For example, Portland cement concrete holds water, but other types of concrete called "Pervious concrete" allow water to pass, making storm drains unnecessary. For example, a conventional redymix concrete bag of 80 lbs may be listed as having a yield of approximately 0.60 cu ft or a 25 kg bag may have a yield of ~0.01 cu m. With a few simple mathematical transformations we can use this number to arrive at the in place density of the material and complete our calculation of the total mass and number of bags of concrete we would need.

Measure unitMetric (kg/m3)Imperial (lbs/ft3), Length x

2300 kg/m3 I'm Mike Day and I own Day's Concrete Floors, Inc. If you want your building project to stand the test of time, then a good concrete mixture and estimating the amount of concrete you need are solid first steps. Hi, I am Mike Day, owner of Day’s Concrete Floors, Inc. in Maine,  where I've been working with concrete for 40 years now, and this website is where I can share with you all the knowledge and wisdom I've gained from installing all kinds of decorative concrete, concrete floors, concrete overlays, stained concrete and also fixing cracked or spalled concrete. Conventional concrete has density between 1900 kg/m3 and 2400 kg/m3 and can endure, on day 28 of its pouring, and has a compressive strength between 2500 psi and 7000 psi (pounds per square inch) ~ 200-492 kg/cm2. Here is the table showing the different types of concrete as well as the density or weight per cubic meter (m3). 60lbs 5% How much does a 30' x 30' concrete slab cost, my actual prices from a real concrete contractor.

A concrete driveway costs between $6 - $8 dollars per square foot for plain gray concrete and $10 - $20 dollars per square foot for decorative concrete. How many cubic meters is a 20kg bag of sand? How to make diy concrete countertops for your kitchen, bathroom, or pool area. 2500 kg/m3, Concrete bag weight The weight of concrete depends on the density of the materials and the amount of air it contains.

of bags required for 01 cum of concrete = 1/0.167 = 6 bags. ready mix concrete) in the calculations it does. 40lbs Concrete bag density lbs/ft3

For questions, comments or suggestions, or if you notice a problem of calculation / conversion, please contact

Concre volume cubic yard, Concrete bag weight

DIY Concrete Countertops - How To Guide And How To Videos (Beginners), Concrete Courses Online - Learn How to Pour, Finish, Stamp, and Repair. How many bags of cement are needed to mix one cubic meter of concrete?A. Density of concrete = 2400 kg/cum. Diy Concrete Driveway Cost - The Real Cost Of Doing It Yourself! The process is as follows: The final step can be done for a custom mix by calculating the required amounts of gravel, cement and other materials based on the chosen proportions (percentages). Calcul Conversion can not be held responsible for problems related to the use of the data or calculators provided on this website. It is no different for a concrete footing, where we again have the familiar formula h x w x l. A rectangular column is simple to calculate, except in most cases the height will be much greater than the foundation dimensions, so in our concrete calculator we have defaulted to inches for width and length, and feet for the height (cm and meters respectively). 01 batch (1:2:4) produces = 400/2400 = 0.167 cum of concrete. Bags: Finish Coat Stucco at 1/4 inch Thickness: Number of 80 lb. Romans were so good at making concrete, that some of it is in perfect condition even today, some 2 millennia later. Read my step by step guide or watch these diy videos on how to build concrete countertops. See our full terms of service.

It is also referred to "density in place".

The calculator uses a standard readymix concrete density by default, but allows for a custom one as well.

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