Henry ® Blueskin ® VP160 is a self-adhered vapor permeable, water resistive air barrier membrane consisting of an engineered film and a patented, permeable adhesive technology with split-back poly-release film.Blueskin ® VP160 is fully adhered to the wall substrates in a weatherboard method without mechanical attachment. Aside from its motor, George has a large 15 litre capacity for dry spills - although make sure you use the right size Hepaflo bags to avoid them splitting.

It's also built to last. They are claimed to be up to 15 times more efficient than a standard paper bag for retaining dust, so they are particularly useful for people with allergies. As with all Numatic vacuums, the Harry is highly durable and relatively quiet. The hose is also useful for getting rid of spiderwebs or cleaning furniture. Making emptying quick, easy and mess-free, Henry’s innovative self-seal tab locks all the dust in the bag, so unlike with bagless vacuums, you can empty with no dust, no mess and no allergens escaping. The Henry Hoover family of vacuum cleaners has steadily grown over the years. This extra length makes it great for cleaning a full staircase without needing to move the Henry. Replacement parts are available for most vacuums in the Henry range, although you might need to spend some time searching to get the right part for your model. Like Charles, George has a powerful 1060W motor. It's rugged, powerful and easy to use. Equipped with an advanced, 2-stage filtration system, Henry gets rid of dirt for good, trapping the mess in his big-capacity, high-efficiency HepaFlo bag. Instead of creating another Dyson V6 clone, however, Numatic has taken the best bits of the Henry - large capacity, powerful suction and a great price - and made a cordless version. Like the full-size Hetty, the Hetty Compact has the same features and performance as the Henry Compact. The Henry Reach HHR160 is essentially the Henry Compact but with a few new tools. The main difference between the George and Charles is versatility. The Hetty (or Henrietta) is the best example of this, as it's the same vacuum as Henry aside from appearance. Henry also has different colour models - but these aren't given different product codes. The Numatic wet and dry range is much less extensive than their dry-only vacs: it currently only includes George and Charles. Carpets, hard-floors, cars, stairs, DIY... nothing beats a Henry or Hetty for versatility. This is a thin accessory that can bend under furniture or other hard to reach areas. The Henry uses HepaFlo bags and comes with a TriTex filtration system. Numatic Henry HVR 200 Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing & First Look - Duration: 43:39 . Signup for the newsletter today. It's expensive, but provides professional-standard cleaning results. HZ vacuums cleaners have an extra pre-filter and HEPA filter to reduce dust re-emission. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Numatic’s iconic Henry vacuum cleaners have … When it comes to detail cleaning, the Crevice Tool is perfect for getting into all those nooks and crannies and the Dusting Tool is ideal for delicate surfaces, like shelves, ornaments and picture frames. If you're looking for a reasonably priced home vacuum cleaner that can do a decent job on most surfaces, the Henry Compact HVR160 is our top recommendation. Numatic dry vacuums usually take the company's HepaFlo bags (check the manual before you buy though). That dust isn’t going to move itself! It also retains the cable rewind and storage system, TriTex filtration and HepaFlo bags. While the floor heads aren't the most effective on carpets, they still do a decent job and are great for hard floors.

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In summary, the Henry Xtra is ExpertVacuum's top recommendation for a dry Numatic vacuum cleaner. Independently rated as the U.K’s most reliable vacuum brand.

Aside from a smaller size, the Compact has many of the same features of the Henry, including the energy efficient motor and strong cleaning performance. This makes it great for cleaning above the floor and on stairs. Numatic calls James the "frugal" member of the Henry Hoover family.

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