It could be a rifle, a shotgun, or a pistol or a revolver. The cap should easily come off after the muzzleloader is discharged, though it may be slightly difficult to remove otherwise. Our woodshop teacher had us make crossbows the year after the muzzleloading pistol project:). Do this twice. Black powder and black powder substitutes like Pyrodex are measured by volume, not weight. You can go to your favorite store or online outlet, choose the gun of your choice, pay and go home. You will also now be violating a cardinal rule, “Never point the gun at something you don’t intend to shoot”. Match bullet. The gun actually held, but the barrel/receiver blew out of the stock, crushing the man’s orbital bone. I'm an engineer by training and experience. . A loose breechplug is simply a bullet aiming the wrong way. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical's sales and deals email. Smoking around gunpowder is asking for trouble. The note attached to the rifle read something to the effect “it is a good rifle and it kilt the b’ar that kilt me.”. Did you enjoy this Muzzleloading 101 class? But let’s narrow our focus even more and group our guns into ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’.

Lock the rod with the thumbscrew mounted on the sleeve at the end of the tube. Double Load — Jim insisted that he loaded his rifle normally and could not understand why it blew to pieces when he pulled the trigger. So the real warning here is not about latent spark. From that time on, I not only wanted to be a mountain man, but I needed a Hawken rifle ($600). The result was a barrel that looked like a peeled banana. Step 1. Use only blackpowder or approved blackpowder substitute in your muzzleloader. You must have a black powder measure to correctly measure your charge. Strong evidence of bullet wash and a bulge convinced me that a second load was run down the bore and not fully seated. Sometimes that other guy is one of us.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google The shooter admitted that it had been many shots since he scrubbed the bore or the nipple seat. I'm a retired industrial arts teacher that taught wood shop. In addition, the modified case may not exactly match the headspace of your rifle. This may seem like overkill, but a unseated and poorly tamped ball can lead to a lot damage on a cheaper firearm, or a dry fire if the powder runs down the barrel away from the nipple or pan for a flintlock. Seated in a 50 caliber sabot and loaded over 90 grains of Pyrodex RS powder, it shoots approximately 1623 fps. However, hunting ammo should have the bullets seated deep enough to ensure absolutely reliable feeding. Percussion caps and primers are best stored in their original containers, special cap boxes or cappers until properly installed for ignition. My ramrod fits inside the bore when empty, and I have two marks for the two loads I have developed, and if I change the loads, I may have to put labels on the ramrod! Big bore semiauto or a lever gun? In short, a muzzleloader is any firearm that you load from the end of the barrel where the projectile exits, which is called the muzzle. The rifle’s bore was packed with fouling. Done properly, this will keep both the powder and the inside of the cap dry and ensure the muzzleloader fires, regardless of the weather. It is also used to determine whether the firearm is loaded ... his style of muzzleloader dates back to the 17th century and features a flintlock mechanism that produces sparks when a piece of flint strikes its steel frizzen. Excess just blows away.” Attending this erroneous idea was the promise that blackpowder could never achieve more than 25,000 pounds-per-square-inch pressure. Then I wrapped a piece of masking tape around the rod at the muzzle to mark how far it entered the barrel. If you have a semiauto or lever-action, open the action and use Hornady's curved L-N-L Overall Length Gauge. Next, we’ll seat our bullet. Ezekiel Baker wrote in his 1835 book dedicated to King George, “if not the ball be rammed close to the powder, the intervening air will frequently cause the barrel to burst.”. The rifles consist of 3 main parts:  Lock, Stock and Barrel. First, you remove the bolt to gain clear access to the chamber. When the bullet is all the way down on the powder charge, tap the ramrod firmly to seat the ball tightly against the powder. Use Pyrodex while you are learning. If you use longer strokes, you might accidentally snap the rod and injure your hands or arm. Hornady's overall-length gauge and comparator kit have fixed dimensions that will be more compatible with certain bullets than others. We'd be in a better place if every student was exposed to the correct and safe use of firearms. Muzzleloaders are not typically considered firearms by. Conventional wisdom holds that accuracy is best if the bullet is almost touching the rifling when the cartridge is chambered.

Never pour directly from the bulk can. Properly seating primers means each one will ignite consistently, and uniform internal ballistics often lead to improved performance.

It completely stripped the threads in the nipple seat. Don’t do it. Privacy Policy and Bore Obstruction — Many a fine gun has been blasted into the firearm graveyard with a bore obstruction, and not only muzzleloaders. Point the rifle at the ground, preferably toward a leaf or grass and pull the trigger.

For beginners I highly recommend Pyrodex products. Set your rifle up against a bench or sturdy object. So, this month's Cleaning Clinic is dedicated to salvaging a rusty, muzzleloader bore.

However, this fact was no solace to his family looking at his empty chair the next Christmas. Always wear safety glasses. Fail to secure that end, and Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “Every action has an opposite and equal reaction,” takes over. When I began writing this column, we changed the name from "Precision Reloading" to "Practical Reloading." Percussion Caps and Primers — Johnny Curious decided to see what would happen if he placed a few percussion caps on the electric stove burner. Capt. This allows for a cleaner priming flame to ignite our powder and also aids in cleaning and maintenance since everything is in a straight line. One year the film we saw was Jeremiah Johnson. Hornady's bullet comparator kit includes a universal body and several caliber-specific inserts. By measuring between the two pieces of tape, I had the maximum COL for that specific bullet in my rifle. Muzzleloaders are not typically considered firearms by BATF. Speaking of powder, keep your powder dry! I certainly do. Use the longer ramrod to push the ball the rest of the way, making sure it’s seated well on the powder charge. Luckily, the smoker flicked his cigarette ash at an arm’s length rather than dropping it straight down into the open can of powder. The Winchester .350 Legend is a no-nonsense whitetail thumper tailored for rifle hunters in... Give a Gift   It’s also easier to clean and easier to store safely. If you noticed, you may have wondered, "Why?" Used to push the bullet down a barrel until it is seated on top of the charge. Pull the ramrod out of the barrel keeping your thumb in that spot and lay the ramrod along the side the  of the barrel with your thumb resting on the muzzle. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. Now use a short starter to start the ball into the barrel. Because of this not all guns shoot the same groups with the same load. Remember, a muzzleloader is not considered to be loaded until a percussion cap is placed on the nipple. rom that time on, I not only wanted to be a. are going to be something like Jeremiah Johnson’s Hawken rifle, or a Kentucky long rifle or something we may have seen in a movie about the American Revolution or Civil War. are measured by volume, not weight. You are ready to charge the rifle with powder. Let me know in the comments below! For our purposes here we will focus on rifles because they are a simple and easy way to enter the world of black powder shooting. All Rights Reserved. There are many kinds of muzzleloading rifles available to shooters today. The reason's simple. Remove the ramrod. While securely holding the tube/case assembly in place, push the adjustment rod until the bullet ogive engages the rifling. We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. Be sure to double-check the charge on the measure. These bullets can easily be moved from the powder charge. With the overall-length gauge inserted firmly into the rifle's chamber, push the bullet into the rifling with the adjustment rod and lock it in place with the thumbscrew. The kids would go to their lockers and get their firearms, take them to class and go to the range. Check out our beginners guns video course. One chap declared that after taking a poke at a buck, he quickly reloaded his rifle and it “went off” from leftover fire downbore, driving the ramrod into his body. Hunting with blackpowder firearms isn’t inherently dangerous, but a little safety savvy is required. So there you go. No paperwork, no background checks, no waiting. Using firm and steady pressure is what you want to apply to the charge after seating the bullet every time ensures consistency in the shot string.

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