But in late night I got up and went into the kitchen as I was thirsty but when I fill the glass with cup.... And I accidentally touch the water with my finger... and the water start getting freezing I got really scared I thought what the heck is happening I thought it's just a hallucination and I did the same thing again and again and again but every time I touched the water and it got froze again.. These just happen naturally. They can also remember events in great detail. No time to observe themselves. Maybe you have watched powerful politicians who are able to make people do exactly what they want. However, for the abilities that u do have try focusing on them. It is easy to think that once you have powerful spells, then you can do as you please. I have 3 super powers I would like to talk about the first one is that I can control weather.. Teleportation requires a strong mind and a willingness to accept danger. It also helps if they must keep a lookout for something that is coming their way. I dont believe in superpowers because i dont want to use them since i am afraid of harming someone. @2019 - Witch Spell Book. Observe and listen to what the object is trying to say, what you see does not need to make sense, it just is. This is the way of any psychic work, blame it on the planets, the weather, your moods, there will without doubt be days when everything seems to be working, and other days when you feel entirely blocked. Most of the time i prevented my bad time to come through this power. Its easy. This thing is like real bad. Even my classmate cannot see it in slow motion. Some people use it to alleviate pain, and it is especially useful for those whose days are high pressure, either on the home front, or in a working environment. Punching through walls, picking up cars, and throwing heavy objects long distances are all possible if you possess this power.

Can you harness it, if so how? The ability to time travel is not very common. This is a term that was used all the time and it encompasses psychic powers, and the ability to tune into the energy waves that are bouncing around the cosmos all the time. I laid down pillows, and I fell back and shut my eyes. It is a weird tingling feeling in that particular spot. This power is very similar to the ability to stop time. Ice power is the supernatural ability to control water in all its forms. Able to run & shoot flying birds with a 22 while I was running. By allowing yourself the freedom to meditate without any distracting thoughts, you enable yourself to become a more powerful psychic. Talking to spirits or guardian angels is one of them. Notice also how your body is feeling and whether you are suddenly tired, happy, agitated, enthusiastic, feeling unwell, emotional, in love, out of love, loving, angry or sad, whatever it is speak aloud and be descriptive. After meditating you become more aware not only of your five senses, but of your sixth sense, your intuition, knowing, gut instinct, whatever you want to call it. So there is struggle to believe. But who cares. Its pretty tough to have them. You have now closed yourself off. Answer: This sounds like a medical emergency. Often those who follow this path usually have a natural gift they cannot deny and seem to gravitate into this field. Its easy to use them. Crown chakra – seventh chakra – top of the head – colour violet. But I found out about this power at my 13th birthday.. What happend that I was washing my face after the birthday party as there was cake in my face.. Later on i met someone and after feeling his energy i found something strange and it scared me so i blocked his energy off. This is a dangerous power because they are always in danger of changing something and causing themselves to cease to exist or trapping themselves in an alternate timeline that they cannot fix.

We prefer to NOT USE them. Clairvoyance is one of these 35 different types of supernatural powers. If you are writing, make sure you document everything no matter how insignificant it may seem to you, to the person you are reading for it may have enormous significance.

You are now at one with the universe in a place of bliss, a part of the cosmic energy, you have opened the doorway, allowing the glowing white light of the cosmos to stream down and fill you. Many aren’t sure they have the ability but feel they may, and some want to learn more about clairvoyance but don’t know where to begin. I want to understand whats happening. Once you begin meditating, aim to continue knowing that the more you do it the easier it will be, in time it will become second nature. Once you harness your psychic awareness you will have a deep understanding of how it feels, you will know you can communicate on another level without conscious thought, and without doubts. Come on people; I'm just a person. Are you sometimes certain you know what someone is thinking, without them having to utter a word? Most of the time powers seem to be linked to emotions. When you offer yourself the gift of meditation, you find that your mind and body begin to relax, and you will find yourself surrendering to the peace spontaneously as time in your sacred space becomes a ritual. I need someone to train me to control these powers. If you do or don’t have abilities you still shouldn't be called a freak or any bad thing.

If you fear it, seek it as an adventure. Some people are born with this gift while others work their entire lives to learn it. Someone who is telepathic has the ability to read information from the mind of others without them speaking, telepaths are able to read people minds.

If I had magical powers I wouldn't be poor due to a disease. These people are often confused with teleporters because they will disappear in one place and appear in another.

Nobody knows yet and im afraid to tell them. Throat – fifth chakra – hollow of the throat – colour blue. Had very long canine teeth. A short time access to the natural cosmic intelligence by doing kriya yoga can make it happen. If the air is very dry, they are rendered useless. So the disease shows I also have bad genetics too. Embrace anything and everything that comes into your dream. Intuition: Psychometry is something you can practice on your own, you don’t need to have anyone there with you to read for, as you can touch or hold any item and read the energy from it. They do not see the past, or the future, merely the present.

