For a list of her entire body of work you can visit her at: The base was so secret that the nearby town ofZhitkur was completely evacuated and then razed to the ground. The real skin beneath this cover was a blue-green color with a reptilian texture. The events above are what the residents of the city of Tunguska experienced on June 30, 1908 at 7 am. Ask a UFO expert and you might not get an answer, but what you will definitely get is a whole lot of very intelligent questions. I got scared. (2) The Soviet pilots entered the crashed alien craft and found the bodies of three aliens. Since its construction in 1942, it was cloaked in secrecy. Kulik lead three separate expeditions to Tunguska, each time he made two reports when he arrived back in Moscow. Proof that Conehead skulls are ETs.

written by B J Booth, based on information from Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  One theory is that the modern UFO visits are interstellar rescue missions for the crashed UFO. WHAT??? Propriocezione: la consapevolezza corporea, 150 mln anni dopo formazione, terra era oceano di magma, Avremo inverni sempre più freddi a causa del riscaldamento globale, 21 Dicembre 2012: "La fine del mondo" in diretta streaming, 1954: I radar War Office e la formazione U=Z contro l'energia nucleare, Calendario Maya. Kapustin Yar and Other Russian UFO Secrets. It’s over a hundred years later and we still don’t know a lot more than they knew in 1927. Even earlier, traveling Arabs marveled at the light displays in the skies when they traveled through the region that became the Soviet Union. The USSR was desperate to win the space race with America, but the origins of this base in the middle of Nowhere Russia had already issued orders that were told to all pilots BEFORE World War 2: Shoot down any and all UFOs using and and all means. It is believed to have been the site of a second crash of an UFO in 1961. Your clothes are so hot that you have to take them off, they feel like they’re about to burst into flames! Why was there no crater? I’m glad you enjoyed the articles, have an awesome day! In ufology, it’s believed that the Russian site was the equivalent of Area 51 in the US, having housed UFOs during the Cold War. the much sought "smoking gun" that will force people to finally accept the reality of extraterrestrial presence on Earth "? La base venne alla luce grazie alle rivelazioni degli scienziati tedeschi tornati in occidente e confermata dai voli degli aerei spia, il primo nel 1953. The footage has been reported to be genuine and a metallic UFO and the aircraft can be seen, first engaging and then crashing, both turning into fireballs briefly as they connected with the planet.

You go first, I’ll watch from a safe distance. Nobody knows. The object was delivered by helicopter to Mozdok Air Base, where nuclear weapons and long range bombers were housed. Here are Top 10 Mysteries of Kapustin Yar about Aliens and UFOs. Here are Top 10 Mysteries of Kapustin Yar about Aliens and UFOs. NASA claims that scientist in recent years have discovered substances, bits of rock that may or may not be meteor in origin from the nearby peat bogs.

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