Known derogatorily as slips, the Chelish have nothing but contempt for them, and generally keep them as slaves. [2] Others, known as jinxes, are able to turn their luck around and inflict it as bad luck on others. Many halflings also had a strong appetite for food and drink as well as narcotics and clothing. Halflings themselves liked those foods as well, but made them chewier and more rubbery for their tastes, with no strong spices, but instead using melding herbs. This focus on bloodlines enabled halfling traditions to continue for millennia relatively intact. As towards other humanoids, and as a trend, halflings tend to be weaker. Anadian[5]GhostwiseLightfoot[1]Strongheart[1] In many ways, halflings resembled small humans and usually had the same proportions as the typical human adult. [23], The hin generally avoided realms where slavery was prevalent or those where exploitation of their kind was socially acceptable. [2], Sexual dimorphism in halflings is similar to that in humans, with males being slightly larger and heavier, though many of the larger races do not notice this difference which seems much more obvious to the small folk. Most halflings had dark hair and eyes, regardless of their skin complexion which, although commonly ruddy in hue had a similar range to humans.Nearly all male halflings were incapable of growi… The honor they feel for their ancestors is more a sign of respect than any actual belief that the spirits are still present. The first recorded evidence of halflings is from Ancient Osirion,[3] although the elves claim to have noticed the race before Earthfall. Records and evidence seemed to indicate that halflings, as a race, only appeared fairly recently, and after the appearance of the creator races, around the same time as dwarves, elves, and giants. Usually neutral 2′8″‒3′4″ (81‒100 cm)[6] There were several subraces of halflings, as follows:[note 1], Halfling history was, by and large, like the race, unremarkable. Halflings also have a special mask that they wear before setting out on a hunt. Halfling-run adventure companies became common in many major cities of Faerûn. Khorvaire Halflings: While some believe this to be unfair and underhanded, jinxes contend that they are only evening the odds. Patron deity Wiki Le Monde des Royaumes Oubliés (French), Creatures with a challenge rating less than 1 (3e), Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting 3rd edition, Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster's Forgotten Realms, Halflings hold all members of a tribe to be of equal worth, and also of all tribes to be equal. [citation needed] Males usually wore their hair short on the sides, often with a mullet or bowl cut., Halflings are agile and gain a +2 bonus to, Halflings are naturally resistant to fear and gain a +2, Halflings have keen ears and gain a +2 bonus to, Halflings are surprisingly lucky and gain a +1, Halflings develop their throwing skill starting at a very young age. Halflings are clever, capable, and resourceful survivors. This is especially true in Cheliax, where their masters see them as status symbols and markers of wealth. Game mechanics • Newbie guide • In development • DDO Store • Social Media, Challenges • Classes • Collectables • Crafting • Enhancements • Epic Destinies • Favor • Feats, Glossary • Items • Maps • Monsters • Places • Quests • Races • Reincarnation • Skills • Spells. [8], The treatment of halflings in Isger is similar to that in Cheliax, and the former has one of the larger halfling populations in the region. As such, hunting is seen almost as a spiritual event. Instead of a being a curse, most halflings think of these individuals are being blessed by Desna, and young people bearing this gift are often encouraged to study magic. Average height Most halflings, in fact, didn't live in communities of their own but instead regions dominated by other races. Average weight All halflings have very durable feet, the soles of which are very tough. Once this wanderlust wears off, they often discover a profound longing for home and hearth, and spend years maintaining and improving their domicile, and taking joy in the simpler things in life. This website uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Paizo Inc., which are used under Paizo's.

Halfling Many, though not all, have variations in color that make them seem more similar to other humanoids, typically humans, who live in the region they share. This can make them seem danger-seeking to other races, and while it is true that halflings can take extraordinary risks if they believe it will bring them great reward, they are also better at spotting danger. Many, though not all, have variations in color that make them seem more similar to other humanoids, typically humans, who live in the region they share. Many have been gone from the plains for generations, and do not know anything more about them than anyone else living outside them.

When Hin were left to their own devices, they produced flavored cheeses, sour grape wines, "blue eyes" (blue grapes), sour table grapes, and goat and sheep meats and their milk. Most halflings had dark hair and eyes,[10] regardless of their skin complexion which, although commonly ruddy in hue[11] had a similar range to humans. Halflings are clever, capable, and resourceful survivors.

This house is based out of Gatherhold on the Talenta plains, although it does do a majority of its business elsewhere on Khorvaire. First appearance This leads many young ones to become vagabonds, traveling about and living by their wits and what they can steal. Halflings are considered adults at the age of 20 and usually live into their second century. [10], While many halflings did not have the ambition for adventure that some races did, most preferred trouble to boredom; the race was notoriously curious.

