You can do a lot of good for yourself by engaging with these healing exercises. Acknowledge your inner child and let it know that you’re there for it. It’s the wounded part of your inner child that experienced abandonment. Assure her that she will feel much better once the two of you are joined again.

These are: When you’re young, you view the world from an egocentric point of view. They might bring up some uncomfortable feelings.

Healing Your Inner Child Imagery Picture yourself resting under a tree, welcoming a little child who walks toward you.

The Inner Child Healing Pack includes The full 49-page workbook of practical guidance through the full process of Inner Child Healing and the Inner Child Healing meditation MP3 to help you integrate your learning.

Doing this kind of inner work isn’t an easy road. Here are a few examples: I am more connected than I have ever been to my inner child. Your inner child is taking you back to these situations and showing you these people for a reason. Inner Child work is a large part of the soul healing process and spirit has brought to my attention just how important it actually is. You shouldn’t choose one over the other, as each have their own purpose. You can use the material from the letter-writing exercises to steer you in the right direction. At this stage in life, your mind is in an information-gathering phase. Tell her it’s ok that she stayed there but now it’s time to come back to you. People might notice that you’re a bit off. As it turns out, we both had much more inner work to do than we realized. x��\mo�6� �Aw�,R$E]�_S\���@Q��`c+����M}��f��D�PK�nQĻ+q�Ѽ>�zx�P�?�.��͛��^]^WW���ɦ�7���?�W�?�>��V�zsw��Ǐ5^:�l����(9y{����~ux��f"9���K2��%O3.��R���ׯ�T%���?^��X��~_�E��;��,�ŧ�\�ƘH��W�X|�T0��i�U��Կ���?������W�K_.��f�^2鏤A+b�˔��,-�.W����c喿�/ Y��M�+ It’s time for you to start building bridges. Your inner child is essentially the seed bank of your personality. 4 Simple Ways to Work With Your Inner Child (to Heal Trauma) 1.

Recreate what you loved to do as a child… It’s emotional. It catches you off-guard, and in your self-centredness, think it must be something you’ve done wrong. ), 6 Thought-Provoking Stories of Reincarnation (And What They Prove), 22 Signs of Spiritual Transformation that Make Sense of Your Life. Then hold your inner child and let her know that you’re both safe now. How Old Are You? Understanding Your Inner Critic 15. Images of your inner child can also represent ways in which you have been hurt and wounded. Be gentle and compassionate.

You don’t have to be a strong adult in these moments, you’re there to heal.

Your inner child is the part of you that forms between the ages of 5-9 years old. In fact, you’ll be surprised at what comes out. The reason why you may be feeling out of balance, is because your traumas have been suppressed for so long. Even if you’ve experienced it as negative voice within your head.

endobj See if you can get into a mode of automatic writing. Their messages left us both shocked, in tears, and speechless – in the best way possible of course. I’m sure that at some point in life, you’ve heard the term “inner child” but what does this term mean to you? Speak to your inner child. How Do You Demand To Be Loved? Example: “Dear inner child, when was the first time I experienced trauma in my life?”.

This will not be a one-time venture or even a two-time type of thing. Inner Child work is a large part of the soul healing process and spirit has brought to my attention just how important it actually is. They’ll provide a wealth of insight.

And at some point, your inner child will make its presence known. Instead of sitting on the floor and throwing a temper tantrum like our toddlers do the adult side of us may get angry, erratic, or visit the local bar to blow off some steam.

Trust your higher guidance system, they know what they are doing. But it’s the truth.

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