (hence the awkward L). readers, and word of mouth helped propel it to the best–seller My favorite restaurant. (Coauthor) Frances Mayes is an American university professor, poet, memoirist, essayist, and novelist. This kitchen made me laugh thinking of those curated wonders. Most think olive oil should be diluted. An aqua sea, two yellow umbrellas, powdered sugar sand. The links and clauses and dashes seemed, as I was writing, to keep me close to the process of memory itself. Eataly. Their friendship takes off and over the course of a summer they begin to consider bolder options.

You are leaving AARP.org and going to the website of our trusted provider. But much is visible.

Now we are back in Hillsborough NC for this lovely late summer bounty of the garden and farmers’ markets. That striped blue ceiling–what a bold move when the walls are already striped too. Our waiter, when he heard that Willie was in Italy to study the language, engaged him in teasing banter and gave him a few lessons in gesture as well.

"I've heard them say it's even Sunday in Another Country

There’s one–sitting with her cappuccino and notebook at a table under the clock tower. It has views of the garden on three sides. Lost your password? "I've always been trying to I’ve been at my desk all winter and am the color of a turnip. The women find a villa on a hillside outside San Rocco.

We decided not to replicate what we had but to try a new design.

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