The backbreaker, though, was a 75-74 home defeat on Jan. 7 to the team from Drama. Which are currently, a 5,000 seat minimum for the EuroLeague, and a 3,000 seat minimum for the EuroCup and FIBA Champions League. If you miss five out of the 14 teams then you don't have a league," Zafeiropoulos said. The all-star game was canceled to save money. It's falling apart," he said. Big talents from across the country, future stars for the national team, taking part in a competitive league, with a big price, especially for the prestige of the clubs playing there. "He was very surprised," Fazianos recalled.

"There's no money. The first Greek basketball championship took place in the 1927–28 season, the first fully organized Greek basketball championship began. It has always been considered one of the top 3-5 European national domestic leagues under the historical European national basketball league rankings and European national basketball league rankings. took over the duties of overseeing the competition, and did so until the year 1992. Like politicians," Katsanos said.

Rethymno spent more than $500,000 building a roster around Wright, shooter Dionte Christmas (league-leading 18 ppg) and Brent "Air Georgia" Petway, who delivers crowd-pleasing dunks. And that is not the only issue, since almost every team makes its roster around a talented American who couldn’t find his way to the basketball scene of his country, setting aside many local players looking to grab a chance to shine. Every Player. Any revenue, the former Panathinaikos soccer goalkeeper told the disheartened team, would go to players owed money from past seasons. Uh-uh. Until recently, money wasn't a problem. And that is a result of the division’s system where the first team is promoted to the Greek Basket League, the teams from 2-5 will fight for one more spot during post season and relegation is also not so easy to avoid. YEAR. They said they were going to have money set aside for me. *Arenas that meet European-wide competition arena requirements, and where the clubs play their home games at, if they are competing in the EuroLeague, EuroCup, or FIBA Champions League. Basketball first came to Greece in the year 1919. Dimitris Haritopoulos went to France. Iraklis is not far away having the chance to bounce back in the second round, playing both Panionios and Doukas at home. ", © 2020 ABG-SI LLC. You market the players. Faros Keratsiniou achieved to capitalize on their last year success after reaching the Cup final, beating PAOK at home for the semi-finals but still they have a long way to go in order to come closer to the two top spots. Nearly broke, Maroussi chartered a bus for the eight-hour ride because it couldn't afford airline tickets. The salaries for European men's league basketball players vary greatly on the league, country and situation, as many times players are given cars, houses or gifts in addition to monetary income.

They built a very strong roster, had coach Dimitrios Priftis on the bench but the fact that Rhodes is located on the southeast of Aegean Sea, close to Turkey, stopped the team from getting a higher spot in the play-offs, as playing in Athens for the European cups would be a total financial disaster for them.

Maroussi also failed to pay two bonuses, including $15,000 for reaching the Euroleague top 16. For further information, see historical European national basketball league rankings, and European national basketball league rankings. (Homan now plays for Bayern Munich and through a team spokesman declined to comment.). The first time, FIBA actually lifted the ban for a day, but re-imposed it when Homan's side ultimately rejected the terms, Katsanos said. From under the basket, Gagaloudis inbounded to top scorer Nestoras Kommatos along the baseline. In order to compete in the Greek Basket League, clubs must invest a minimum of €1 million on club operations per season. The average salary of a Spanish basketball player depends on the league in which he or she plays. It currently ranks among the best national domestic leagues in the world (excluding the NBA), such as Liga ACB in Spain, VTB United League (counts as the domestic league for Russian clubs), and BSL in Turkey. Don't feel bad for the kids. He has received just $6,500 of his $35,000 contract. Meaning that for example, any team in the league could sign up to 6 American players, or up to 6 Canadian players, or up to 6 players from European countries, etc.[5]. Ten of 13 clubs are several months late on payments, said the players' union, describing the problems as "urgent.". Elegar left for Turkey. The team was a success on and off the court. Teams had financial problems in the past, but 10 and 15 years ago they were getting close to $1 million in TV revenues. A Moneyball-style Rethymno model -- professionalism, good scouting -- could work for Greece, Zombanakis said, but "I don't see it happening. Since the foundation of the Alpha National Category in the 1963–64 season, only two teams have participated in every season of the competition, Panathinaikos and Aris. Twice this season Maroussi thought it had a deal worked out with Homan and his attorneys. In 1969, the Hellenic Basketball Federation (E.O.K.) The Greek League has been one of the most competitive basketball leagues in Europe through the years, and it was widely regarded as the second best national domestic league in the world, after only the NBA, in the 1990s decade. Former Iowa State star Jared Homan's 2009-10 contract included a FIBA clause whereby disputes are settled by an arbitrator -- instead of by local courts. The ball clanged out. Unable to sign foreign transfers, Maroussi relied heavily on its junior team. Gagaloudis never moved.

