Symptoms include lethargy, breathing problems, inflamed skin, diarrhea, and blood in urine. You will want to make sure you clean your hamster’s eyes with a saline solution. Can you offer more detail on what the eye looks like? This seems to only affect Syrian hamsters and only happens during their “time of month.” If ever your hamster excretes yellow vaginal discharge take them to the vet immediately as treatment is absolutely essential. The fungus usually appears as white and will turn black once the hamster urinates on it. Exophthalmos should be considered an emergency that requires immediate veterinary attention. For more information on nail trimming, have a look at our ‘How To Trim My Hamster’s Nails’ section. As always with hamsters, watch your pet's reactions to the medication carefully. keeping in mind she isn’t that young to still be blind or anything. What do Hamster Squeals & Screams Mean? Did you try to clean the eyes with a warm wash cloth? It’s tough to say what the issue might be. Is the ring of fur wet or is the color off? I even gave him a little water with milk and a hint of honey and nothing.. What else can I do for my little bobby ? Symptoms: diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, impaction or anorexia.

He’s eating as much as he used to and as active as ever. The most important thing to do though is, make sure your hamster drinks water. I cleaned it once but as soon as she closed it it was all slimy. What should I do? He’s acting normal in every way, there’s no discharge and no th We symptoms that we can see? Company Reg. 3:03. Make sure your hamster continues to drink water.

it is either trauma. Just make sure when you give it medicine to keep everything in same place just incase to know your hamster is going blind. Smoothing a tiny bit of this on your pet’s ears will help the symptoms for a while, but you might want to start building this treatment into your regular care routine.

The abnormal appearance of the eye is the best indicator of exophthalmos.

How Do I Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell? Symptoms of bladder and kidney infections include excessive urinating and drinking, blood in the urine, squealing when urinating, and lethargy. Alternatively, you could line a box with some fairly smooth sandpaper and allow your hamster to run around it for a few minutes every evening. Unfortunately if the condition worsens, the eye(s) will require surgical removal. i love my animals very much and hate seeing them in such a bad state please help, Feel free to email me if you can help itd be very greatly appreciated. Do you notice any other symptoms like trouble breathing. I think it’s conjunctivitis but I’m not sure… The vets here arent specialised on hamster care. Other diseases include skin infections and allergic dermatitis which must be dealt with by a veterinarian. It is suggested that you use a lukewarm wet cloth (or Q-Tip) to help loosen up the build up. i feel bad for it i hope that never happens to mine. I’ve read about hamster eye problems, but none of the symptoms apply. One eye was closed on arrival. Luckily, your vet may be able to help your hamster by giving them eyedrops or ointments, although sometimes surgery is required. Abscesses can also be caused by overgrown teeth as hamster’s teeth never stop growing.

There about 9-10 pounds/ dollars.

I cleaned them and they seem to be better but now he can’t seem to hold his food so he’s having trouble eating anyone know what would cause this? He had 2 levels and he would run into EVERYTHING!!!! The main signs to look for include loss of appetite, weight loss, and behavioral problems, but you should also check for particular symptoms of the following health problems. These are commonly caused by drafts or other forms of sudden temperature changes and you should contact your vet immediately if your hamster is showing any of these signs. It can also develop on rotting food that has been left in the cage for far too long. Hamsters can potentially develop both external and internal cancerous tumors. This problem is particularly common in Rex varieties, but any hamster suffering from this condition needs to be taken to a vet for treatment. My Winter White hamster, Snowball, who recently passed away, had the same problem. Hamsters have very poor eyesight, and they can really injure themselves by falling off of things. If you notice that your hamster has a little cut, try to figure out where this is has come from, so that you can remove the danger and minimise the risk of your hamster cutting itself again.

A post-operative care schedule and regimen will be given by your veterinarian. Consult a vet on what the appropriate steps would be if your hamster has rabies. This is an infection that only occurs to hamsters who have given birth recently. The symptoms of an ear infection are similar to those of a stroke, except an ear infection is normally treatable by antibiotics so you should therefore contact a veterinarian. It sounds like a cataract, which is common in hamsters my girl has one. Try to keep the wound clean in the mean time. I'm worried so can anyone advise me pls. Butterball is only about one year old. Also, avoid housing hamsters of different age groups together or overcrowding a cage. Be aware that respiratory infections share a number of symptoms with allergies. If they are soft then this could indicate diarrhea, whereas if there are none present then this may indicate constipation. (5 days). There are some obvious scenarios in which a slight swelling of the mammary glands are normal - for example, do not be alarmed if your female hamster’s mammary glands swell a little during her pregnancy. Wet tail is a potentially fatal condition for hamsters, and so action needs to be taken very quickly. Otherwise you should take your hamster for veterinary treatment to avoid mange developing. I nearly cried of course. It’s a good idea to put a little saucer of water in their cage temporarily, encouraging them to drink as much as possible. He sleeps a lot and hardly runs in his wheel. As mentioned earlier, commonly hair loss is related to age, however, sometimes hair loss is also caused by poor diet. It may be surprising to hear but occasionally vets will prescribe medication for hamsters that will cause them a lot of harm, this is usually due to the vet being under qualified or not trained in hamster treatments. I have 4 other hamsters and one of them is doing the same thing.

Hope I helped and I hope Raider is okay, best of luck! My dwarf hamster ? I cleaned it off with a wet washcloth and she opened it but it has been a few hours and it came back.

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