Need a quick lesson to fill in some gaps? The Power Point presentation provides a good overview of the history of the, This literature unit focuses on the Gothic genre, specifically "Annabel Lee," "The Raven," "The Tell-Tale Heart," "The Fall of the House of Usher," "The Pit and the Pendulum," "The Black Cat," and "The Devil and Tom Walker." _r�����a܅!�+ǜek�RěH�R=�M�$tt9{��X"����*�����a�4�mUx9T�Dѓu� �H=�f�h!#Fs��R����T�3ⓑ%޲%}�߮x�aA;�:�f���R$�D2���Z>RX� ϖ�{��8fF�_ ��RpL�D >����ej��0"��&7'&�I��;4i��#�,��Y0�\��C� i��S@�j�|�� ��B�� AjڀY��R���i�oA � ��@F��1J���y��� \6�gd��@2r~6$4�řȏ��Vb�K ����!a�T��#� ��4j�� Presentation includes gothic influences in art and a formative assessment where students try their own hand at writing in the gothic genre.

x���r�ȑ��x Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? 4 0 obj In the dim, distant past of prehistory, people were telling each other dark… Gothic and Romantic Literature - 11th Grade Create a Study Trainer Create custom courses Get your questions answered. PDF (215.63 KB) This worksheet can be used with any Gothic style story or novel.

H�\��j�0��~ A mansion of Gothic activities This resource features a range of ideas and activities for students studying the Gothic or a Gothic text, from giving them a first taste of what to expect, to Gothic parody and revision. )u���))�Jq�P�&U���R�ZDj���4f�;�klڎ��̎4o�=����c@=+WF�:�t8#��{��P���k/��6�����j@��U���G�+ny���$n��5��)�dע+�˖�����h��-�CL���q狶�P$�kCkI���FT*�05�DP�^�.�~�BU�. ��+�q��)X#�#�jI��\���g`��n���x��T�.�s[�.�!�6�$3r�]��Y2K��ɐ1�U���3��h5�ݬ���X���:��c��(k8���A�2�G�gG��4xX���p�� ���W� .

endobj •Women are often curious and have a tendency to swoon, while men storm and rage in reflection of unseen inner torments. Also included in: Gothicism and Suspense Bundle. This introductory PowerPoint presentation introduces the Gothic literature genre while also silencing stereotypical assumptions about the word "gothic" and its meaning. Presentation created by Paul Reiff of the English Department at Vernon Hills High School, District It looked a bit like a small vegetable. It gives a brief history of the genre beginning with the spilt between the Enlightenment and Romanticism. Activities on the gothic aspects of R.L Stevenson's 'Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' (Literary Context, Language, Structure and Form) Some Recognised Elements of the Gothic Novel INTRODUCTION Frightening fairy tales go back thousands of years, in the oral tradition. '2%ss͊���;ESZ6_�f���[��f)׋�h��m>˫�o�?��=c�$E�{��a�� E\�r%Ӌؘ��;��nT�t��2��r��� .���/��9��9,�������Y�k%��Kfyo�Tz��`j��v��fǍ���R��A��yː]��:n�кx�v�����D


stream �DZ;o9��F?���}U�i�w�Uы�����g0Ɨ���Ff7~��k،�xEt�B+���3�c-��uф-����y�g�,��aa����p�|v�x��؄��o$���/���n����5S�c�YǶ-�a5��4��AN���{6g�4���ЈS�n����B:|a:���g��#�5�P�0�c�6���9��x�g/�+�&^/�i�+F��r�챏ؽ�-�L�0�sQ����L�p�4z�f�����A����/���V����}ʾ�5���\�J��ݖ`^�N�FN��Ҩ��S�����$�#V�6qB��.9SΖ[�W��m�p{�����i"&��#���cg��i9Vb �����ʙ��i�>[�q��.�2=D&�XD�x�JF�G��~��O�):C��])��P�E�hd�}b�h��� It was fairly fresh, but not bleeding Gothic Story Kit You have 20 story paragraphs. @� ��� Each Unit allows the teacher to differentiate instruction without sacrificing quality while saving themselves time. It was a middle finger. The presentation and discussion could take 2 classes with a lively discussion, one if you are simply lecturing and the kids are taking notes. ������f�]�Џ�����8����B�E8�̪����Fҝ>�lp��7:ɒ���,kܭ�0�0�27��[QE��"/%)��~o�� This introduction features all students need to know about the Southern Gothic genre. .

H�|VPT���s��]yȂP���L����neE� Great informational text to aid to your Gothic, * Class assignment - group assignment and examples - lots of fun, collaborative /PageMode /UseNone H����0E��o���@m�Ƙ��6�J#R�66����Mι�@��W�:�؂AO��28�����Ki�P�B��[�G�=�5���cY�Z*��[6�87����v��>�o��tc��|W�d'Ü7ܸ8X��ߗ�l~���.p"�0 o�.


endobj Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. It's filled with high-impact, colorful images to demonstrate many elements of traditional and Southern Gothic influences o, This PowerPoint is an introduction to Gothic Literature (along with guided notes). Unit uses research-based strategies like quick write, exit slip, word asso. stream This is the first activity completed for my Nathaniel Haw, This is a presentation and accompanying worksheet, as well as a list of example answers. hޜ�mk�0ǿ��wE��ɂ�Ӥ�}��eP��MDbp�`�#��;Iq��ִC��t��_w?�+C�*#B���kFdf�r�%�k �h�����-n�]��ʚNs���������Y�һ�w���5��h�{���~K��tZj�M�k��]N�u�� :o_���Rq}��d!�1:�U� +T�#�ܕ;G�bz=�]L˺z�/E[��syFo�CRƍ�t���'�L� �A^W�}��_G�(f2y �x�0Sg���B�hj���V��$

Listening and Viewing in 11th Grade Interpreting Literature for 11th Worksheet Journey to Castle Dracula doc. endstream * Can turn into a game Students love, This is a 41-page, power point presentation detailing background information about the Gothic Literature and Southern Gothic literary movements in American Literature. and Gothic Romance. ]�}X����'�L.~�h�cƏ[�h~^�G��=��3����2҇yA�,b����r�3�ٌ�"z�"�V�=裌H��x��Ϟ��������I^�%�yF�4��it҂��f�PW�|e��r�B2>�0��CQ���U�V0��b� �fi]B~b ��&2��̦�M�8#ʂ�1O2�R3�@P������h��S

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