I've amazed doctors by recovering from some of these episodes. That’s cool but how do u shower without freezing the water?? But if you have aero wouldn't you be able to do the same thing? I know there are things outside that we don't know yet but you don't think that kind of people with that pawer don't want to be found or have you ever seen one of them? HOW TO FIND YOUR MAGICAL POWER ANIMAL. I would call it slowing down time because that’s what it is, but I really don’t know it’s name right now. Ugh, It would be considered aerokinesis (control of wind), The categorizes i would go under would be precognition and persuasion but i can someone times in control the wind but only when i try hard what would that be considered, I would go into the categories precognition and persuasion. The power of ice is very simple. It is becoming more common in this changing world.

These people are extremely paranoid and afraid of getting caught. It allows a person to be able to hear things from very far away as though they are very close. Which I think this power of seeing my mum in the past before my birth is a sort of teleported enhanced telekinesis. on June 06, 2020: so i always know what my friends and family are feeling and sometime thinking and i can feel when people are talking or staring at me at first i thought maybe its because im close to them and maybe i can sense these things because maybe everyone knows when theyre being watched but i actually felt them like felt them and i would turn around and see them and recently i turned 12 and march and i couldnt stop thinking about it before i would let be but know i just keep trying to find out what is happening and i knew actually how evryone felt and ive never experienced some of these things ever in my life. The chakras are your seven inner energy centers, these are the points where the energy flows through our body, once the chakras are open energy surges upwards from the base chakra and out through the crown chakra, opening you up to cosmic energy. Apart from running after pieces of papers and some metals and piece of lands. It is unclear exactly how many people have this power because they are unwilling to register themselves.

These people tend to become deep sea divers and lifeguards, other than that it seems to be a fairly useless power. These people need to learn to block the emotions of others so they can regain who they are and surround themselves with more positive people. are there others who can talk to the wind or get information on it? Learning to develop your psychic powers takes faith, the kind of faith that Christopher Columbus had in believing that the world was round. You are now closed off. Join Now, Copyright © Witcheslore.com 2020 – All Rights Reserved – Privacy Terms Contact. Some illusionists can create these illusions using their mind while others choose to use a more concrete method such as drawing or writing. In a fight or danger the world seemed to slow down allowing me to react to things in ways most people couldnt.

Someone can be a reader whether they are psychic or not, there are many tools to choose from, others combine their psychic ability and use psychic aids, for some it is tarot cards, others read palms, tea leaves, runes, or do astrology or numerology charts. Even if you are just a father to a family, in order to protect your family with spells of magic, you will need a spell to have magical powers. For a more elaborate ritual you can use coloured candles to represent the archangels Uriel, Raphael,Michael, Gabriel  and their elements Earth, Air, Fire, water, they are placed in the North, East, South and West, of your altar. My power : Precognition the abiltiy to see the future and empathy. This was the first time we had touched.

Hence, we can define power spells as the words and magic that gives you power.

(3) The person whose object you will be reading can place the object in your hand, or you can read the item while they are not there and write down what you see, hear, feel, sense and smell. The psychic gazes into shiny surfaces, such as water, clear mirrors, black mirrors, and is able to see images and glean psychic information. This power is difficult to control, and it is hard for these people to ever learn to control their emotions well. I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of any of the statements listed here.

They are also compelled to believe those thoughts are right and will act on them without question. Clairvoyance: However, these people are very good at concealing the fact that they are this strong so it would be nearly impossible to spot them in public unless they are using their super strength. While many people do not discover they have powers until they are teenagers or adults, I have yet to see anything about a regular person suddenly developing a supernatural power. Clairaudience: The other side of this power is that of biokinesis, which allows them to control organic tissue.

So you must be born with it, it cannot be learned. It is actually a bending of time that is created slowing down everyone else and making it appear as though you are moving much faster than everyone else. It is believed that objects hold onto the energy around them and that energy remains until it is cleansed away by special ceremonies. Often a medical intuitive will become a hands on healer, using reiki, therapeutic massage, acupressure, acupuncture, or become involved in homeopathy or Bach flower remedies. Telekinesis is the ability to move things with your mind. i thought spooky season was over 0: Hey author if you see this please help me out, I feel like I’m a backwards energy vampire, because as soon as I turned twelve I experienced many of these, I mean like at least 12, and then all my close freinds began to develop one or two powers of similar type as mine, I need help, and don’t want to get anyone hurt please help, I am dead honest.

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