... A subreddit devoted to Injustice 2 mobile, The Andriod/iOS game! However, you can select the drop-down box and choose different Elite levels, or select different XP levels from the other drop-down box. Since I have all of the "All Characters" Health and Bonus Support Cards, I checked all of these boxes. MAXED CRIT DAMAGE. It is between "UPGRADES" and "GEAR CARDS.". Regime Superman and 600 Wonder Woman are examples of this type.


Simply click on the "Augmentations:" box and change "Maxed out 100%" to a different value. Injustice 2 Mobile Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Heroes are fighters in the game, regardless of morality or alignment. For these reasons and more, keep in mind that you cannot rely only on statistics to tell you what the best cards are. He’s not worth it. section calculates character health and damage for any specified xp and/or elite levels, with any amount of damage or health augmentation cards. Artifacts can be equipped on any Hero but some grant additional bonuses when used on specific Heroes or Classes. The story mode unlocks the main villain Brainiac, so you’ll probably want to do it either way. Please subscribe, I really appreciate all support:) I make videos about Injustice 2 Mobile, Mortal Kombat X, Mortal Kombat X mobile, other games, vlogs and funny challenges. You can submit your question here. After you open the page's source code, save the source code from that window. Silver boxes don’t usually have great stuff in them, but you can get one with only a few minutes’ work in this mode. Some cards have a Special 1 move that packs serious damage. Furthermore, you’ll start to get a daily login bonus when you start the game.

Aquaman 2. Still have a question? As a rule of thumb, I make sure passives are maxed, talents are unlocked, character level around 35-40, and Abilities are level 20 (15 for Silver Cards) for my A-Tier characters. Maxed out level 60 Gear on Green lantern, Swamp Thing and Bane Gameplay and review in Injustice 2 Mobile.

-[Tech characters] Gain a percentage in Attack against Might Heroes, -Additional percentage of Special attack Damage, -[Arcane Characters] Gain a percentage in Attack against Arcane Heroes. Their look changes a lot with all equipment maxed out. They are all variants of a number of Characters (the terminology from NetherRealm Studios are often inconsistent, and they may use "character" to refer to heroes, but on this wiki, the aforementioned terminology is used for consistency, subject to change). These cards give bonus Health or Damage points to all characters in your collection. If a card starts with Health stat of 1400 and you apply 1 Major Health Augmentation card, it would be as if that card were now starting with 1408 Health stat. For example, to see characters' statistics with no augmentation cards applied, change it … … https://facebook.com/StarInSky.YT Im.slowly working on him on the side. When gear was announced for Injustice 2, there was a lot of concern that it would break the balance of the game. Harley Quinn 15. This section allows you to plug in the starting store (base) Damage and Health stats and the color of the card, and then you will see the same information as you see in the Character Stats section of the calculator. For example, Hal Jordan's passive is very unusual, and so his statistics make him seem like a much better card than he is when you actually play him. But the simple answer is no. Injustice 2 Mobile Bane, Swamp Thing and Emerald Green Lantern with Maxed gear LOOK AMAZING! To use this section, first find the Damage stat for the character and type it into the box below. To find them, in the game, I pressed the "BACK" button to go back to my collection.

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