Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network. Drivetrain Mounts, Engine Plates & Spacers, Direct Fit Remote Mount Twin Turbo Systems, Distribution Blocks, Filters, Adapters and Fittings, Microswitch and Solenoid Mounting Brackets, Single muffler utilized Delta Flow Technology. The 50 Series Delta Flow produces a very distinctive, throaty sound at higher RPM, much as one would expect from a Flowmaster muffler. May have to pull the trigger. All Rights Reserved. We say it’s an off road muffler, but what you use it for is up to your imagination,” explained Benty. This Super 10 model has non-flanged connections, one 3 inch inlet and dual 2.5 inch outlets. If you’re like most automotive enthusiasts, the modification of your high performance street or strip vehicle begins with the removal of the stock exhaust to make way for a deeper-sounding, more powerful aftermarket exhaust system. • Small, short, single-chamber muffler Super 10's - VERY VERY deep tone exhaust as I was looking for the deepest, loudest burble especially at idle. I've heard those 10's on YouTube videos they sound excellent! Now, Holley EFI products power these cars and are dominating the performance world. • Throaty exterior tone with mellow, comfortable interior sound levels. • 50 Series Delta Flow “The Super 44 and the 40 are both aggressive-style mufflers with aggressive sound – more of a ‘race technology’ type of muffler. • Provides best performance to higher horsepower vehicles

Holley products for GM's popular LS engine are dominating the LS scene as well. From the Super 44 to the old-school Flowmaster 40, this comprehensive guide explains the sounds of Flowmaster mufflers.

• 82 decibels at 3000 RPM from a distance of 30 feet • Soft interior tone • Deep, distinct Flowmaster tone outside.

Our goal is to deliver to you the quickest news and insights in the drag racing world. Not sure which to choose? While these five options that we tested are well suited to many different high performance street and strip rides, Flowmaster offers a vast array of mufflers and exhaust systems to perk up nearly any application that a muffler can be installed on – from foreign and domestic automobiles to a myriad of 4WD and racing applications. Their popular Super Muffler line has several different options to suit your needs.

Benty continued, “We’ve been trying to direct people to a more off road environment with that [Super 10], but one the things we hear is that they want a very, very aggressive muffler… You got it!”, • Suited to racing applications The Super 10 series is Flowmaster’s top of the line muffler that leaves some buyers with an interesting decision. The Super 40 Series shares the same Delta Flow Technology as the Super 44, and was developed from Flowmaster’s Top Ten race muffler lineup for street and strip automobiles. Holley's products also include performance fuel pumps, intake manifolds & engine dress–up products for street performance, race and marine applications. The three chamber design utilizes Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow technology along with an internal tuning chamber to reduce sound inside the vehicle.

• Deep, aggressive interior and exterior tone and volume close to that of open pipe exhaust.

• Three chamber design with longer case for increased volume inside the muffler and lower resonance

The Super 10 is engineered with the patented Delta Flow Technology found in the Super 40 and 44 Series mufflers, designed as a short, very small single chamber muffler constructed using 409S stainless steel for durability that is as close to an open pipe exhaust as one can get. While producing a much quieter tone than the other models we tested, the 70 Series still provides much-improved sound over the stock exhaust. It is also fairly lightweight at 7 pounds with a 6.5 inch body length. So loud in fact that Flowmaster does not recommend this product for street use but rather off highway or on the track. Those who are upgrading from stock have it easy, while those who own previous Super series models are considering making another upgrade to the most aggressive model. In our tests, the 70 Series produced an average of 82 decibels at 3000 RPM from a distance of 30 feet. Per Benty, “This is a really good classic muscle car muffler.

© 2017 Power Automedia. The Super 40 is one Flowmaster’s best-selling mufflers, and for good reason. • 70 Series Big Block II As a single solution, or partnered with products from other Holley companies we can give you the edge you need over the competition! And they both fit a wide variety of different vehicles,” said Benty. “This muffler comes with all the benefits of race breeding, and is also very race-oriented. If you are looking for the biggest sound with the biggest performance the Super 10 is the way to go. Of the street mufflers that we tested, the Super 44 produced the highest interior and exterior tone for an experience to be enjoyed both inside and out that will surely catch the attention of anyone within earshot and provide the perfect addition to showcase the horsepower lurking under the hood. The compact design allows this muffler to be used on a wide variety of cars as long as the setup meets your needs. We'll send you the most interesting Dragzine articles, news, car features, and videos every week. Super 10 has been on my mind a lot lately. The short single chamber design allows the Super 10 to produce a loud race car tone. • High performance four-inch case street muffler with deep, rich tones The 70 Series Big Block II Muffler is a three-chamber design, which incorporates a longer case for increased volume inside the muffler and lower sound levels. • Deep, distinct Flowmaster tone outside, The three chamber design utilizes Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow technology along with an internal tuning chamber to reduce sound inside the vehicle. “This is one of our mildest mufflers that fits on a wide variety of applications, and if you can fit it on your vehicle, it’s one of the big choices these days,” said Benty. Build your own custom newsletter with the content you love from Dragzine, directly to your inbox, absolutely FREE! The Super 40 is designed with a large, black case, limiting resonance while maintaining the exterior tone that the company is famous for.

