All Rights Reserved. There’s always been DIY home-made or professional custom one-off furniture available with drawers, shelves, and compartments hidden in every conceivable location, but the small boutique custom furniture shops that specialize in camouflaged gun storage are enjoying a new surge in popularity. Losing control over the knowledge of your safe is a risky proposition. Legal Disclaimer. The need for complex locks or heavy metal doors is not as great since the location of the items is secret. According to Department of Justice statistics, 230,000 firearms are stolen every year, most of those from the homes and vehicles of private citizens. Just think back to when you were a kid yourself. © 2009-2020 LuckyGunner, LLC. Seamless magnetic entry, with upgrades available. A policy available through the NRA covers a $6,500 collection for $65 per year. Forget needing to worry about where you’re going to store your oversize safe.

The CouchBunker from the BedBunker company is one hidden gun safe that does come with a fire rating. Just for the safe, though… if there’s a fire, the couch is toast.

… And if you have any other gun accessories laying around, or maybe even a “real” gun safe in addition to that special hiding spot, you’ve just given the burglar a free tip: “This guy has guns.” Now the home invader has motivation to look extra hard for your firearms. Your Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Cover Firearms. Why let all passerby’s know that you have something to hide? Most policies will only cover firearms automatically up to a limit, usually about $2,500. Why invite criminals to try to break in to your safe? Why work work with a small, inconvenient hidden safe when you can instead hide your firearms in your actual favorite safe, within in a secret room. If you have young kids in your home who don’t know about gun safety, assume that any compartment, safe, box, or closet that isn’t securely locked is accessible to them, which can make hiding guns in your home a bit more difficult. It’s the most … This classic diversion safe looks like a plain old rock.

it offers a bit more in the way of storage space, this pillow can be used as an actual pillow, natural nuclear shelters in the US that are absolutely free, there are even some disguised as dirty laundry. A hiding place that seems ingenious to you might foil a teenage delinquent who’s out for a quick buck, but then there are the home invasions that leave the house looking like this: Now imagine your piece of furniture with the clever secret compartment has been tossed over on its side.

Part of being a responsible gun owner is to not make it easy for your guns to be added to those statistics. Price Range: $575. No matter how clever the hiding spot, you can’t trick a house fire into skipping over your hidden gun safe. And even if they know, firearms are actually very often stolen, according to the FBI. From our experience working with clients around the globe, we’ll work to come up with a strategy right for your situation. It will … Intruders like to stake out a home and catch …

Some of the designs are even being mass produced, and the smaller pieces like hallway mirrors and end tables with hidden gun compartments are more affordable than ever. In just the last couple of years, we’ve seen dozens of products pop onto the market that offer alternative ways for storing and hiding guns in your home besides the traditional gun safe. There are a few downsides to storing and hiding your guns this way. In order to effectively hide something from a home invader, you have to know how to think like one, and chances are they’ve put a lot more thought into where to find valuables than you’ve put into where to hide them. If you are looking for a top-of … The extra riders are usually affordable. For high-value collections, the insurance company may require an itemized list of your collection, along with serial numbers, descriptions, and photographs of each item. As the video shows, there are many ways a criminal can break in to even a robust safe, whether it’s through cracking the code, breaking the hinges, cutting through the side, using simple leverage, taking the entire safe, and much more.

Integrated locking system. American Classics Slider Cabinet Combination. It’s a discreet way to keep a self-defense tool handy “just in case”. The number of children accidentally killed by firearms is at an all time low, but it still happens and not all gun safes are as child proof as you might think.

Why Hide a Gun Safe Behind a Secret Door? To the side of any cabinet that you are usually close to.

The same rules usually apply to other valuables such as jewelry, coin collections, and hand tools as well. By having a room or closet to hide your gun safe you’ll have a significant amount of room available to work with. Security experts know that no door or safe is completely impenetrable – it’s just a matter of time and skills.

No gun safe or hiding place is completely invulnerable to theft or fire. There are dozens of effective ways to store your firearms safely, and whether you choose a traditional safe, or some other hiding spot, be sure to think critically about how hard it really is for a determined person (whether child or criminal) to work their way around your security plan. If the wrong person hears about you having a safe in your house there could be trouble. Concealed Carry on a Budget Have you ever been broke? If your gun collection is worth more than that, you’ll need to purchase a rider, or buy firearms insurance from another company. While they may not have an advanced degree in Residential Security Circumvention, many career burglars have the equivalent life experience. And of course, there’s the undeniable cool factor. Kids pay attention to details that adults ignore. Contact us today to discuss the security and aesthetic goals for your hidden gun safe plans. Log in. By creating a hidden room, your gun safe will be out of sight. You can’t help but get that warm and fuzzy secret agent feeling any time you activate the magnetic switch on your bedside table to reveal a waiting handgun and high powered flashlight. If someone with sticky fingers were to start rummaging through your stuff, who would think to look behind that innocent mirror in the hall, or try to pull out the front of the shelf on your bookcase? Varitek Hide-a-Spare-Key Fake Rock. No gun safe or hiding place is completely invulnerable to theft or fire. I don’t mean “I can’t afford that particular Jaguar” kind... Cruiser Ready: How to Store a Home Defense Shotgun [2020 Update], Shooting and Carrying a $250 Handgun: CZ-83 Review Part 2.

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