It is important that your classification is determined before getting a quote for your shipment.

To calculate the density of your freight, measure the length, width and height of your freight in its packaging (in inches). The higher the class, the higher the rate for every hundred pounds you ship. While you might think that things such as gold would ship as class 50 because they are heavy, they far exceed the value restrictions for freight class 50 and in fact shipping gold and other precious metals moves your freight to NMFC Class 500. Freight class for LTL shipping is important because it allows shippers to classify freight in a standardized manner. Freight class generally ranges from 60 to 400 and is based on specific types of commodities. As mentioned in our Freight Shipping Guide,your freight classification is determined by transportability which is defined by the density, stowability, ease of handling and liability of the cargo. Also, once you have determined the classification of certain goods that you ship regularly, be aware that the NMFTA can update their database and change certain classifications at any time. Also, consumers can better compare costs between shipping companies when they know their freight class codes.

Freight Class 50 can generally be described as those items that have a high density per cubic foot. Freight Q & A Go to Highend Options > Social Links. Other Freight Class Essentials. Adjusting weight can lead to big freight savings by adding enough weight to slip into the next PCF range. [Twitter Widget Error] You need to authenticate your Twitter App first. If you request a quote with the wrong classification, the shipper will have to recalculate it for you, which can result in higher shipping costs than you anticipated. This will give you the density of your freight. Freight Class 50 – Clean Freight. Do you need to ship freight right now, need an expert to help? Contact us, chat live or get a freight quote right now. The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) details 18 freight classes, where Class 50 is the lowest and Class 500 is the highest. Freight and Artificial Intelligence- what is next? One such item is a transmission (class 85).

UPS bases freight class on four shipment characteristics: If you need additional help to determine your freight class, please contact UPS Customer Service at 1-800-333-7400. Privacy Policy, Experience something completely different.

United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. Freight class makes a big difference to freight costs.

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