Highlights include the confirmation of gyro sensor support, news that the game won’t be censored at all, and the decision to release it for Switch. And it looks like they’ve delivered.

Your email address will not be published. Inti Creates has announced "Gal*Gun Returns", a remake of the first, unlocalized game from 2011.

If some country like New Zealand has to ban it, well, sorry. I think it does, but all that’s up for debate. Defeated enemies collapse to the floor in comical displays of bliss, complete with a sultry pink explosion and, sometimes, flower petals that fill the screen. It depicts young female high-school students in a way that emphasises their sexuality and availability. 26. This is especially true of the main love interests, Shinobu and Maya. Namely, is there any? Can you help me to approve my submission ?"

So Devs of the game definitely don’t want the game to be censored and PQube has always been persistent about not censoring their games. The Spinoff’s gaming content is brought to you with the help of Bigpipe Broadband. Here comes the Covid cabinet, Europe on a knife edge as Covid-19 once more runs rampant, You don’t have to use the dark web to be exposed to its dangers, The Bulletin: Plenty of surprises in new Ardernistration, my interview with Andrew Jack, the Chief Censor, What a video game about a futuristic Tauranga can tell us about our present, Turnip for what? They’re not deep, complex personalities by any stretch, but the fact remains that doing well in this game requires seeing characters as something more than sources of titillation. -Magus. deleted in the past. Personally as the localization director, I don’t censor anything and I have no intentions of doing so this time around either. Where’s that line? - I'll check it out =). By dissecting it, analysing it, and critiquing it, we learn from it and grow as people and as a society. A complaint must first be directed in writing, within one month of publication, to info@thespinoff.co.nz. For more information, you can visit the Official Website. That’s an important distinction to make, because art needs to be able to talk about stuff like this, and sometimes that means depicting it. The Spinoff is subject to NZ Press Council procedures. Gal*Gun never misses an opportunity to take shots at people who get turned on by the racy nature of this game and those that it satirises. Disclaimer: Any opinion I make is my own and should not necessarily be regarded as fact. Gal*Gun 2 won't be censored anywhere, and why its on the Nintendo Switch! With PQube having finally released a super soon release date of just next month, the next question on everyone’s lips seems to be about Gal Gun Double Peace censorship. 2 … It certainly presents itself as little more than crass titillation under a veil of innocent, cartoony fun. In fact, transgressive, counter-cultural art is vital, because it offers perspectives not possible in “safe” art. Doesn't change the fact they lied about it lol.

Gematsu spoke with Inti Creates’ Takuya Aizu and Matt Papa about the newly-announced Gal*Gun 2. The narrative framing of all of this makes it even more absurd. For only the 7th time in NZ's history, the Office of Film & Literature classification has banned a video game: the highly sexualised Japanese game Gal*Gun. Even low-brow, offensive, tasteless stuff can have artistic merit, in both its good points and its bad.

All Rights Reserved. Independent journalism takes time, money and hard work to produce. This email is not associated with a Spinoff "If history is to change, let it change. https://gleam.io/RGCGf/dailybits-ps5-giveaway, Gal*Gun 2 15 comments. By dissecting it, analysing it, and critiquing it, we learn from it and grow as people and as a society. Features I played it extensively when it first came out, prior to the ban, and it certainly is a lewd game that’s offensive in a lot of ways and arguably tasteless. Gal*Gun 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details. Gal*Gun twists that genre with a far more risque premise: rather than zombies or criminals, you have to fend off hordes of horny high school girls using “pheromone shots”. I'm buying but remaining optimistic they aren't lying here.

New Zealand’s OFLC an official government which classifies games movies and other entertainment media banned the game as they deemed the game to be objectionable. The game was brought to the attention of the Chief Censor in early December, prompting a review by the OFLC that ultimately led to the Objectionable rating. Required fields are marked *. for support, It looks like this account has been AO NO KANATA: FOUR RHYTHMS PHYSICAL RELEASE CANCELLED DUE TO SONY CENSORSHIP.

Gematsu spoke with Inti Creates’ Takuya Aizu and Matt Papa about the newly-announced Gal*Gun 2. High school in japan is what college is to westerners, which is to say a last hoorah at life before moving on into the "real world" where there wont be any time for fun But is that enough to warrant an outright, ? 46. My point is that there can be artistic, cultural, and sociological value even in things that seem objectionable or downright obscene. But we've been working on adding more features to the game, if you will. We also have a custom editorial division which creates smart, shareable content for brands. Watch Dogs Legion Permadeath Feature & What Does It Mean? If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. share. There are no depictions of sexual intercourse, interactive or otherwise, or nudity. But is that enough to warrant an outright ban? Anyway, the localization is up to PQube.”, Matt Papa: “We’re not going to change or censor the game. It appears that Inti Creates has opted to develop an Xbox version in it's place instead. It could technically fall under the UKs idiotic Dangerous Cartoons act which bans lolicon and loliconest images.

The aim of the game, ultimately, is to get the “True” endings, the sort of happily-ever-after conclusions typical of romance fiction. Just a warning.

Instead of the headshots you see in regular shooters, Gal*Gun has “Ecstasy Shots”: hit a girl’s weak spot – either head, chest, waist, or legs – and she’ll go down in one shot.

Horny assailants slap you with love letters, yell cat-calls that take the form of bullet-like words on screen, and knock you to the floor so they can stamp on your crotch. Check your email inbox to finalise email verification.

So if New Zealand comes around with the ban-hammer again (like with Gal*Gal Double Peace)), sorry in advance to New Zealand.”, Takuya Aizu: “Gal Gun: Double Peace was developed using Unreal Engine 3, which was compatible on both PlayStation 4 and Vita. World sadly isn't perfect - There are things that you can't just skip because of laws and other things.

In a lot of cases, the answer is a clear “yes”: hate speech, child porn, snuff videos, methamphetamine recipe books, and so on.

Last month, the obscure, racy Japanese game Gal*Gun: Double Peace earned an ‘Objectionable’ rating from the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC). 7 comments. The Spinoff Weekly compiles the best stories of the week – an essential guide to modern life in New Zealand, emailed out on Monday evenings. Like I said earlier, there’s a lot to criticise in Gal*Gun as well, and its satirical intent doesn’t shield it from that. Underwear and O-faces are all you see, and the interactive elements are kept fairly abstract, limited to simple shooting mechanics and mini-games in which you move a cursor around on screen to simulate fondling. The protagonist, Houdai, is your typical dorky high school dude, until a cupid angel-in-training shoots him too hard. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. We’ve included these excerpts below. That ultimately comes down to a difficult balancing act between freedom of expression and public good – is whatever’s being assessed harmful enough to warrant clamping down on that freedom of expression? save hide report. PQube has lied about censoring their titles before, see Valkyrie Drive. When something’s banned, it shuts down any chance for discussion, and – somewhat ironically – it makes it difficult to even talk about whether that ban is justified.

You don’t have to agree with me on any of this, of course. Is it enough to dull the fact that for all its cartoony presentation and over-the-top humour, it’s still a lewd game set, in a high school, that sexualises young people? I (Robin Ek, TGG) am happy to inform you all that I have managed to land an interview with Matt Papa from Inti Creates (Papa works as a producer and localization director at Inti Creates). That value isn’t something for the censors to decide; it’s up to critics and commentators, and the discourse that develops around the work in question.

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