The story is a big factor in this game as every girl has their own specific stories, and it’s told like a visual novel.

The action gameplay might feel a bit too “casual” for diehard ARPG fans and being unable to play on an emulator might turn some heads away as well. It is a turn-based RPG where you build a team of characters and go through different stages while fighting enemies. They’re generous. Splitting up the story into three different factions giving a whole new cast of characters to play as.

A big pull about Grand Cross is the anime attached to it. Latest Gacha Guides.

Destiny child tier list 2019. There was a fusion event back then where the game seemingly had a very F2P event where everyone could get a legendary unit just by playing the game, however on the very last day of the event, they threw a curveball, which essentially made the legendary unit unobtainable unless you spent a little bit of money. Very P2W heavy especially for events, you are pretty much not able to get any LRs if you are F2P.

It’s very subjective and is mostly intended to give you an overall grasp of which heroes to go for. Abysmal drop rates and you will probably never see an SSR in your time playing this game, in turn the game makes the R and SR units viable enough that some are important even in late game. It has a great deal of content and social aspect in this game is huge guilds are up to a hundred members. Powercreepy, ran by Gumi, the upside is that there’s Katy Perry and Ariana Grande in the game, weird but cool. Everyone knows this game. Haven’t played the game since the recent overhaul regarding the dupe system. If you’re looking for a tactics based game, Langrisser might be up your alley, especially with the new updates, the honeymoon period really sucks you in.

Note: This list is in no particular order by rank. The game itself, however, is graphically amazing. But even if you are not a fan of the anime itself the game should not turn you off. Those games are just as active and current as any other and probably seen as more popular in terms of players compared to Bleach: Brave Souls. We have created a confirmed list of summer gacha games that will be released globally in summer, 2020. It being a tactics RPG, suffers from the heavy time commitment needed as well, character designs are better than average and there is multiplayer as well, which is a nice touch.

X2/X3 speed up for battles are locked behind VIP system, only play this game if you’re into Valkyrie Profile.

It’s very subjective and is mostly intended to give you an overall grasp of which heroes to go for. Bleach: Brave Souls. It has been reviewed bombed and might not be the best game to get into as of now, or at least until the developers sort everything out. The main story is pretty ok, kind of what you’ll expect from an old school JRPG.

Get ready to get busy this summer because you’ll get to play all these upcoming gacha games. A Gacha game (also known as a character collector) is a game that focuses on collecting different characters. Is it the most popular Gacha game? This game has collabs up the roof! Animation in the game is pretty good, probably better than most stuff other than Epic Seven, there’s no P2W at all since it’s pretty much a single player game, so roll for waifus not meta! Featured Gacha Games. There is also no auto battle in the game, whether or not that is a downside is up to you. It’s definitely not something you want people to catch you playing outside. Final Fantasy version of Brave Frontier. Downsides would be some people might not enjoy the chibi art style, and end-game might feel a bit too empty and grindy. With no anime or manga currently running and no other games on the scene, Brave Souls has been the home for new content involving Bleach.

It also takes awhile to train up your freshly gacha-ed character due to the faction system and it really dampens your spirit when you can’t play with your new shiny toy.

It is a turn-based RPG where you build a team of characters and go through different stages such as the story mode and dungeons. Here is a PvP tier list to help you get started. Overview of the top Gacha Games.

Sadly this mechanic’s charm will wear off and it’ll just feel like the missions take too long as compared to other hero collectors in the market. Illusion Connect. It is highly popular and worth looking into for anyone who is a fan of Gacha games. The big pull is that it is an anime Gacha letting you use your favorite characters from the anime. Superb 3D graphics, good amount of content, and even having a John Wick collab?! A game based on the popular Digimon series, ReArise brings to the table what Digimon Links was unable to. It’s a turn based real time hero collector. It always has free summons, free gems and other materials, once you play a Cygames game, you’ll see the massive difference in generosity compared to other developers.

Probably the most well known hero collector that's not in English.

It has a high fantasy art style so there are a lot of human or elf looking characters but you can also get more unique ones like characters from Orc clans. And out of all these games, the “Gacha” format is one of the most popular. Granblue Fantasy is also ran by Cygames and thus super generous, also has a ton of collabs, having stuff like Love Live and Persona 5! The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross.

Downside would be that it’s not been localised into English yet, but there are rumors of it possibly coming, so there’s that.

Another big name Gacha game. Langrisser M is a turn-based strategy game that runs on a tile system. Omae mo Shindeiru.

Each character has a set number of abilities they can use as well as a designated role and place within the party. The general guidelines I had for this list were "What would my recommendations for someone who is interested in playing hero collector games?

A Gacha game (also known as a character collector) is a game that focuses on collecting different characters. And also aside from that, I took into account the games' longevity, content, F2P friendliness and also future.

Meanwhile, take your time and make sure to, Read this FAQ to get prepared for the game.

This is a hero tier list for the global version of Exos Heroes. Going downhill as you read this article. The game is meant to be played at your own pace and I’ll recommend it if you’re looking for an old-school JRPG for mobile and aren’t looking to spend money for Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger.

The list can be filtered by Element, Role, Type & Grade. The field is split up into square tiles and each character has a different movement limit of how many tiles they can move per turn.

Though if you still want to give the game a try for it’s good 3D visuals, auto repeat functions, the game does a very good job at helping new players catch up with a lot of freebies. I like Type-Moon stuff, I played Tsukihime and the Fate visual novels.

So having it on this list might seem a bit strange compared to some of the other games but there are reasons. It also features a unit linking system which makes the team building aspect not as stale but it’s also not memorable. And out of all these games, the “Gacha” format is one of the most popular. I'll be continuously updating this list as time goes on and I get to try new games, and I also left out some games that I've played before, but have not touched it in awhile so I cannot make any reasonable judgement, such as Unison League and Crash Fever.

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