I need to know where I can get a male to breed with my female, does my female dog need to go to the male or does he come here, will I need to separate my other male dog away from my female wile she is pregnant and where do you find males to breed with. Why would this be? Although you cannot solely rely on breeding according to the day of the bitch's season, many successful breedings are carried out over days nine, eleven and thirteen of the cycle. If she has been in heat for about a week, and is no longer bleeding, you should put her with the male and see if she will accept him. My male German Shepherd mounted and successfully tied with a female one day, and again the next day. She wants to urinate as often as possible, in as many spots as possible, to alert all local male dogs.). Question: If I breed my two dogs (brother and sister) will something be wrong with their babies? Do not forget that you´ll be buying a lot of food if the breeding is successful. Answer: A middle-aged dog can still be bred if she has had puppies before. Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on June 02, 2019: Is it necessary to put the female dog in a small cage after mating? My lhasa would not allow a male Eskimo mount her and she is currently on heat, the 13th day to be precise. I'm wondering if it's too late to mate my pitbull. However, if they both have a recessive gene for a genetic problem (like hip dysplasia) the puppies will have the problem even if the parents appear okay. If she has never had a litter, be sure to have her examined by your regular vet. Whether you are a beginner when it comes to dog breeding or if you have mated your dog before, it's important to fully understand all of these concerns and procedures. Be sure to call the owner of the male at that time so that she will be able to take your dog in. He is still trying to mount her over and over but now she hips and sits down. If your dog is still a puppy and she tries to whelp she might die during delivery. Question: Is it ok to bathe my female dog after breeding? Question: How well are Doberman Pinchers in labor? Even if the ai was not successful, your dog should not come into heat for six months. Is there a possibility that ny female dog become pregnant if the mating is done during the proestrus cycle? if there will be no other mating that will happen, would it be possible that my dog will still get pregnant? Is there a problem mating him at this point, or is age only a problem when talking about the female?? Do not lock them together and walk away. He should be examined by the vet that performed the surgery to see if he has a retained testicle. To avoid the development of pyometra (a uterine infection, which can cause her to die) and uterine and ovarian cancer, you should talk to your vet about having her spayed.

Do not yell at them, throw water on them, pour ice on them, or try any of the other crude methods I have heard about over the years. In large dog breeds, the males are considerably larger. This will likely require you to separate them during her heat cycle to ensure there is proper spacing between the matings. What can I do? What can I do? 2 views.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on April 24, 2020: Omotola, https://pethelpful.com/dogs/your-pregnant-dog, How can i confirm 5weeks pregnancy in my dog. Answer: It does not need to be the same, and in most cases, it is not.

She doesnt want me around, she is super nervous and hides in my legs. Question: I artificially inseminated my dog, and some came out. Some will say that you can breed starting with the second heat, but it really should be dependent on their age and maturity as heat cycles can vary greatly from dog to dog. Question: The male we have chosen to mate our lab is slightly taller, and not finding the right spot. A tie is normally needed for a successful breeding, however, a dog can still become pregnant even if they don't end up tied during breeding. Answer: Eight is too old for a large dog like a pitbull to have her first litter. I have seen this in both dogs and horses.

Call first to set up an appointment on the appropriate day.

The “spotting” that she has been doing around the house will first turn clear, and then might stop altogether. Yesterday, a dog tied with her. She was breed on her 11, 12, 13, day of heat by Labrador and yesterday I was informed that the dog who breed her on 17th is crossbreed I thought it's a husky. Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on July 05, 2019: Donna, you will need to contact a breeder in your area to help you. She will be a mom and will be more likely to defend her territory. Or send stud home! Hi i need help i bred my male dog 2 times with 2 different females and they turned out not to be pregnat why is that and is it my male? Question: My Bernese mountain dog is five years old. I have a rottweiler stud that's refuse to mate with female in heat. Is there any problem??

The male may choose to remain on top of the bitch, or slightly off to her side. What can I do to help her? Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on February 07, 2019: monish, yes dogs do become pregnant after only one breeding. But this is not always the case. Should I be worried? Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on September 26, 2018: Yes, it is possible. The stud should also be in good weight and fed a well balanced diet to maintain peak physical condition. my female pug has had 3 seasons on her 2nd one we tried breeding her on 10th and 12th day but both days she wouldnt let the male near her and the professional breeeder used artificial insemination but it didnt work , so this time she is in heat again and we tried on 10th day and 12th day but again she wouldnt let male near her and teh breeder used artificial insemination but why wont she let a male near her , were going back to the breeder for a scan in 5 weeks but if it dont work what could the problem be? My female is called Nala she's a lab and she's 18 months is it the right time to get her bred or shall I need to wait until her next heat??? Best of luck. You need to take her to your regular vet and have an ultrasound done. If your male is not willing to mount the female during her heat, when she will stand to be bred, there is something wrong. It's called artificial insemination, and your vet can perform this task for you. She might be able to do so physically, but she is not really mature. Do not force this to happen, just keep him quiet and check from time to time. My Dog In A Heat Time Haved a Metung just one 1time Seh isp pregnancy or not. Can she still be in heat and get pregnant at this age? It is possible that she has ovaries that are not functioning, and it is also possible that she cannot be bred because of a persistant uterine infection. Question: Does the male dog's weight have to be the same as the female? About 1 year ago we tried to breed recently she would not breed what can we do looking forward. My dog is one year and 10 months, on her 3rd heat.

It is possible for a male to give a bitch an infection, so taking care to keep the genitals clean and free of debris is essential.

What should i do? If she were my dog, I would prefer not to risk her life. Call around and find a Lab breeder in your area before you proceed.

The sperm will be available at the time of ovulation---in fact it has probably already happened.

This is common in street dogs where breeding is not controlled. Directly after the mating, it is best to confine the bitch to her crate for the next thirty minutes to keep her from urinating and expelling a good deal of the stud's semen. The only problem would be if the female were old.

I have mated my female spitz dog in the 7th day from her menstrual period. You can just take a chair, sit down, and even if the female hangs around your legs she is going to become curious about the male and go on over there to check him out. Thank you so much. It does not need to be the same breed of dog. As a breeder though you should have facilities that allow you to keep your dogs apart so that you can control whom they breed with.

It is much less expensive, does not need to be monitored as closely. Answer: I think what you most likely saw was pus dripping from her vagina, not sperm.

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