Both the parent strains are famous for their high THC Levels, flavors, tastes, and effects.

Always consult your doctor before taking marijuana for any medicinal benefits to avoid any long term health consequences. Ice cream cake strain has inherited the best traits from its parents. Remember that it is not a cure, but it helps to reduce overall stress and anxiety. ), Back to School: Boost Your Productivity with these Energizing Cannabis Strains, The Farmer and the Felon: California Cannabis for a Cause, Papa & Barkley: Pure CBD Products for Everybody, considered to be exceptionally delectable. [Survey Report]. Hands down one of my absolute favorite strains.

It won the Highlife Cannabis Cup consecutively in 2008 and 2009.

You would be silly not to pick this one up. A great choice of smoke for night time use, such as after work or before bed. It tastes like sweet and sour kush with a nutty and earthy finish. If you are growing the plant outside, then you will need to prepare the soil before planting the seeds. Approved by the green seal. Indica strains have a reputation for inducing deep-seated tranquility and restfulness in those consume them, and Ice Cream Cake is no different. With so many different strains on the market, it can be difficult for consumers to discern quality cannabis. To produce large yields, you will need some experience. A great review should include flavor, aroma, effect, and helpful health ailments. That's now to say however, that it can't be enjoyed by recreational users. It's minty and chocolaty, as well as cooling.

You also expressly acknowledge that the use, possession, cultivation, transportation and distribution of cannabis is illegal in California unless all participants are acting completely within the scope of California’s medical cannabis laws as set forth in the Attorney General’s Guidelines for the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use and the Medical Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act (consisting of AB243, AB266 and SB643) and any amendments thereto. Settle back and enjoy this indica that will start you off with a happy head high then ease you into that desired couch lock all indica fans enjoy. Gorgeous vibrant dense green nugs with subtle purple hues and bright orange crystal hairs. It has mid notes of nuts and cheese, and a base of thick cream. You can taste the vanilla with every delicious puff. Upon opening a container of Ice Cream Cake, the senses are immediately awakened to a stunningly complex aroma that not only draws to mind the sugary sweetness of its name but calls forth notes of other scents like herbs and fresh lavender. It has a sweet, creamy taste that will remind you of Ice cream cake. Vanilla taste definitely couch locked. The smoke is just as tasty as the smell, and the creamy thick milk carries all the flavor into your mouth and lungs. dont hesitate, if you see Ice cream cake in your neighborhood, buy it. Tasty desert strain, doesn't disappoint, great head high, I could smoke this daily, easily! About this product. All About Ice Cream Cake Weed Strain. Ice cream cake strain was developed by a Dutch grower called Seed Junky Genetics. The relaxing stone is balanced by the sativa genetics, providing a euphoric and uplifting, but also a calming, relaxing one. A perfect pick for an after-work, evening, or night sesh. Likewise, the strain’s aroma and flavor are considered to be exceptionally delectable compared to other, similar strains.

The flavor is virtually so mild its easy breezy for my bakery edibles!!!! Upon one’s first encounter with Ice Cream Cake, the crystalline sheen of its buds becomes apparent, covered fully by cannabinoid-rich trichomes. I am not even straining it. The strain has a sweet, sour, and nutty flavor profile with hints of vanilla, according to the breeder.

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