This kind of resistors was extensively used on vintage audio equipment. My sincere appreciation for D.Clark support. var addy7f4304642a25135ef7e8f3d1e52ffd24 = 'info' + '@'; Resistors do not have polarity, you can place them in any direction. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is not the ideal input stage for signal integrity but the best for simplicity and fast high gain.

So the feedback network has a negative impact on this parameter. This would be a good candidate to fit in a 1590a enclosure.

var addy_text50b523c3fe6d09bab6aceb61820793ff = 'info' + '@' + 'electrosmash' + '.' + 'com';document.getElementById('cloak50b523c3fe6d09bab6aceb61820793ff').innerHTML += ''+addy_text50b523c3fe6d09bab6aceb61820793ff+'<\/a>'; Some Rights Reserved, you are free to copy, share, remix and use all material. PNP Germanium Fuzz Face PCB and Layout Arbiter Fuzz Face NPN (Silicon) Arbiter Fuzz Face Reissue Dallas RangeMaster Booster RangeMaster PCB and Layout Dallas-Arbiter Wah Face: BlackCat: BlackCat Overdrive OD-1 Black Cat OD-1 PCB and Layout: Carlsboro: Carlsboro Suzz: ColorSound/SolaSound: ColorSound Jumbo ToneBender Jumbo ToneBender PCB … The value of the output impedance can be calculated using the formula: Zout = RVOL//470ΩZout MAX = RVOL//470Ω=500K//470Ω = 469Ω. I removed the socket and now works better, I'll try with bc108B (I don't have the C version), other suggestion for transistor?I also use 10k pot instead of 8.2k resistor to bias Q2, wich is the best bias point? You can, though it might get a bit messy on this board. The cut frequency of this HPFilter is: \[fc=\frac{1}{2\pi R C}=\frac{1}{2\pi \cdot R_{vol}\cdot  C_{3}}=\frac{1}{2\pi \cdot 500K \cdot 0.01uF}= 31Hz\].

Fuzz Face Input Stage. I think the Arbiter-England one didn’t use the NKT275 germanium transistor; in those days we used the AC128.

Been using an audio probe to debug, and no sound gets past the 100k resistor or the base of q1. Eric Johnson seems to prefer a 100KΩ level resistor over the stock 500KΩ.

can you show it how you flipped it out=? BUT the output of the pedal is not directly taken from Q2 collector, there is a voltage divider created by R2 and R3 (the power supply is effectively at AC ground). var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; Not that the internet needs another Fuzz Face layout, but I'm adding it for the completeness of this collection. Two multi-turn resistor trimmers (Trimmer1 and Trimmer2) replace fixed resistors so the bias could be adjusted to the perfect level. The original FF uses standard aluminum electrolytic capacitors for the 2.2uF and 20uF values and a film for the 10nF cap.

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