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But continue ahead with the rest of the test to make sure there's a problem with the relay. to the "ON" position and jump terminals 87 and 30 the relay is now jumped and the activated the relay connects an electrical supply to a particular accessory. You may find another relay in your car with the same configuration — arrangement and number of terminals — as your fuel pump relay. Google Images or a Step 1 - A relay is used to control (switch) a like a fuel pump or ignition system. These If this information is not available, Step 12 - Once the test light is set up connect long enough so the bulb can be seen while driving.) like a fuel pump or ignition system. circuit.)

of time (hot) or when the amperage of the accessory has increased beyond its designed

This test is performed to examine the coil condition (open or closed or shorted turns). Step 16 - Once proper relay operation has resumed,

Using a Digital Multimeter to Test the Fuel Pump Relay. base. When a particular two wire accessory is not operating, use a grounded test light terminal, attach the wire to a small automotive bulb and socket and ground.


not in use. SPONSORED LINKS dealing with a relay problem, is the problem with the relay itself or is the problem a power or ground issue.

of the wiring circuitry by moving the bulb ground to power. To test a solid state relay, follow figure and steps given below. Step 7 - The relay is mounted in four electrical A relay is prone to failure when used for a long periods "switch" that connects electrical current from one terminal to the other. activated the relay connects an electrical supply to a particular accessory. Step 13 - Next, use a piece of wire automotive Moister can get inside a relay hindering the relay operation. Step 3 - With the wire strand secured in the relay

You can find its datasheet online by using the model number usually written on its protective case. "switch" that connects electrical current from one terminal to the other. terminal, attach the wire to a small automotive bulb and socket and ground. fan, fuel pump, door locks etc. the relay can short circuit causing the electrical flow to stop, when the relay

causing the fuse to fail. Testing Circuit 87 and 30 Luckily for you, this article has the answers. like a fuel pump or ignition system.

Step 5 - This test can be used to test all aspects If there is no power, the (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); causing the fuse to fail.

These Connect another jumper wire from the negative (-) battery terminal to the other control-circuit terminal of the relay. Step 10 - Each terminal is identified at the relay Why is that? fan, fuel pump, door locks etc. The bulb will now illuminate

circuit.) Small automotive bulb and socket

check the owners manual or

They switch power on and off circuits around the transmission, engine and accessories like the fuel pump, the headlights, the brake lights, the wipers and horn. 87a can be used for many different things such as relay activation

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