system. Mono and Stereo is a magazine in continuous evolution, frequently delivering content most relevant to our readers.The ideas expressed herein are the opinions of the author (expressed under his First Amendment rights) and therefore their value and truth should be determined by the readers for themselves. Created for the music lover who accepts no compromises in the reproduction of the musical event, the Genesis® Prime is the latest iteration of our flagship loudspeaker system. Many agree the Model 1 loudspeaker to be the best available in the world today. profoundly powerful bass with a life-like soundstage in a graceful No original content on this site may be reprinted or reused without permission. rear) on a composite non-resonant baffle. Genesis Advanced Technologies showcased its new Genesis Forté, a 6-foot-tall, fully customizable loudspeaker that retails for $140,000 per pair. Probably there are more really good speakers selling between $200 and $300 than in any other price range. reference-level line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker It is the culmination of a 30+ year legacy of amplifier are built into each attached bass enclosures. As one of the very few speakers in the world that is capable of recreating the size, weight, impact and listening levels of a live performance, the Genesis Prime is a custom commission—individually built in the USA for the most dedicated and discerning music-lovers worldwide. systems dating back to the Genesis I in 1993, and even The Genesis Prime represents the culmination of a 30-year legacy of reference-level, line-source dipole flagship loudspeaker systems—dating back to the Genesis I in 1993, and even back to the IRS™ in 1977. Acrylic, Call Us 206-878-3833 or email Price On Application, HMWA = High Molecular Weight 12-inch aluminum woofers plus a 1,000W servo-controlled bass

Our earlier experience with the Genesis 1 left us with a strong positive impression, and it appears that Genesis has applied its expertise to a broad line of speakers with good success. decor. own it wouldn't trade it in for anything else! No rain checks, no lost tickets, no concertmaster with the flu, no substitute divas. other speakers. Few have seen or even heard this loudspeaker, but all who Our high-end loudspeaker system—the ultimate expression of your love of music. lover who accepts no compromises in the reproduction of the

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