They do—they return. All rights reserved. . This can almost be trickier than coming out to the family, because family members generally won't just drop you like a hot potato if they disagree with your choices. This is important — not male, not gender, but a perversion of masculine energy which brutalized, raped, suppressed the feminine.

I'm finding lately that the earth is calling me to come forth but idk how. Layne Holmes (author) from Bend, Oregon on March 08, 2020: Hi ChiyoruKaze, that sounds like a lot of hardship. Know that she might not return in the form of a cat . People might also heal just by being around you. The list is lo g and keeps deletein. They live by the rule of three, a karmic understanding that everything they do comes back to them threefold. some people are authentic and some aren't. The weird part is I want to learn how to control it if I did. Thank you so much for this article, it is really helpful!!! Rights of Pagans and Wiccans in the Workplace, Wiccan Tattoos: Meanings and What You Need to Know. Tell her what happened and that you've always thought of her. I love when it rains and when I can sit under a tree in a forest and just listen to the nature and feel it. I have always liked falling asleep in the dark and quiet. . The more we kill the earth, the more we kill ourselves. Have you ever looked through someone? I repeat, Nature, not Satan. Layne Holmes (author) from Bend, Oregon on July 16, 2019: Hi Poh Tiong Ho—that's an interesting perspective, but I think that perspective evolves from the history of persecuting witches and using them as a scapegoat for evil in the world—especially when directed at women. You are in the right place. I do feel strongly intuitive. . I have been doing everything witch like for years. Some people can be energy vampires, and witches much prefer to be in contemplative settings away from chaos and busy happenings—unless with their coven. While a suspected magician was awaiting trial and locked in a cell, an observer would secretly watch to see if any beasts or creepy-crawlies entered.

Witches however, relish their wild nature and align themselves with the cycles of the earth and the phases of the Moon. Doing work for all good things is important.

I love nature, growing plants, and the Earth.

It was in junior high school (in the 1970's) when I became really interested.

It is time to heal your past karma, own your power, wisdom and beauty, and rise, dear ones — the earth needs you, and we, of course, need the earth.

Were you drawn to magical things, creatures, fables, stories, even as you grew older, despite everyone telling you “There Was No Such Thing?”. Layne Holmes (author) from Bend, Oregon on April 11, 2019: Tammy—best of luck uncovering your truth. I'm drawn to birds. At the very least, it will give them something to think about. So, because I love to de-stigmatize, and re-honor the big beautiful juicy word Witch, the answer I give, when someone asks me if they are one, is Yes.

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