Best suited to racing applications, they utilize the same Delta Flow performance technology used in our highly popular Super 40 and Super 44 series mufflers. Also in Tools, Shop Equipment & Chemicals -. • Three chamber design with increased case size for optimum exhaust flow, increased fuel economy, and reduced interior noise • Utilizes Delta Flow technology found in Super 40 and Super 44 Series mufflers The company’s modern line of mufflers are the result of years of development with racing engine builders, thousands of hours of research and development on the dyno, and real-world testing on the race track and the streets of America. Holley has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Flowmaster’s new Super 10™ series mufflers are so aggressive that we can’t even recommend them for use on street driven vehicles. Flowmaster couples the great sound and performance with an impressive lifetime warranty. That is a testament to Flowmaster’s customer loyalty and satisfaction. Everything is clamped on no welding, two 2.25 inch pipes coming off the exhaust to a rear exit. Click here to read more about the Flowmaster Super 10 Muffler. “Between all of those benefits, there are few products that you can put on your car that do all of those things in one easy bolt-on install,” says Flowmaster VP of Marketing Cam Benty. The compact design allows this muffler to be used on a wide variety of cars as long as the setup meets your needs. • 82 decibels at 3000 RPM from a distance of 30 feet Consider the Cherry Bomb Extreme to take care of your performance muffler needs. The Super 10 is available in a variety of inlet/outlet combinations for different racing applications. • Perfect for high performance street cars, most trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, and tow vehicles 50 Series Delta Flow.

• Two chamber muffler that incorporates same Delta Flow Technology found in larger Super 40 Series muffler Follow links to check vehicle fit on Amazon. Dragzine® delivers the hard-hitting news, rumors, and event coverage that drag racers crave from NHRA, IHRA, NMCA, PDRA, Outlaw, and Drag Radial events, not to mention videos, in-depth car features, tech articles, and interviews. Holley carburetors have powered every NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Outlaws is a bit louder but not as deep. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Flowmaster 8430152 3In(C)/2.5Out(D) Super 10 409s Muffler Item Weight 6 pounds Item model number 8430152 Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Exterior Painted Manufacturer Part Number 8430152 OEM Part Number 8430152 Cover Included Flowmaster 8430152 Super 10 Muffler 409S - 3.00 Center IN / 2.50 Dual OUT - Aggressive Sound

This muffler employs Flowmaster’s patented Delta Flow Technology which reduces interior resonance and increased efficiency, and is aimed for use on trucks, SUV’s, RV’s, tow vehicles, and high performance street cars such as our El Camino in which a quieter tone is desired. You’ll also find some of the best technical content on the web — from installations, dyno tests, project vehicles and more. Best suited to racing applications, they utilize the same Delta Flow performance technology used in our highly popular Super 40 and Super 44 series mufflers. The Super 10 Series, as expected, produced the loudest, most aggressive sound levels both inside and out of the car. The company boasts the only exhaust research and development facility of it’s kind in the world – utilizing SuperFlow engine and chassis dynos to fine-tune the design and sound of its exhaust systems. Other popular mufflers include the Super 40 and Super 44. The most aggressive muffler in Flowmaster’s lineup and its newest, the Super 10 is aimed at (and best suited for) racing applications. Producing over 600 tire-roasting horses, this El Camino is the perfect test bed for this collection of mufflers. What began as a mission to quiet race cars without a loss of horsepower evolved into designs and products able to not only quiet the vehicles, but increase horsepower and fuel economy and provide a great new sound as well. I have a 6 mile drive one way to work. This Flowmaster patented design along with the absence of internal packing material takes advantage of the scavenging effect to boost airflow efficiency and performance. Car owners simply want the best and Flowmaster delivers exactly that.

© 2020 Holley Performance Products. Super 10's sounded the most muscular compared to others and vs Flowmaster Outlaws.

Today, Flowmaster is comprised of three modern facilities in California and Idaho, employing over 250 workers. Special Delivery: Jordan Fisher’s Wild Small Tire Ride “Junk, Max Strength: Strange’s New Chrome Moly Driveshafts And, SEMA 2020: Stay Cool With DEI’s Black Floor & Tunnel, Strapping Your Race Car Or Hot Rod To A Trailer Just Got, Get The PerTronix Wiring Products You Need In Your, Bringing The Show To You: PRI Embarks On Cross-Country Road, NMRA World Finals and Holley Ford Fest Invade, SEMA 360: Ford Performance’s Godzilla 7.3-Liter Crate, Driving Dodge’s 840 HP SRT Demon At Bondurant’s Drag Racing, SEMA 360: Titan Fuel Tanks Now Supports Long Bed GMC/Chevy, SEMA 2020: Flaming River’s Microsteer Electric Power, PRI 2019: Ultimate Headers’ 2015-20 Mustang GT, Coyote Swap, PRI 2019: Bill Mitchell Products Aluminum Blocks Beef-Up, PRI 2019: CP-Carrillo Debuts Two New Connecting Rod, Traction Tech Talk with Kurt Johnson: TVC’s Top Tips for, What Will NHRA Pro Mod Class Look Like With New Format In, The No Prep King: Who Is This Mike Murillo Fella, Vengeance Racing And Huron Speed Team Up For An Epic ZL1, Street Dreams: Daryl Whitlow’s Twin-Turbo 1970, Powerful Pontiacs: Chuck and Daniella Stefanski’s Boosted Trans, Quick Six with Flaming River: Manual Steering Pros and, Ask The Experts: Tom Lieb Of Scat Crankshafts Seeks Your, The Answers: David Fussner of JE Pistons Drops Details On, In Your Opinion: Could The NHRA Prosper Without John, Do You Embrace Or Oppose Paperless Tech Cards And, What If The NHRA Could Hit The Reset Button?

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