Despite their objection and numerous undisclosed, controversial writings, the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to hold Lee’s rescheduled hearing on March 13.

Finally, there is an additional reason that the NRA’s efforts were likely not the primary reason that a substantial number of NRA-backed candidates were elected to office in 2010. [141]. [105] “Richard Lugar on The Second Amendment.” The Political Guide. ● Does the NRA play the determinative role in politics that they want people to believe they do? Betawork Studio helps develop new companies, runs accelerators, and makes investments through its venture capital arm. [166] Furthermore, in the races where the NRA was both highly invested and their favored candidate won, the group’s funding was, in reality, minimal compared to candidates’ total spending: for instance, NRA funding made up less than 10% of Toomey’s total spending, and was dwarfed by the combined spending of other conservative groups. For instance, in 2012 the group took credit for 5 electoral victories in races where they spent under $100. [47], Indeed, a study of the facts shows that the NRA was, contrary to popular opinion, largely ineffective in its efforts to influence electoral outcomes in 2012, most notably in races in which it invested significant funds.

[62], Notably, some of the NRA’s top recipients lost their races — the NRA spent $1,495,814 trying to elect Ken Buck in Colorado, $934,955 trying to elect Dino Rossi in Washington, and $135,835 in a failed attempt to elect Carly Fiorina in California. sexual violence, Judicial Nominee Kenneth Lee Will Drive a Political Agenda over the Rights of All Americans, Trump Judge Tried to Protect Police Who Jailed an Innocent Black Teenager Who Did Not Resemble Their Suspect: Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears, Trump Judge Would Have Struck Down Washington Privacy Law: Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears, Trump Judge Would Allow Death Row Prisoner To Remain in Solitary Confinement For More Than 33 Years In Violation of His Due Process Rights: Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears, Trump Judge Tries to Uphold Texas Law Requiring an Unnecessary Procedure Before an Abortion: Confirmed Judges, Confirmed Fears. [146].

The NRA earmarked $880,850 to oppose Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, another $626,122 to defeat Senator Bill Nelson, D-Florida, and $612,441 to oppose Senate candidate Tim Kaine of Virginia. This, in fact, made the graph more positive for the NRA’s ability to succeed, as the Presidential election was the group’s most dramatic and expensive loss). 06 May 2013. N.p., 13 Feb. 2012. [161] Palmer, Brian.

18 Apr. “The Myth Of NRA Dominance Part II: Overrated Endorsements.”ThinkProgress.

2013. And yet the NRA opposes these types of measures. 06 May 2013., [56] “Reelection Rates Over the Years.” Opensecrets.

[74] Waldman, Paul. Senate: Legislation & Records Home Votes Roll Call Vote.” U.S. Senate: Legislation & Records Home Votes Roll Call Vote, 11 Apr. N.p., 01 Feb. 2013.

N.p., 08 May 2012. Web. 25 March, 2013.

3. Throwing money at elections and hoping some sticks — and then taking credit for a win that is wholly unrelated to their support and contributions — seems to be the favored strategy of the NRA and of conservative outside spending groups as a whole. [81] With such a large margin, the NRA effectively wasted their resources even though this would be counted towards the group’s successful ROI. 8.

Web. “The Media Myth Of The Assault Weapons Ban And The 1994 Elections Returns.” Media Matters for America. Web.

By injecting itself into the forefront of any conversation surrounding guns, the NRA is positioned as a leader in any conversation about guns, the Second Amendment, and gun control. [21], According to Waldman’s analysis of the 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 election cycles, only one group saw a bump that could be attributed directly to the endorsement: “Republican challengers who get endorsed when they run against Democratic incumbents do about 2 percentage points better than similar candidates who don’t get the endorsement.”[22], When broken down, of the 1038 endorsements made by the NRA between 2004 and 2010, only 56 endorsed candidates fall into the group of Republican challengers facing a Democratic incumbent.

Someone running for office in Nevada can have an “F” NRA score, and run a highly competitive campaign. 2013.

An additional statistical analysis (largely performed by Paul Waldman) of the NRA’s participation in elections between 2004 and 2010, discussed later in this document, supports these findings, and offers further proof that the NRA’s ability to sway elections is both highly limited in terms of real, decisive power, and only applicable in very specific circumstances.[48]. [167] These claims are a contributing factor to the myth of NRA influence, and, importantly, these claims are false — the NRA neither delivered the House, nor the Presidency, to Republicans.

N.p., 11 Apr.

All News Briefs Health ... Tag: Kenneth Lerer. Notably, some of the NRA’s top recipients in the Senate lost their races — the NRA spent $746,078 trying to elect Ken Buck in Colorado, $414,100 trying to elect Dino Rossi in Washington, and $258,323 in an attempt to elect Carly Fiorina in California. N.p., 13 Feb. 2012.

29 Little West 12th Street Research shows that this is not the case, and data suggests that the NRA cannot, in fact, deliver on its threats — the NRA’s aura of success and infallibility is not what it seems. The company was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New York, NY. This allows the NRA’s leaders to focus their message, as was discussed above, and also provides NRA members with a single, narrow focus of which they are passionate about.

When spending more than $100,000 on candidates in 2012, the NRA was only successful in effecting the outcome it desired in 3 cases, and was unsuccessful in 12 (a win rate of only 20%), indicating that even when the NRA puts the full force of its PAC and its lobbying arm behind an election, it has little decisive sway, and is deeply unpredictable. Further, the NRA itself helps to propagate the myth of its power and infallibility, as does the media, whether intentionally or not.

While the NRA was technically successful in either backing or opposing 52% of the candidates they spent money on in 2012, 92.53% [$18,267,293] of the money the NRA spent during the election cycle was directed towards races in which they were unsuccessful, indicating that the NRA’s power to influence elections is far less substantial than previously thought. With seven different giving programs, there are a variety of ways to support the NRA and its entities.” [], [151]Hickey, Walter. Those with negative numbers (in the red half of the graph) did not necessarily lose, but indicate a negative outcome for the NRA. In 2012, there were 33 Senate elections across the United States.

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