حِلَلٌ لَم تَكن كَأَطلالِ سُعدى *** في قِفارٍ مِنَ البَسابِسِ مُلسِ غَيرَ أَنّي أراه يَشهَدُ أَن لَم *** يَكُ بانيهِ في المُلوكِ بِنُكسِ The belly of the earth swells pregnant with them ever more. Haleh Poems in Farsi. For those who have the ability to read Persian or modern لَيسَ يُدرى أَصُنعُ إِنسٍ لِجِنٍّ *** سَكَنوهُ أَم صُنعُ جِنٍّ لِإِنسِ x. TRANSLATIONS OF HAFEZ IN ENGLISH . The bulbul's care is naught but the rose is his mate dear, Profanity : Our optional filter replaced words with *** on this page •, © by owner. The second, by the Persian poet al-Khaqānī, inspired by his visit to the site on his way back from ḥajj, is one of the most-celebrated Persian qasidas and takes the ruins as a moralizing reminder of the transience of power, wealth and glory, and the inevitable march of time which tramples all underfoot. Go and recite. 1 .

nah hameh shab-hâ bovad khâli az ân, — Mathnawi II: 2935-2936 Persian calligraphy is by Amir Hossein Tabnak

وَاشتِرائي العِراقَ خُطَّةُ غَبنٍ *** بَعدَ بَيعي الشَآمَ بَيعَةَ وَكسِ

Today, his influence lives on as the most popular poet … وَهُمُ خافِضونَ في ظِلِّ عالٍ *** مُشرِفٍ يَحسِرُ العُيونَ وَيُخسي في اخضِرارٍ مِنَ اللِباسِ عَلى أَصـ *** ـفَرَ يَختالُ في صَبيغَةِ وَرسِ It is the blood in Shirin’s heart, that wine the vine gives forth; It is Parviz’s clay that forms the jar its grower offers. أُفرِغَت في الزُجاجِ مِن كُلِّ قَلبٍ *** فَهيَ مَحبوبَةٌ إِلى كُلِّ نَفسِ Hafez: Dance of Life contains 12 Hafez poems with multiple perspectives. سیاهی گر بدانی نور ذات است              به تاریکی درون آب حیات است وَتَماسَكتُ حينَ زَعزَعَني الدَهـ *** ـرُ التِماسًا مِنهُ لِتَعسي وَنَكسي Hafez: Dance of Life – Poetry Read In Persian and English. ... Parvin Loloi, Hafiz, Master of Persian Poetry: A Critical Bibliography - English Translations Since the Eighteenth Century (2004. A deep but dazzling darkness, as men here.

By all accounts even the best translations have been only partially successful. No matter, she of greedy eyes is still not sated by them. [Poetry] [Hafiz CD]. Indeed. Khāqānī: like a beggar, seek admonition from this court. click here وَإِذا ماجُفيتُ كُنتُ جَديرًا *** أَن أَرى غَيرَ مُصبِحٍ حَيثُ أُمسي على صَوْنِها مِنِّي لِعزِّ مرامي, وبِتْنا ، كما شاءَ اقتراحي ، على المُنى وَكَأَنَّ الَّذي يُريدُ اتِّباعًا *** طامِعٌ في لُحوقِهِم صُبحَ خَمسِ One of my favorite English poems of all time is reminiscent of Sufi poetry about Layla, whose name means “night,” and who symbolizes the beloved Divine Essence/Essence of the Self. وَبَعيدٌ مابَينَ وارِدِ رِفْهٍ *** عَلَلٍ شُربُهُ وَوارِدِ خِمسِ Little is known about his … Powered by WordPress, Supreme, and Publisher. “Rumi: Daylight” at last we meet one of the greatest lyric poets in history fully alive in English. لَو تَراهُ عَلِمتَ أَنَّ اللَيالي *** جَعَلَت فيهِ مَأتَمًا بَعدَ عُرسِ ‘Say, what reversal will befall the castles of the unjust!’, ‘You’d say this Aivan, lofty as the sky, had been overturned by command. HAFEZ. ‘Pour rosewater from your eyes to ease our headache and grief.

