I only wish that wild hogs and Asian carp would fit in it. Stopped counting after 150. 'Uncle' Blaine, You are a genius! FAST delivery. Thanks again, R C S, Hi: How often do you run across a product that actually works as advertised? I have one of these traps, but it does not fit well Dear Blaine,Your traps did it. I have had “decoy” HOSP find their way out again Ert), Songbird Essentials Wire Sparrow Trap SEST1, : After you have trapped your HOSP, you may humanely, http:// audubon-omaha.org/bbbox/nestbox/ huber.htm, http:// audubon-omaha.org/bbbox/nestbox/ bolttrap.htm, http://www.havahart.com/store/animal-traps/chipmunks, House Sparrow Control Methods (active and passive), House Sparrow euthanasia (humane methods). broken links/have suggestions/corrections, please contact me! and I have never had one find their way out once they are trapped. Try 3 or 4 quarters for trapping starlings.) Feel free to link to it (preferred as I update content regularly), or use text from it for personal or educational

Plans can be found at: http:// audubon-omaha.org/bbbox/nestbox/ huber.htm. What a concept in sales strategy! If I only had one ground trap, I would choose this one.

(This trap also works very well on trapping Starlings). Did a great job. That makes almost 100 HOSP removed from the avian population at my home alone in just 7 days of active trapping. I also have the type trap for the house if I need it.

of cage - I've put a piece of plastic there so it doesn't get Some of these traps can be mounted on poles. Thanks for a great trap and the quick shipping. Havahart 1045 Live Animal Two-Door Raccoon, Stray Cat, Opossum, and Groundhog Cage Trap, Kat Sense Humane Smart Mouse Traps, Pack of 4, Cruelty Free Live Trap, Catch and Release Mice, Chipmunks into The Wild, Ideal No Kill Smart Trapper House Cage for Pest Control Solutions, Thanos Smart Mouse Trap No Kill Mousetraps Live Catch That Works Safe for Home, Victor M2 Smart-Kill Wi-Fi Enabled Indoor Electronic Rat Trap - 1 Trap,Black, HARCCI Humane Rat Traps, Reusable, Indoor and Outdoor, Set of 6, MEWANG Hanging Colourful Birdhouse Garden Country Cottages Bird House Condo Wooden Red Height 9.7", Dual-Sided Yellow Sticky Traps for Fungus Gnats, Kill & Prevent Rodents with Tomcat Solutions. How can I tell if the bird I’m seeing is a House Sparrow? In addition, the birds started taking over the nesting sites of the native cavity-nesting birds, causing a dramatic drop in the population of native birds, most notably the Bluebird. HOSP are kept in the trapping chamber as decoys Text last updated 01/2019. It has a large removal door with a clever baffle to prevent escapes while retrieving captured birds. Check the trap every 20 minutes or so to see if it is tripped. © Original photographs trap has two trapping chambers that flank a central holding chamber. Dog destroyed it last night so I need to get another one. Before drilling the entrance hole (2) it is a good idea to measure the dimensions to the center of the hole in your nest boxes to assure

When do I put up the Sparrow Spooker? Virtually impossible for trapped bird to escape.He also makes a trap for Wood Duck boxes. I had some good success with sparrows at the beginning, catching about two dozen in the first week.

6 sparrows the first day. 0000083001 00000 n Exc. See a customer review of the Deluxe Repeating Sparrow Trap See the article Nothing But Trouble by Ed Nied for an extensive discussion of the House Sparrow problem. 0000017519 00000 n The wooden arm is waterproofed on the new traps, but may need readjustment after a heavy rain due to swelling.

This trap was designed and built by Blaine Johnson and can be This is my favorite bait 1. Ground trapping, however can and should be done year-round for greatest success in HOSP control. How can I keep House Sparrows (HOSPS) from taking over the Bluebird boxes?

This trap is incredible, it really works, my wife thought I got fleeced, to her surprise today, she is calling her Dad about getting one. the law to hurt native species. Woke up this morning and had one male hosp.

thanks bunches I now nave 3 pair of nesting martins. From the perch, they spot the millet bonanza on the bait shelf and hop right in. The edges around the door are sharp and the configuration makes it somewhat difficult to feed and water detainees, or to remove a non-target creature. In my opinion, the trap is too small to hold a number of birds for any length of time (they tend to get aggressive or stressed in small spaces.) Does this work, and how do you do it? 6. Some of the HOSPs in this slide show appear on our discussion forum, The Bluebird Nut Cafe. Plans can be found at: http:// audubon-omaha.org/bbbox/nestbox/ bolttrap.htm.

See DRST. What’s so bad about House Sparrows? pivot screw #6 x 1/2 in round head wood screw, stop screw #6 x 1/2 in round head wood screw, Cut a piece of plywood (1) approximately 4" x 8-1/2" or to a size which fits inside your boxes. Blaine, Today was our first day of trapping and we caught 8 this morning, using cheap bird seed, which is mostly millet and currently have 7 more in the trap.

Nestbox traps are available for all types of nestboxes: Universal Van Ert Trap $97.98 $ 97. Chipmunks also yank out the bait tray, so it must a good trap as well and can be built into the box if you like. Reports from many of our visitors have indicated that the trap is virtually escape-proof, which is important since a House Sparrow that has been trapped and has escaped is often very difficult to trap a second time!

It does not permanently remove HOSP from the breeding population. Great trap!

What should I do with the House Sparrows that I have trapped? Does separate birds so they can't kill each other. Not a repeating trap. Comments from Bet: Well made and reliable. See plans to make the Biddle trap, courtesy of Brad Biddle. Have caught a bunch of starlings in this trap, along with red squirrels and chipmunks. This trap was available for purchase for $30 + shipping.

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