Mystery Man shares some visual similarities with Uboa from, Mystery Man also shows a slight resemblance to the character Whiteface from the horror game. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. After Gaster's Theme is concluded, the text "Thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately he is an imbecile, and because of this, Undyne doesn't want him in due to a fear of him being ripped apart in an actual battle. as well as the file name of So Sorry's theme being mus_wrongworld. Even in the Japanese localization, the initial greeting is in English so as to give no further hints to what character it could be. WD Gaster disappeared when he tried to load determination in himself though the mystery man could be Gaster but there is no evidence that he is Gaster and the river person warns and says "Beware the man who speaks in hands.". So he is not alone! It also kind of looks like a corallus skull.

An excerpt from the entry number 17 can also be found on a snapshot of  a snapshot of  from 2015. (possibly) room_mysteryman or room_272 Gender So there heights are pretty average!

Sans also discusses his research on timelines during his battle in the Genocide Route. This text is believed to be the seventeenth entry from the True Lab that cannot be accessed. This phone call is speculated to be for Gaster, but it could be for Gerson, Glyde, Gyftrot, Grandpa Semi, or Grillby instead. Maybe in goop form there heights change drastically!!


r/Undertale: UNDERTALE, by indie developer Toby Fox, is a video game for PC, PS4, Vita, and Switch. This NPC disappears once the protagonist leaves the room. This quote is similar to a line from Gaster Follower 3. W. D. Gaster does not have an officially known form, but there are several rooms and unused assets found in Waterfall that point to what he may have looked like.

Like Gaster's followers, Goner Kid's sprite has minor differences compared to the monster their sprite is based on.

Very nice share, not that impactfull as the others but a nice theory that it vould have been a monster before. 666666*

Place of Death This file can be sped up by 1000% to reveal Muffet's laugh, reversed, and then looped over. Who knows!!

Biographical Information They will then stop and mention that they should not gossip about someone who is listening.

However, Toby Fox has stated the merchandise is not canon. This means that the machine was never meant to be fixed, and if this was the creation Gaster fell in, then he is surely doomed to remain erased. During one of the travels with River Person, they say "Beware of the man who speaks in hands." Gaster* Dr. Gaster* Gaster *

They later wonder if Alphys will end up the same way as Gaster. So i was messing with the HATE curroptor and i found this. -6666, Spatial ManipulationPossibly Void ManipulationTechnology Manipulation, left blue eye, Orange right eye (in battle? Themes

Gaster was a royal scientist before Alphys.

W. D. Gaster is a mysterious character in Undertale who is the presumed creator of the Core.

An alternate interpretation to these "two" is that they consist of Sans and Alphys, as it is hinted at the end of the True Pacifist Route that they had a past together and Gaster could be the missing link to where they possibly could have had a relationship. ", W. D. Gaster's name could also be a reference to "M.D.

It is possible that Gaster could have created the DT Extraction Machine in the True Lab as Alphys admits to using blueprints to operate it in Entry Number 5. (Possibly in his lab after an experiment gone wrong or fell into his creation, or shattered across space and time) This Gaster is specifically from Handplates, so some of the stuff he says might not make much sense if you haven't read the comic. Tutti i marchi appartengono ai rispettivi proprietari negli Stati Uniti e in altri Paesi. Characters such as the River Person and Gaster's Followers hint at his existence. Unknown Unlike Sans, their disappearance does not include a black screen interlude. It is more tight and gruff. The audio that plays during the entry is labeled as "mus_smile" in the game files.

Room 80 is a workshop that has four drawers and a strange machine covered up with a curtain.

Species As usual, Jailtale!Gaster sans has the smoking habit -_-Role: Jailtale!Gaster sans's role is considered unknown at the moment.-----Extra stuff: There is one key reason why the Gaster!sanses gets so much love.

He is in some way related to Sans and presumably Papyrus. Very bad puns, bad kids

In the same image was a note saying that Papyrus "had a * named *" with the nouns censored out. Flodpersonen varning is the main source for this, though it increases because his statistics are linked to 666, a number associated with evil. Unlike every other NPC, they have no collision physics, and interacting with them will cause them to react in surprise and vanish while a sound effect plays. W. D. Gaster

Dislikes I'm not gonna calculate how much taller I am than and make you feel shorter. Age He was the previous royal scientist before Dr. Alphys who died when he fell into one of his own creations, assumed to be the Core.

Aliases This dialogue is unused in-game but can be seen with debug mode on. EXP on Kill

Eye color The forgotten Royal Scientist Gaster's Followers relay various explanations as to what happened to Gaster. Doctor W.D.

66666 If the protagonist has encountered Clam Girl earlier in the route, interacting with the drawer will cause a card to slip into the protagonist's view; it displays a poorly drawn picture of 3 people, with the words "don't forget" written on it.

