As always, if you liked this episode of Just 3 Clicks, please share it with a friend who you think would enjoy it as well. Your reviews and feedback will not only help us continue to deliver great, helpful content, but it will also help us reach even more amazing entrepreneurs just like you! Whether you are just starting out with a minimal audience or you are an established public authority, there are ways for anyone to get their story out there. It’s a two-part show, with the first part reflecting back on how we got to where we are today.

Joey Xoto. You asked for it, so by popular request, we are back with one of our Therapy Sessions! The only reason, and I mean the only reason I have used the phrase, BeatShop, is because it is short and easy to understand.

You’ll hear his journey and the behind the scenes stuff of how his podcast exploded soon after only having 100 downloads to eventually land on the Inc. Magazine’s top podcast list. After you’ve listened, be sure to check out the past shows we’ve done with.

For instance, listening to a song about dancing in a club will not automatically be able to invoke the emotion of anger or sadness. We also have a bunch of best practices for improving your SEO, what to do if you are just starting out, how Google determines what it will show in the search results, and how to use this software in the most efficient way. The portfolio section has now been updated. When you’re done, don’t forget we’ve also recorded some great shows with Joey Xoto and Ajay Goel, two more SaaS experts who discuss how they have built impressive companies as well. How to reconcile any negativity with putting a deadline on digital products, The psychological reasoning behind why you want to use a deadline, What you want to have in place before you introduce a deadline into your sales process, The ‘Dolly Parton’ rule of running your timer, Selling your thing through the “Perfect Persuasion Window”, How to make an evergreen product stand out when introducing a deadline, An important message to those that are heart-centered entrepreneurs, - grab this special deal for our listeners, Today we are talking to Sam Bell who runs Sam Bell Marketing and. We also dive into his cool method of using a quiz to create the perfect funnel for your business, and by taking a few extra steps that most marketers do not, has propelled his business by far. Joey Xoto’s Fade to Black by Viddyoze is the insider secrets to what has helped them generate more than $20,000,000 in online sales. for more tips on how to set your affiliate marketing goals right. I'm in the phase right now of pivoting and seeing how it goes.” - Justin Schenck. How Jeff became an Olympic athlete after setting his sights on that goal at the young age of seven, The story of a much loved, lost t-shirt and how it was reunited with its owner, The importance of ‘gocus’ - and not, it’s something you dip tortilla chips in, The details behind the awesome goal achievement roadmap and why you do not want to miss any steps along the way, Backstories of how Jeff got to work with folks like Dave Asprey and Lance Armstrong to get their goals achieved, What to do to avoid blindsides and other things to make you go off track, Why Some People Are Successful And Others Aren’t, This Science-Backed Exercise Can Rewire Your Brain For Success, Affiliate marketing is a topic that is one of the three foundational things we like to chat about, and it’s also a topic that people are looking for with examples on how to do it in their own business. On today’s special Australian double header show, we’ve actually got two interviews from live streams we held earlier this year. We also talk about delegation and how to hire the right people in your business in order to scale as well as their philosophy of having a portfolio of companies and what they do to serve each other. Posted by Joey Xoto  | 

“At the end of the day, scaling anything is about making better decisions. You are going to get a breakdown of how to make money in your business with today’s show (and have fun too!) It’s through his own struggles and triumphs that he now coaches others to get through their own identity shift in order to create the life that they deserve. Resources From Jay Abraham & Rich Schefren: Dr. Jeff Spencer is working with the best of the best in all areas and is also super amazing in his own right. “With the affiliate program we had tens of thousands of affiliates, but most of them didn’t really make that much money, because they just looked at it like ‘I’m going to sell this hosting and just send them my link’. How to get immediate benefits from using AI in your copywriting. But if you add something of value, it’s so easy.

It’s through his own struggles and triumphs that he now coaches others to get through their own identity shift in order to create the life that they deserve. A lot of those platforms are really starved because people have forgotten about them.” - Laura Gale. Like us, Nikhil and Ryo are a working partnership, so we also touch on how to make the business run as smoothly as possible, what they accomplish with daily and weekly check-ins, and why you don’t always want to rush into creating new content to boost your rankings. The Tetragrammaton project is aimed at spirituality and movement. People forget to take it offline, and still there’s a whole world of media that has nothing to do with the internet. He also gives us some very actionable, tactical advice on how to connect with influencers and big brands and how to actually get past the gatekeepers to the people that are higher up. The benefits of EMDR which you probably need but never even thought about, A simple phrase to remember when you find yourself judging a situation, - check out Alex’s podcast for even more insight into EMDR, Why Being Yourself Is The Best Business Strategy, In the second half of our conversation, we discuss what life is like once your business is systemized and how to deal with the new challenges that pop up once you do not need to focus on your business as much. With the affiliate program we had tens of thousands of affiliates, but most of them didn’t really make that much money, because they just looked at it like ‘I’m going to sell this hosting and just send them my link’.

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