[citation needed] Facial hair among males was rare except for extremely old halflings. Halfling hairstyles were often complex, with strands woven together or braided. Based on

This has given them the reputation for being lucky, but halflings generally dismiss these claims as resulting from their superior reflexes, cunning, and broad skill base. [11] However, this was not a universal truth of the race. The Talenta plains are located in what was the northeastern section of Cyre.

Halflings grew up among the human cultures of Avistan, alongside and often overlooked by the growth and success of those nations and regions they inhabited. Distinctions [11], Halfling communities were tightly knit groups found around the world, usually near the settlements of other races. Halflings may carry one of two dragonmarks: The Mark of Hospitality, carried by House Ghallanda. Being nomadic, they must by necessity keep only what they or their mounts can carry. Because they lived in a world where they were surrounded by larger creatures, halflings tended to avoid notice, often deliberately, or at the very least, acted cordial towards the larger races.

[7], The nation of Cheliax is notorious among halflingkind, as they are treated worse here than in nearly any other part of the world. [16], Halflings, in general, tried their best to get along with everybody, though exceptions did exist and ghostwise halflings were notoriously xenophobic. Lawful good

Halflings will typically domesticate these dinosaurs, using them as mounts for riding while traveling or hunting. [15], It was said that "Cheese, bread, ale and more cheese are what fill a happy Hin's stomach." They are notoriously curious and show a daring that many larger Racescan’t match.

The land was devastated by the Spellplague, however, as were other halfling homelands such as Arnock and the Chondalwood. Natural Type All halflings have very durable feet, the soles of which are very tough. Size

Type The Halflings of Talenta are nomadic and tribal by nature. Their skin tends to be somewhere between a rich almond color and a pale nut-brown. The eyes of halflings tend to be fair, with green and blue being the most common colors. Finding evidence of halflings throughout the ages is difficult, as history generally focuses on the human societies, overlooking the smaller folk in their shadows. [6], During their younger years, halflings often feel drawn to leave their stable and altruistic communities, and strike out on their own to seek their fortune. [22], The halfling race had many traditional homelands, though as a whole the race was typically nomadic. They like to wear simple, comfortable, and practical clothes, favoring b right colors. Except where noted below, the following entries are for the Talenta Halflings. Halfling Origin They have their own rich tales and heroes that few of the bigger folk have ever even guessed at. Halfling slaves dress more ostentatiously than their free brethren, albeit in cheaper fabrics. Tribes can range in size from as few as fifty to as many as a thousand or more.

Halflings got along well with most of the other races and were known for their curiosity and tendency to collect things. The most notable are the dinosaurs that roam the planes, ranging in size from similar to a small dog to as large as an elephant. [11], Tribes of demon-worshiping cannibal halflings are said to inhabit the Kaava Lands of the Mwangi Expanse.[12]. Small There are a few halfling individuals, however, who seem to be magnets of bad luck, and they are generally avoided. [2], Halflings most often speak Taldane, but they also have their own racial language that is also called Halfling. Their hair is usually black, and falls straight. Halflings are short humanoids and among the smallest of the civilized races of Golarion. [10], Halflings underwent something of a cultural and philosophical change through the Hundred Years of Chaos. All Halflings are considered hunters, in addition to whatever other duties they may have within the tribe. and that could be evidenced by their own agricultural choices in places like Secomber and Corm Orp. [12], Halfling culture had a fondness for stories and legends and was rich in the oral tradition. Alignment Challenge rating Khorvaire (civilized) Halflings, and Talenta Halflings.

This knowledge is invaluable to a halfling, given their generally defenseless position. Most halflings didn't recognize the claims of kings or nobles as sovereign rulers but instead looked primarily to their family elders to guide them. Males often wear long sideburns, but beards are rare and mustaches almost unheard of. While their small stature generally keeps halflings out of the spotlight in human settlements, the small folk have nevertheless found a niche for themselves and play an important role in Golarion. The people of Halruaa and the Uthgardt barbarians were actively prejudicial toward halflings and did not allow them to infiltrate their lands.  1⁄2 On all of the plains, there is only one permanent community - Gatherhold, which is maintained by House Ghallanda and visited and used by all tribes occasionally but permanently occupied by none. [10], Additionally, the small size of halflings had an effect on their abilities.

[25], Since then, halflings were found in their greatest concentrations within the nation of Amn. 4e

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