This video shows one way you can deal with a broken antenna. I didn’t know that it was a “pipe wrench” until very recently. It was an easy repair that anybody could do.

Research and a good thought process should be completed before each repair. Take the new antenna and push it as far down as you can before you feel resistance.

A traveling tool salesman sold me it to me as a stud remover.

EricTheCarGuy recommends safe practices when working with power tools, automotive lifts, lifting tools, jack stands, electrical equipment, blunt instruments, chemicals, lubricants, or any other tools or equipment seen or implied in this video. It was an easy repair that anybody could do. While not as common as the first three items, there are some "if a little is good, a lot is better", folks on the loose. How I removed the broken off antenna threaded shaft that screws into the antenna assembly on a Toyota vehicle.

[1] X Research source I knew of various styles of stud removers but this one was unique. Tighten the first nut hand-tight down against the antenna base. The antenna stud is broke-off in both the antenna and the base. In order of most common to least common.

Tips and tricks will be offered for your viewership.

Tighten it down and go for a ride. If you have all of the tools, this repair costs less than $2.00I will show you how to replace the antenna without replacing the base.UPDATE: Be sure to remove the antenna before going through the car wash.I took the car to Saturn to get a free oil change. Remove the bolt from the base and put two more nuts onto the bolt. How to replace a broken antenna mast. The new antenna should seat properly.

Antennas are electro-magnetic radiation devices and are not designed for, nor should be used to measure the heights or strength of solid objects. Then tighten the second nut against the first. AG Remove the bolt from the base and put two more nuts onto the bolt. I applied more heat and then pushed the bolt into the antenna. Turn them tightly against each other to lock them in place. One of the hardest things to teach anyone is common sense. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada.

Then I could remove the antenna base from the roof, and replaced it. In my 1999 Toyota 4Runner I had to have the grooves facing backwards.

Well, I opened the tour pack and found where the AM/FM cable from radio screws on but no set screw in sight. While it may be more convenient to just hand screw the antenna into the mount so it can be removed just as easily, this is the number one reason why antenna threads get broken off. repeat the tightening process. Tighten the securing nut.✅✅✅ - SUBSCRIBESubscribe: Upload: - PLAYLISTSToyota 4Runner Playlist: E36 Playlist: Lumina Playlist: - TOOLSTools In This VideoNeedle Nose Pliers: - TOOLSOther Useful Car Repair ItemsRatchet Screwdriver: Shop Towels: Hand Cleaner Goop: Orange Hand Cleaner: 34 Piece Ratchet Set: Car Jack (BestSeller): Jack Stands: Torque Wrench: was previously MCRC (My Car Repair Channel)Disclaimer: Each video that is produced and published is intended to be educational. How to replace a broken antenna mast. 1.

It's not that difficult, I just wish I had shown that.Visit me at: Membership info: about this video: DirtyETCGDue to factors beyond the control of EricTheCarGuy, it cannot guarantee against unauthorized modifications of this information, or improper use of this information. And cut. You first have to remove the old antenna by removing the securing nut on the antenna mast. Bought my daughter a 2006 Focus. Then tighten the second nut against the first. One thing I ended up doing that is not pictured is (while the antenna was still rocket hot) I fed a 2 foot long piece of solder into it. Again, if the stress isn't allowed to transfer to the stronger portions of the components, the threads will bear the stress and could, especially under high wind loads (speed) or on rough terrain, break. Heating the bottom of the antenna, not the solder will cause the solder to melt into the bolt socket of the antenna. Extreme care must be taken when matching the antenna to the antenna stud. When the antenna is properly secured in the coupling nut of the antenna stud mount, the stress is transferred to the heavier hex portion of the antenna base. Thanks for the help! Did you make this project?

I had never seen anything like it. This will help you drill into the center of the bolt as closely as possible, putting you at less risk of damaging the threads of the broken bolt. Even so, regardless of the antenna stud, the user/installer MUST make sure that there is enough room (depth) inside the antenna stud to be able to accept the entire length of antenna base threads. Metal shavings in the eye are not at all fun. Remove the radio antenna base cap (18A927) by gently inserting a thin straight-edged screwdriver underneath the cap and carefully following inside the perimeter until both snaps are free. Disconnect the radio antenna lead-in cable (18812) and remove the antenna base. Use the appropriate bit for the size tap and bolt you are going to use. They lay under a 4,000-pound car that is propped up with a $12 jack on a sloped surface; pound nails with a 20-pound sledgehammer and tighten antennas with a 16" pipe wrench. The outcome of your car repair is solely your responsibility. Failing to use a wrench to tighten the antenna into the stud mount. Remove the fender stuffer. Failing to use a wrench to tighten the antenna into the stud mount. Leave the antenna to cool for quite a while (I went for dinner) and then remove the nuts from the base. "I'm jealous of girls because they get to wear dresses." How do I get both broken ends out so I can replace the antenna to the car? My boss at that time was a German master mechanic and it was he that suggested I buy it. Unscrew the stud and the post (broken part) will pull out the top. There are four primary installer/user errors that are responsible for over 95% of all incidents where the threaded portion of the antenna base ends up being sheared from the hexagon portion of the base. Get JB weld, weld the antenna (or anything else that will make good contact and you can twist) back together and let it dry fully. The replacement antenna base costs around $50. On my '04, you will see a nut and washer on a stud inside the tour pack aligned with the antenna. The antenna stud is broke-off in both the antenna and the base. The solder melted and filled the socket to the top. Lift the antenna base. If you cant dig into the thread with a flathead or grab it with pliers your gonna need a new antenna base, even try a pick with a small hook maybe.

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