Statistics, scores, and history for the Greek Basket League. The 1988–89 season, marked the first time that Greek Basket League teams were allowed to have foreign players on their rosters.[2]. So Giorgos invites you to witness the real heartbeat of Greek basketball.

Wright earned $7,000 per month. The club had stopped paying them. Teams are compiling huge debts even as player salaries shrink. and G.S. Getting in the win column would be a big psychological boost.

He was proud. With more government cuts looming, there's concern that revenue from state television will significantly diminish. That does not mean that the leading teams should not pay attention to many dangerous teams that can be found lower in the standings but are equally hard to beat. That's what we've done, and it's worked," owner Zombanakis said. Excluding the two big clubs, salaries have shrunk dramatically. Teams are allowed six foreigners. The league was originally organized by the Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association (SEGAS). Maroussi lost by 38 points, slipping to 1-22 on the season. The fair market value for the company's portfolio in 2008 was $1.7 billion, according to the company's annual report that year. And while the Greek Basket League seems to be facing such troubles, only one division below, many once-upon-a-time giants like Iraklis, Panionios, Pagkrati and Amintas all fight for spot in the A1 league. The fully professional Greek basketball clubs compete in the first division championship, which is often colloquially called the "A1", in which 14 teams compete for the Greek National Championship. Most salaries are taxed at 40 percent, nearly double the rate of two years ago.

"A1 Ethniki" redirects here. It’s time to present the Top 10 EuroLeague salaries of the upcoming season and set the record straight on many reports about European salaries By Aris Barkas/ With China taking a hit due to the new CBA rules and the NBA Supermax deals not leaving a lot of money on the table for mid-level players, EuroLeague is having a phenomenal offseason. Another example of that was Kolossos Rhodes where around from 2010-2014. He and his wife, team secretary Eleni Mistra, estimate they are owed $45,000. Ευρώπη : Την Τετάρτη (4/11) το Άρης - Ηρακλής. Greek Basket League teams were first allowed to have foreign (non-Greek) players on their rosters in the 1988–89 season. The A2 division. Η εξ’ αναβολής αναμέτρηση Άρης – Ηρακλής της 2ης αγωνιστικής της κανονικής περιόδου της Basket League θα πραγματοποιηθεί στο Αλεξάνδρειο την προσεχή Τετάρτη (4 Rethymno will lose about $125,000 this season, which is "considered a miracle," Zombanakis said. The fourth era of the championship began in the 1992–93 season, when the Hellenic Basketball Clubs Association (HEBA) took over the competition and renamed the first division the HEBA A1 (ΕΣΑΚΕ Α1). Gagaloudis signed with a team in Cyprus.

success in European basketball, are PAOK and Panellinios. The league held a competition in which the teams of the league played under a format with a nationwide schedule, for the first time, in the 1963–64 season. Besides being broke, Maroussi is prohibited from selling tickets to home games because it owes taxes. His defender slipped, so he had a good look. The club also has developed young talent, including Vassilis Spanoulis.

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