Gaster He was then shattered through time and space, as one of his followers states. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Gaster's Followers are gray NPCs that are found near the elevators in Hotland when the fun variable is at a certain value. WHY IS WING DING 3 INCHES TALLER THAN ME?

Goner Kid's clothing has a blocky, checkerboard-like pattern, they have a bow or two horns/spines on one side, two lines behind their head, and their eyes have no pupils. If the protagonist's name is changed to "Gaster" through the SAVE files, the ability to reset will be unavailable as the game will restart upon clicking the Reset button. As does Gaster's DT Extractor and.

But it's not raining." The character with the "creepy smile" is possibly the Mystery Man seen in Room 269 which may be Gaster, and the evidence supporting this theory lies within the word "smile" in the dialogue, as the track that plays in entry 17 is named mus_smile. Mystery Man is also similar to some versions of Slender Man, a famous creepypasta figure. However, unlike Gaster's followers, the protagonist's phone will work if they attempt to use their cell phone while in the room, and Goner Kid never mentions Gaster's name.

Gaster Follower 1 appears outside of elevator L3 if the fun value is 62. This could relate to the face that shows up on the body of the Mystery Man. Image size. This follower speaks in rhymes through the head in their hand. (Spoilers Duh!). Character Information

Male Tutti i diritti riservati. The unseen character presumably disappears after the dialogue is triggered.

One drawer contains a badge, and another contains a photo album with numerous people that the protagonist does not recognize.

There is some inconclusive evidence as to whether Goner Kid is actually related to Gaster. snapshot of  a snapshot of, room 269, Room 123, and (possibly) Room 272 The phone will work normally after leaving the room.

Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more.

The striped bird in Deltarune, a spinoff alternate universe by Toby Fox, appears in the same pose and shape as Follower 3.

This follower is a gray, emotionless version of the ficus licker NPC. I've seen many artist draw gaster with quit the height that he seems to tower others...I was thinking of doing the same. There isn't much evidence supporting this one other than visual similarities between the sprite and other amalgamates. I think I might be shorter than the Gaster Gang considering that I'm 15, The shortest out of all of them is still taller than me . N/A They all resemble certain NPCs in the game but with a few minor differences. – River Person.

The majority of the time Frisk is in the Underground, Charon is simply content gliding through the Acheron in his boat. Not only Sanses, but other characters like Papyrus, or Frisk, he's even become acquainted with Core Frisk. In the PS4 version, this would cause the game to crash. Enjoy regular gaster being the smallest in the group! This NPC disappears once the protagonist leaves the room. By "two," Gaster may be referring to Sans and Papyrus as their names are both references to fonts. Thanks to a lot of hard research, I have determined what the Gaster blaster weapons are based on.

The Gaster card is not included in the official Undertale tarot, which indicates that this card is either a spoiler or not canon.

The characters in this area mention that this corridor is a bug catching spot. The door in this hallway leads to Room 269.

Science, some puns Exiting Room 272 leads to the Sound Test Room, where the protagonist can listen to four songs including Gaster's Theme. Tk has his brother (QuantumTale)Papyrus, and his father (QuantumTale)Gaster He has friends like (QuantumTale)Undyne, (QuantumTale)Alphys, (QuantumTale)Toriel, and even some sans' from other au's.

Alcuni dati geospaziali su questo sito sono forniti da, Visualizza il sito web per dispositivi mobili, Español-Latinoamérica (Spagnolo dell'America Latina), Português - Brasil (Portoghese brasiliano), Seeger," the alias of Shigeru Miyamoto used in the. However, during W198, Charon goes to Snowdin Town and helps Grillby fight the eidocidal Human. I guess it,s like a mix between epicyon hadeni and corallus skull. -6666 A gray version of Monster Kid ) can appear in Room 91 (room_water7) on a dock right before the room where Undyne first throws spears at the protagonist if the fun value is greater than 90.

Some of it may also have spoilers for Undertale, so you should probably have played the game first as well.

If Entry Number 17 is considered, Gaster is the only individual character to have a unique typeface and soundbite without their face accompanying the text box when he talks. Nicknames Sell custom creations to people who love your style. This being said, the tarot card could support either fall theory as the bottom of the card looks similar to the core while the top looks like the extraction machine. Forgotten Scientist In Room 269, a figure widely believed to be Gaster can be found. In the said stable, there is a trash can where a key can be found.

Alignment I'm actually taller than UT Gaster...go figure... HOW THE HELL IS WINGDING ONLY 3 INCHES TALLER THAN ME?!?! Enjoy the read.

The figure is black and white with a distorted, cracked face. Unknown

Additionally, Sans uses a weapon during his fight in the Genocide Route called a "Gaster Blaster," possibly indicating that Gaster developed the weapon.

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