I have only been working for JC Penney for about a week, I was so super excited to start my new job.

The customer service representative said that it was delivered to my local store and there was nothing else she could do because they had done their part. My order was placed on November 30th and I havent received anything and not even a SORRY. Review #2229893 is a subjective opinion of poster.

The fact that our stores care more about pushing these horrible credit applications on our customers AND employees just to meet a quota and basically rob everyone blind with the outrageous interest rates way more than they care about customer service and respecting their employees. User's recommendation: Have rewards come up with phone number and email both. The ring I purchased from JC Pennys is filled with carbon and is cracked!! SHAME ON YOU. They should see what kind of negligent and disrespectful sales managers they have. Like a few stylists have said... Jeanne Rizzo purely did this because she would like a younger generation of clients and stylists working in her salon. Thank You for Your Reply! I mean there have been so many times I've either had to call for "customer first" or an LOD; only to have no one come help that I became impatient. They are sinking fast!! Why do companies do that?

Another thing is that she has her favorites associates and treats them WAYY better then others. Be the first one to find this review helpful. I told the manager I wouldn't even have a Thanksgiving as my family would just be sitting down to eat.

As a customer myself I can attest to that fact. Everyone really tries to understand her and get along but there is only so much we can take. Thomas Kinkade musical christmas tree ornament. In my case, I don't know what I did to her. JCPenney Sales Associate Job Description Example/Sample/Template. Then, on top of all of that, we have lost over 5 different managers, 20 something good employees and the list continues. I am beyond devastated that JCPenney has discontinued their line of Cabin Creek pants! He critized everything I did.

I made on an online purchased on their jcp.com website, shortly after i received an email stating my order and that i will be expecting my items in a few days. Even if its personal. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our On Wednesday I got a call and they asked if they could deliver the next day and I told them if only delivered after 5 pm. They ignore pleas for a full explanation. She also has to maintain OSAT scores and be rated by customers. I was helped and found out why my rewards did not show.

Texarkana Arkansas store supervisor Christy Falsely Accusing Like you scared of this employee shame on you enlighten you you are a drug attic your husband is a drug attic you purchase from me and your other supervisor in the ninja turtle do you to Foslie accusing a person will bring a lawsuit to this company I have all videos and tapes of you and The other employee crystal *** pain pills I dont think your people want me to go on Im gone to put it on Facebook to show what type of supervisors these people have at Texarkana Arkansas store.

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