Check out all the secret locations that are earmarked on the map with yellow boxes and numbered from 1 to 10, in the screenshot below: The ten secret locations that you could visit in GTA 5 … These Hidden Packages can only be obtained at the Altruist camp after Trevor delivers four victims. Of course, an invincibility cheat is recommended to be able to get this far into the base, as fierce opposition will no doubt meet you. The player is able to drive down an embankment and onto the ice.

There are 12 Hidden Packages spread throughout the waters in GTA 5. Gordo Drive, players will be able to have a supernatural experience in Grand Theft Auto V. First, it is important to note that, in order for players to trigger the experience, they must be there between 11 pm and 12 midnight during an in-game time.

When you reach the vineyard make sure you go underneath the bridge and find the clue located on a rock. There is enough room to land a helicopter, if you prefer. From there, climb onto the roof, run up it a short distance and vault into the open window. Turn right under the bridge once you are there. Ascend it and there will be another one that will lead to the building’s roof. The first clue is located in Del Perro Pier and is an easy start to the challenge - you can find the clue fixed to one of the pier's beams. Eleven of the twelve Hidden Packages are located under water, so players will need scuba gear in order to obtain them. Proceeding down it, you’ll come to a wider area with a couple of vending machines. Once there, ascend to the top, and you will find yourself inside of the control tower. Sean Fairgrieve is trained writer, filmmaker, and content creator with a passion for games. Be sure to take both because this will be the ONLY time these packages spawn! Hurricane Sandy is referred to by various media in Grand Theft Auto V, that say a power hurricane has flooded Liberty City. This one however is located in the desert areas with the large white rocky mountains.

The GTA Online Treasure Hunt is one of the most challenging missions, with clue locations hidden in concealed locations including deserts, mountains and caves. The second is the name of a church included in the game: “High Valley” is the name of a town appeared in the movies. Top 5 mobile phones to play League of Legends: Wild Rift, What is League of Legends: Wild Rift release date in India, The Sims 4 Snowy Escape release date and new world details.

© 2020 Gfinity. Enjoy! Fans have speculated the face belongs to Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on the show. For those who wish to explore further, draw a weapon of choice and try to climb the turret across from the ladder.

GTA 5 Hidden Package Map. The seventh clue is located in the Great Chaparral church.

Of course, in the original film, there is a freeze frame preventing audiences from witnessing the deaths of the protagonists…but this is Grand Theft Auto. Finally, Yellow Jack Inn bar has a photo on the wall near the entrance where Niko Bellic guides a car that is not present in GTA IV. On top of that, there are the voices.

GTA V’s San Andreas has been filled with easter eggs and secret for the players to discover.

This glitch will then spawn the player inside of the Humane Labs building.

Just hop over the ledge as shown in the video and then climb over the wall to activate the glitch, which gives you secret access to the bridge. Artwork from GTA Vice City being used as advertisements. Look for the lone cross with the clue attached at the top of the mountain.

The case is sitting on top of a wrecked submarine just near the entrance hatch. It's located on a post underneath the broken bridge. To be specific, the van only spawns between the hours of 13:00-14:00 in game time. There’s a reference to the three wise monkeys, too, from the fascinating oriental culture to Grand Theft Auto V. After a robbery doesn’t work properly, Trevor, Franklin and Michael’s reaction is pretty like the three monkey’s when they discover their government is corrupt. The film The Grey has entirely inspired one of the scenes you can see in a robbery mission.

If you're still confused about any of the clue locations, you can check out their full video below. The cove is even featured in the GTA: Online mission, ‘Coveted.' Yan2295 takes credit for creating the map depicting the nine hidden underground locations and later leaking this information over Twitter as well as on GTA forums website. 10 GTA 5 Secrets That You Won't Believe. Be aware that the other half of the plane is located farther down from the tail, hence you might find the plane wreckage first. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. In the game, there are multiple references to a game called Righteous Slaughter 7, a mock-up of Call of Duty series being joked around because of its annual releases. The second clue is located in Mount Josiah in Cassidy Creek.

With a large empty space to explore, players can certainly spend a good deal of time here…if only there were anything to do other than spawn in. Trademarks and brands are the property of

If you manage to acquire the taco van online, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you will be the only one who has it. Probably this is the book he was talking about.

The fifth clue is located in Tongva Hills Vineyard. The nineteenth clue is located on Tongva Hills in Two Hoot Fall- this clue is fixed to a totem pole in a large open space. Check out all the secret locations that are earmarked on the map with yellow boxes and numbered from 1 to 10, in the screenshot below: The ten secret locations that you could visit in GTA 5 are listed below: GTA 5 Online: Map of all underground secret locations and interiors revealed.

The Grand Theft Auto name has continued to be synonymous with excellence in gameplay, strong crime storytelling, and an expansive sandbox world.

In the re-enactment, Police cars and officers will have surrounded a vehicle on a cliff edge. There is also a handy hatch on the roof in case stairs take too long to enter.

The tenth clue is located near the Alamo sea in Sandy Shores.

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