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Hi all! If you are confident that these women will go along with it, then why not? If you put the titles in the wedding program, though, be prepared for some eye-rolling behind your back. My BFF is my MOH, but they identify as demigirl/agender, so I wanted to come up with a non-feminine title to reflect their identity. Like, carrying shields. Since my fiancé & I are pretty non-traditional & are planning to have a fun/funky/unique wedding, we want our bridal parties to reflect the same. I think I'll incorporate offbeat titles for each gender, but I can't think of what. Although they are offbeat too they haven't experienced that in regards to weddings, so they aren't quite sure what to think.

My family, H and I have very dry, snarky, asshole senses of humor. How can we have chair seating at our park venue when chairs aren't allowed? With little things like this, there's not much wrong with cutesy (or things like table names, cutesy garters, stuff like that) but when you have to come to an internet forum to help you come up with the cutesy, you're trying too hard. If the idea of coining a new word gives you hives, there’s always the option to call your attendants, well, what they call themselves. STEALING. Since my fiancé & I are pretty non-traditional & are planning to have a fun/funky/unique wedding, we want our bridal parties to reflect the same. Our Pop-Up Wedding At The Bob Baker Marionette Theater, $7K Intimate Last Minute Family-Oriented Simi Valley Wedding, $2K NYC Elopement With A Killer Pink Pantsuit. It all started with the cupcakes: one day I was sitting with my friend Moore & I told her we were getting married. ever since we were kids though my chief bridesmaid and i decided we would be each others "maids of horror" – probably because we know the most embarrassing, horrific stories about each other .

They might have some classy ways of doing this up without it looking like a 5 year olds birthday party. They are all so special to me in different ways, it was impossible to choose one as the maid of honor. Meg is the Founder of APW, and has been the sites EIC for the past twelve years. If I were a bridesmaid and you were calling me a mermaid, the groomsmen had better be mer-men. You're absolutely right in that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Required fields are marked *. Take the non-traditional bridal party, which some couples have wholeheartedly embraced. Minus the insanity, plus the marriage. Instead of groomsmen he is having Titles for them like "Super Man", "Iron Man", "Mega Man" etc. Friend could also be swapped for bestie, as in “bridesbestie” or “Best Bestie.” This way, your future wedding attendant won’t be saddled with a title that misgenders them. You can snoop into her personal life over on her website The Dash and Dine! As bridesmaids, you need to help plan the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and coordinate any small details you can for the happy couple. I'm seeing some awesome ideas for a bridal party, but I am really stumped on what I could use instead of Maid of Honor. BTW, I love the word "entourage" for the wedding party! I do like Henchman though for the guys. Being an MOH, bridesmaid/man, Best Man, groomsman/maid, etc.

An update… we're going with Henchmen and Wedding Wenches. Also calling the girl members valkyries because they'll have feathers in their hair. We actually chose not to do an engagement ring, but somehow this still feels just right. Looking for the perfect gift for your 'maids? This Is What You Need To Know, How Can I Include Our Loved Ones In Our Zoom Wedding…, My Husband Introduced His Other Partner To Our Friends Without Telling Me. But officially it's our wedding guard! What are good, alternative names for bridesmaids, bridesmatrons, matrons of honor, and maids of honor? So today, a … But seriously. Haven't got that sorted yet. It is not a big deal. . If one of my friends did this, I'd roll my eyes so hard they might never roll back.

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