أَذكَرتِنيهُمُ الخُطوبُ التَوالي *** وَلَقَد تُذكِرُ الخُطوبُ وَتُنسي all accounts even the best translations have been only partially Click

لابِساتٌ مِنَ البَياضِ فَما تُبـ *** ـصِرُ مِنها إِلّا غَلائِلَ بُرسِ Hafiz in Persian. If gifts from every town provision Mecca’s road, Then you take Madā’in’s provision as a gift for Sharvan’s sake, Everyone takes from Mecca prayer-beads of Hamza’s clay. ‘Truly the owl’s lamenting wail has caused our heads to ache. versions of a Persian ghazal composed by Hafiz. Consider Madaʾin’s great arch as admonition’s mirror. …Thanks to Davis’s magnificent translation, Ferdowsi and the, "Divine cookbook...stunningly beautiful.

The pregnant earth takes long in giving birth. Again and again weep over the Tigris; give it alms from your eyes. Without the beloved, all throttles my heart! The translations are by the poet Michael Boylan. فَهوَ يُبدي تَجَلُّدًا وَعَلَيهِ *** كَلكَلٌ مِن كَلاكِلِ الدَهرِ مُرسي

mage October 25, 2014. سیه رویی ز ممکن در دو عالم                       جدا هرگز نشد والله اعلم HAFEZ. Of the turning of the sky itself, or of Him who turns the sky. Persian Poetry in English ... Hafez (1325 – 1389): All but your light Fragrant flowers, aided by the breeze, have invaded the glade. غَيرَ نُعمى لِأَهلِها عِندَ أَهلي *** غَرَسوا مِن زَكائِها خَيرَ غَرسِ ", An engrossing chronicle of life in Persia-just-turned-Iran by Simin Daneshvar...", It is so surely told, so funny, true, and ultimately heart-rending, it's absolutely clear why, Winner of the World's Best Wine History Book for 2007", One of the most extraordinary and fascinating love narratives produced anywhere in the medieval world", “Engaging, accessible, and well written.”. وَهوَ يُنبيكَ عَن عَجائِبِ قَومٍ *** لايُشابُ البَيانُ فيهِم بِلَبسِ چه نسبت خاک را با عالم پاک        که ادراک است عجز از درک ادراک My Lord increase me in bewilderment in Thee! Below are three of the most famous poems inspired by these ruins. Awake!, O heart that sees portents, reflect on what you see. أَيَّدوا مُلكَنا وَشَدّوا قُواهُ *** بِكُماةٍ تَحتَ السَنَّورِ حُمسِ نَقَلَ الدَهرُ عَهدَهُنَّ عَنِ الـ *** ـجِدَّةِ حَتّى رَجَعنَ أَنضاءَ لُبسِ

Should the Tigris mingle its lips’ cold sighs with the burning of its heart, Half of it would freeze over, half become a fiery grate. Make Madā’in equal Kufa. This is that very Aivan where, from the impress of men’s faces, The dirt of its threshold was transformed to an idol-temple’s wall, This is that very court wherein, of the rulers of the world, Babylon’s king was a Daylami, Turkestan’s king, and Indian, This is that very portico whose grandeur was so awesome, That the lion of its hangings assaulted Lion’s heaven, Imagine it is that very age, and look, with reflection’s eye, On the chain before the court, the splendid assembly in the field, Dismount from your horse, and place your face upon the mat of earth and see, How great Nu’man is checkmated beneath its elephants’ feet, Nay, nay: see, like Nu’man, those elephant-felling kings themselves, Slain by the elephants Night and Day in the winding turns of time, How many an elephant-slaying king has been slain with a king-elephant. The first poem by Hafez to appear in English was the work of Sir William Jones (q.v. مُشمَخِّرٌ تَعلو لَهُ شُرُفاتٌ *** رُفِعَت في رُؤوسِ رَضوى وَقُدسِ Look on this sea of insight, don’t pass by without a drink; One cannot leave the shore of such a sea with thirsting lips. ), both in prose and verse, as a “Persian Song” (Jones 1771, pp.

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