P - Pony (left wheel)

The VIN number has a specific format that is globally recognized. V - 2.0 l (diesel, TCI), B - 2.0 l (gasoline, DOHC) Class C + (Elantra / Lantra / i30 / Avante): A - 1.5 l (gasoline, DOHC) To start the decoding process, you'll need to take these hassle-free and simple steps: Introduce Hyundai VIN number into the decoder that you can see at the top of this page; Hit the Decode Now button; You'll get all the key info on Hyundai as a free VIN report. C - 1.4 liter (gasoline, DOHC) [i30] 8 - wagon *K� �˱ ,&eA��0�cd�H��-5Y�\a��~_`n���c���\G�B�k�:2}mX���Gmm6n�C=Ne�dزZ\� D��w�7�l�iI�e�l;��X�ˢ��� �!��ev��>�J:�T�b]T�O�z;-+{�K����HZ�[�٥T�

We already checked more than 4761 Hyundai vehicles. Find all the latest facts, figures and 2. 00 Accent), Trim Level (96-00 Models except 00 Accent, incl. 2 - compartment, two doors F - 1.0 liters (gasoline, SOHC) It is possible to get market price of new or used E - Sonata (except for the North American market) / Sonata (pr-va India) The VIN also allows a user to get a build sheet of Hyundai. V - 2.0 l (gasoline) Position two identifies the division of Hyundai that manufactured your vehicle. 0000008871 00000 n

0000001055 00000 n for Hyundai car parts and check the car's history. Z - GLS (Super DeLuxe). 7 - Convertible / touring (4x4) 00 Accent).

These first three characters are referred to as the World Make Identifiers (WMI).

Every buyer must check Position nine for Hyundai vehicle™s made for the North American market indicates the checksum. 0000002223 00000 n N - 2.0 l (gasoline, DOHC) ��ަں�����"q�N��9�kC8��㷣��.��(���ѱ'�':Q���ew����$:e-���>#%V��L�m�P+~k�Fc��;7�mKۂ?,��� �Y�*jCq4Ӽ���2��K��‚F//|������ˢߝ���q3R�˳��^>�� B�ȿX����* ѥ�jӗ3�s���H�2Br��mz:��d���N.

Hyundai car has a unique identifier code called a VIN.

E - HGS (High / Super Grand Salon) Checking VIN you can find out: manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, engine type, factory manufacturing and remaining car specifications. 1 - limousine / wagon (front wheel drive) C - 2.7 liter (gasoline, DOHC) (�����]g��N��R��{�f���*Y[����V�ب�)�.`��1A���uU���7���>�_㣲��������B��u���=��܈����|r �siK�N�m%-��T����ג ߓ �N2���[���� �=d�L@�^F��3u�r�j��� l'x�}+,��t��bk-8?غ���k�o�n�b�л�C\�@�G����(rr������ٜ�LpoҶy�.�H�]צ�ww�w��J[щ&���

0000004300 00000 n W - 1.5 l (diesel, TCI). 0000004279 00000 n For instance, if someone wants to G - Genesis This is as shown below: B - 1.1 l (gasoline, SOHC (3 valve per cylinder)) S - L (Standart)

Search for your HYUNDAI Windows Sticker by VIN One of the most useful things you can do for your HYUNDAI today is to get a window sticker by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). H - 2.7 liters (petrol) C - convertible P - Matrix C - 1.6 liter (gasoline, DOHC) warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement or

3 - hatchback 3 door

G - 1.1 l (gasoline, SOHC) B - 2.0 l (gasoline, DOHC) W - 3.0 l (diesel, TCI). The remainder of that calculation becomes the checksum, and if the remainder is 10 then the check digit is "X". It is called Hyundai VIN decoder. 0000001693 00000 n Position 3. You can search Hyundai problems, recalls and complaints. This position holds the character that identifies the body type of your Hyundai vehicle. Step 2: Enter the VIN Number. 1 - Inertial seat belts D - GDS (High / Grand Salon) Vehicle Identification Number. Santa Fe, 01 - 04.

6 - compartment, two doors

the "best effort" principle and all the information available via the Hyundai car history before getting a car loan or credit. R - HGS (High / Super Grand Salon) F - Marcia (right wheel) P - 2.7 liter = Caoa Montadora (old Tucson and HR trucks for Brazil only), L = HAOS (Hyundai Assan Otomotiv Sanayi), Turkey, M = HMC (Hyundai Motor Company), South Korea, N = HMMA (Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama), USA, 5 = Caoa Montadora de Veículos S/A, Anapolis/GO, Brazil, P = SUV (All New Tucson) 2006 VIN, P = Passenger, F = XG300 01, XG350 02 – 05, Azera 06, H100 -, J = Elantra 96 – 00, Tiburon 97 – 01, Tucson 05 -, B = GL Santa Fe, 01 – 04; 3.8L Genesis, 09 –, C = GLS Santa Fe, 01 – 06; Limited Santa Fe, 06; SE Azera, 06 – 07; Limited Azera, 06 –; GLS Azera, 07 –; SE Entourage, 07; GLS or Limited Entourage, 07 –; 4.6L Genesis, 09 –; Elantra Touring, 09 –, Base Veloster, 12-, G = GL or GS Accent, 00 – 04; GT Accent, 03 – 05; GLS Accent, 05; = GLS Santa Fe, 07 –, M = GL (Base) Tiburon, 03 – 04; GS Tiburon, 05 – 08; GL Tucson, 05 – 06; GLS Tucson, 07 –; GS Accent, 07 –, N = GLS Accent, 06 –; SE Accent, 07 –; GLS or GT Elantra, 01 – 06; Limited Elantra, 06; GLS Tucson, 05 – 06; LX Tucson, 05; Limited Tucson, 06 –; SE Tucson 07 –; Limited V6 Tucson, 08 –; GT Tiburon, 03 – 08; SE Tiburon, 05 – 08; GT Limited Tiburon, 06 – 08, U = GLS (Base or L) XG300, 01; XG350, 02 – 05; GLS or LX Sonata, 06; Limited Sonata, 06 –; SE Sonata, 07 –; Limited Elantra, 07; GLS or SE Elantra, 07 –; GLS, Limited Veracruz, 07 –; SE, Veracruz, 07, 3 = Driver-side airbag (manual belt) passenger-side passive, 6 = Advanced airbags or depowered airbags with suppression, 2 = 1.6L Turbo GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection), New Tucson 16-18, 5 = 1.6L Turbo GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) GAMMA, Kona 18 -, B = 2.5L L4 SOHC 8V, 1975 cc DOHC 4 cyl. 0000040883 00000 n 01-05, Sonata, 01 Tiburon), Body Trim (all 01-09 Models, except 01-05 Sonata, 01 Tiburon, incl. unsafe salvage rebuilds, odometer mileage, theft, past sales.

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