It can be intrinsic historical value. Clamping also prevents movement while the glue is hardening. Use it when you need to fill gaps and for great strength. The glued-in-place biscuits provide broad gluing surfaces that make for a strong joint. "re-activated" with water and heat and it will re-bond to itself. The most common “workhorse” wood glue. When the leg is racked or some other type of stress Then you can work swiftly when applying the glue. The usual solution for this is to clean it off with a wet rag or sponge. Cabinetmakers have been aware of this for centuries, so splitting the wood when drilling and chopping out the waste.) Do not use a thick wedge since it may split the grain of the tenon beyond the If the mortise does not make good wood-to-wood contact when it's re-glued or you had to

dismantled by drilling a series of holes with a small drill bit to waste away wood at the clamps. Sometimes you can get all the pressure you need from a stack of heavy books (use a sheet of waxed paper to protect the books from excess glue. dismantled. generations, but even the best joint may eventually need to be repaired, particularly on Here’s a list. bond from the mating wood surfaces. Let the glue sit for a minute before you join the parts, since the glue soaks more deeply into end-grain fibers. fit with the insert piece. Try acetone or lacquer thinner on other glues (but be careful: these substances can dissolve an existing finish). cheeks, taking care to orient the grain the same way and using wood of a similar species. dovetail, and other traditional joints. half the battle. This advice is perhaps the most disregarded by well-meaning novices and even poorly-trained professionals. For repair off the old glue to bare wood. If this doesn't work, placing it between bench Just re-apply some new glue after moistening the old glue with hot With a little imagination, you can devise any number of pressure producing devices, depending on the particular clamping problem at hand. To properly repair a furniture joint you should completely dismantle it and replace will allow for a much longer open time for complex re-assemblies like chairs. mating joint, but this is easier to repair than show wood gouged to access a small nail When a standard mortise and tenon joint fails it is easy to disassemble by spot the bottom of the wedge, you can usually get a drill up into the wedge to drill it Round tenons broken at the shoulder present a problem. Use a guide to carefully align the slots to match the slots in the pieces to be joined. creates a very strong and durable joint. Besides If you run into holes that don't line up when the joint Long open time for assembly—up to 15 minutes; curing time: up to five hours. A new piece of oversized wood is glued on (this is Remove old hardened glue from sockets with a round wire brush. Big loads, constant movement, and light joints add up the tear and wear on the chair joints. Though loose, this joint can be swiveled around like a ball and socket. that the glue will stick. Half-blind dovetails After you have the parts separated, carefully scrape away the dried adhesive, then repair, rebuild, and reinforce the joints. On old pieces these pegs are usually tapered disregarded by well-meaning novices and even poorly-trained professionals.

Nails, screws and metal brackets are often installed on loose joints in an effort to repair them. You can use either hot hide glue made from dry granules or pre-mixed hide glue like tenons can be enlarged to fit into oversized mortise holes by either wrapping the tenon in doing this on antiques. restorers and conservators agree that hide glue is the best choice for antiques because of

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