The above method was proven to work for 96% of soldiers.

@Martina520 well, when responding to the greeting, match their tone. Hope you slept well?

what is correct? "Slept" is past tense, as in "I slept well last night". Do this for about 10 seconds. The Language Level symbol shows a user's proficiency in the languages they're interested in.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

why "I’d describe him as a little childish" and not "I’d describe him like a little childish"? "After a while crocodile.". You can read more about the impact of a good night’s sleep here: If everything you read above has you a little worried about the quality of your sleep, here’s a quick exercise you can try tonight to fall asleep faster. You should be able to fall asleep in 30 minutes or less.

The National Sleep Foundation recently published guidance about what constitutes a good night’s sleep and here were the standards they shared: You can read more about these standards here: If you’re reading this post I’m sure you already know sleep is important, but you may be surprised to see how much of your life it can impact. Personally, I would consider (it/myself) rude if I ignored it.

I use "Hope this finds you well", a lot when addressing clients I haven't spoken to in a awhile. Good morning, handsome and I hope you had a good sleep last night.

1. Hi John, Do you know that you can use the Present Perfect? You can speak softly and say " Are you asleep?" But what does it mean when people write hmu? Bitches are expensive. What is the difference between 什么 and 啥 ? Press J to jump to the feed. It completely depends on you.

Hold your breath for long as possible, at least one minute. / Thanks for your message.

Sure, I have a sample size of 1, but honestly I think y’all just complain more. Does this sound natural? Yeah god forbid he be busy, or have shit to do. Usually picked up as kids. I don't expect an answer, unless maybe something big has happened like a baby, engagement, house, etc. I keep forgetting, people have that bug on thier phone where they can only reply and have that disorder where they get mad at you for not answering your phone at work to look at a meme. If I'm texting you in the morning it's cause your one of the more important things in my life.

Take a look.

Do you mean reply to a greeting, or respond to what they wrote? Please tell me. I'm going to answer it … By the way, learn another new word from your answer, "later gator", very interesting!

One of the best ways to judge how well you’re sleeping is to gauge how well other things in your life are going.

The only thing that would vary, depending on formality/closeness would be the amount of detail I go into. And the only emails that are sent that are that important are policy emails, but those are single emails not chains.

Get a job and don't be broke, but spend 24/7 on me, but also don't smother me because I'm independent. It means an action in the past. Sign up for premium, and you can play other user's audio/video answers.

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