We were cracking up at their reaction to one another!

Notice the plethora of burp rags under her volatile booty?! very much longer. cannot learn how to coordinate this any longer. Could not take my eyes off of her all. I got her into the washroom (a crappy outdoor public park washroom) and no lie she had poop in her hair all the way down to her socks. Copyright © 2011 Gwen Hartley. Oops!

I remember praying for two things those last

I'm in Turd Town, and Lola's the Mayor. was brutal and frustrating and draining for both of us.

Just finding your blog...3 years after the fact but this post is beyond funny. All of us and our babysitters/nurses know he is obsessed with these things & keep them up high at all times. We don't have time for someone to grow a tail, for the love of God!!!!!! Luckily I had brought everything I needed for the situation (wipes, spare full change of clothes, gloves, and even an immodium!

In lieu of flowers (as Lola is allergic to many flowers), memorials can be made to: Night To Shine in c/o the Tim Tebow Foundation and Make a Wish Foundation of Kansas. I then did what any normal human being would do -- I sniffed it on the way to the trash. We were blessed with two precious daughters, Claire & Lola, both of whom happen... 9.30.16  ~  Microcephaly Awareness Day with my homegirls I am embarrassed that it has been MONTHS since I last updated my blog. I'll do my best to recount, with more apologies, of course.

frequently and ill often. I wonder if she was saving it up.. just for a special occasion.

World's Smallest Ninja! I'm going to be coming back to read more about your ups and downs!Have a great weekend! How could you not?!?!?

And brown.

At some xo Posted by Gwen at 1:25 PM 5 comments.

night. He made it so very special for everyone involved. ❤. I don't know who to thank.. Cash or Gwyn. I am a big fan of you and your girlies and this is an old post but I just couldn't help maself, had to say thanks. BRUTAL, yo. Cash was flat-out. resorting to solids more than liquids because she was able to tolerate those so at age 3 that we realized how important her hydration was. Anything different going on whatsoever?

Clementine has vomited up some ugly stuff that smelled poopish. I prayed she would be We are ever so grateful to them for allowing us to stay there so we could be close to Lola during her hospital stays. But all that being said, I love this goofball. Check out Claire's sparkly Chucks!

No wait... it's not that hint-of-a-turd, fart-like aroma which dissipates rapidly. long. I also was able to add butter and We also would like to thank the Wesley Children’s Hospital PICU team of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists & staff for believing in our girl and for treating her with such love and respect. Why yes, Daddy & Lola *are* up to their usual antics!

My most recent bloggi... You're welcome in advance for not sharing every single one of my completely-fucked-up-to-the-point-you-would-be-concerned-for-my-actual-... People often reach out to me shortly after they have a child with special needs.

:)xxoxx Huggs Jenny. To all the families out there who just had a child with special needs... YOU GOT THIS. Scott tried to play it off on me, saying, "Since I'm, I freak out, yelling, "Ummm, heeeeeeeeeeeeell no, get your ass over here & help me! I will luckily only bless you with the view from the outside... observe shit stains/fecal matter from hell smeared all over the inside of the bag... ewwww.

The Hartley Hooligans are a pair of sisters, Claire and Lola Hartley, born with microcephaly, a medical condition which is signified by a head circumference several standard deviations below the average. I mean.

Josh Kelly, red carpet announcer, lit it UP! I found myself Seriously was dark brownish on the outside. ight as I was feeding Lola her bottle, I remembered

And that one person is sitting. Claire was born with a combination of conditions that left many thinking she was one of a kind. Her eyes immediately darted up as soon as she entered the limo, and she stared in awe at the ceiling the entire few minutes we were inside.

To all the families out there who just had a child with special needs... YOU GOT THIS. Maybe even happier in this outfit than her previous adorable one. Literally that raspy can't get enough oxygen so I sound like a three pack a day smoker. My most recent bloggi... You're welcome in advance for not sharing every single one of my completely-fucked-up-to-the-point-you-would-be-concerned-for-my-actual-... People often reach out to me shortly after they have a child with special needs. They told me that somewhere between age 1-2, the suck-swallow reflex turns into a “learned big sister, and she seemed to get sicker more often than Claire also. promised her we would never again let her get dehydrated.

OK, that would be NOTHING.

When Claire was born almost 17 years ago, she struggled with her flat EVER, due to her severe reflux. had made a surprise appearance on her special night! Crikey, I'm a nurse and I thought WE had the corner on the market of shit soliloquies. Are you sure it was feces and not vomit? You're welcome. for just this very thing. LOL. anyone can fathom, but they are struggles we are coping with and still learning She could have left so many times over the course of her 13.5 years, and every single time, she chose to stay. We have no idea how to chart a course through this tremendous grief & PTSD we are feeling.

Oh, you fancy huh!

It was decorated SO beautifully inside... much more exquisite than we ever expected! Theme images by. Was he purposely taking me to Browntown? On Friday, February 9, 2018, our sweet Claire, whom we never thought would ever get to take part in "normal" high school activities, WENT TO THE PROM. "Totallyyyyy. We send him back in for more bags. Me & Pocket  ~  3.29.17 HEY, GUYS!

HA! Picture Window theme. Her body was overcome by back-to-back viruses as well as other medical complications that she was not able to overcome.

OK, pants off, socks off, leg COVERED in doodoo, we send Cal into the store to grab a few plastic grocery bags for the fall-out. These vile "victims" make (roughly) the 38th & 39th known g-tube pads our dog, Cash, has thoughtlessly devoured. Five and ten years ago, our family was forever changed. ", I panic. Then somehow miraculously passes them, On a side note, and I seriously cannot figure this out to save my ass... why then, after eating them on the DL without me knowing, did CaCash (see what I did there?!) It was diameter wise similar to their usual dumps. In lieu of flowers, memorials can be made to the Ronald McDonald House, 551 N Hillside St Suite 100, Wichita, KS 67214. so well & had such a good appetite.

Her bi-weekly weight checks showed unbelievably slow but steady gains.

FULL MOON!??!?! Why did he eat the grass if not to make himself barf. All Rights Reserved. <3 www.thehartleyhooligans.com <3 "There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved." She too fought Copyright © 2011 Gwen Hartley. You are and will always be family to us, and we love you so very much. More vomit in mouth.

The party bus had already left and no one was inside the limo, so we quickly jumped in for a spin. supposed to be able to eat orally for years on end or survive past age 1 or progress (Read below to see why!) It doesn't smell from 3 feet away, surprisingly. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. We love all of you. It was wayyyy browner & poopier looking in person. She is quite literally the strongest human being we have ever known. I recognize it immediately upon closer inspection. Monday, December 01, 2014. It was so visually stimulating, and we enjoyed watching our girl take it all in, feeding off her happiness & delight. When they come out of the dryer, we are on lockdown to prevent theft by whippet. Sitting in church when my Princess Jaydyn decided to let out the LOUDEST noise you could ever imagine! (SO GRATEFUL for Scott, our babysitters & nurses for stepping up & helping share this responsibility with me now -- Don't know what I'd do without you guys!!!) Never doubt for a moment that your child isn’t strong AF because look at


REALLY not good. Theme images by, Ok, so today I walk into the only carpeted room of our house upstairs to find what appeared to be a taco-shaped turd laying next to the changing table.

I would pour what she vomited back into the bottle to behavior” and that a huge majority of kids who have brain abnormalities simply Waiting in line to be announced for the red carpet!

Classic positioning having Claire's feeding pump in the background. I squint my eyes, flip on the light, and get close to view it better.

Her body systems shut down, possibly. I have Lola has struggled so much more since Claire passed in December.

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