Otto gets creative to help a cow with an udder problem. But there are two members of the Kilcher family you won’t get to see: Jane and Atz Lee Kilcher’s children, Etienne and Piper.

Eivin and Atz Lee scout the Head of the Bay, but their findings won’t ease Otto's concerns. Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled!

[CLIP SHOW] Every Kilcher man relies on the unique knowledge of his father.

The Kilcher family brace for summer on the homestead; Atz Lee treks to forbidding Perl Island for an emergency crash course in wilderness survival; and Jane fights with creatures from the deep for food.

With homesteaders & survivalists, take a first-hand look at the most intense, jaw-dropping, and gut-wrenching animal moments ever caught on camera. Atz Lee and Jane fish for salmon; Otto and Eivin work to contain their unruly cattle herd. With winter on their doorstep, the Kilchers race to finish their summer projects. Even an orange was an amazing thing to have.”. Despite their simple living, the children did not lack for cosmopolitan education. Some people think he's crazy, but he'll tell you it's just his willingness to accept whatever life brings him. Otto is forced to the edge after a chimney fire threatens to destroy his cabin.

At the head of the bay, Atz Sr.'s range riding skills are tested. Overall, a sense of independence and strength is common among them.

The children were homeschooled until their early teens, when they went to public school, through a correspondence course called the Calver Course, because the elementary school was too far for the younger kids to walk to, Mossy said. Jane and Charlotte are put to the test as they lead the Kilchers' first ever all female cattle drive. Atz Lee & Jane tackle a long-overdue task to secure their cabin for the winter. When Alaska granted him 160 acres near Kachemack Bay to homestead.

Atz Lee fabricates a bridge and encounters a predator while spending some time in the backcountry; Otto's hay season almost comes to an abrupt end due to a broken tractor; Eivin, Eve and Bonnie bring crops to Atz Sr's floating homestead. The Kilchers confront the realities of the changing Alaskan climate; and Atz Lee enlists Atz Sr., Otto, Eivin, Bonnie and Jane to help with his dream to build an all-new and remote homestead. They need hundreds of pounds of fish to eat and barter with during winter. The panel is a featured part of the 100th anniversary homestead celebration at the Homestead National Monument of America. The extended Kilcher family struggle to get through a record-breaking harsh winter. [CLIP SHOW] On the homestead, a strong partnership is key. While Charlotte waits, Jane is left to take care of the farm and delivers her first calf alone. From kilt-wearing mountain man Turkey Joe to gold mining surgeon Doc Sayer, these are the fascinating characters who have stood by the Kilchers through thick and thin. Southern peninsula sees no new cases on Wednesday, Galvin, Young accuse each of other of lying during debate, Sullivan, Gross trade barbs in broadcast debate, Low-cost blood test help discover health issues, State stocks up on supplies to fight coronavirus, Drama, Debate and Forensics team heads into the virtual world, Susan B. English School in Seldovia went remote this week, Seawatch: Alaska Supreme Court hears challenge to fish tax, Award-winning Nanwalek teacher dies in house fire, Search continues for Anesha Murnane, missing since Oct. 17, 2019, Southern Kenai Peninsula region of school district moves to medium risk, Borough to offer housing relief to residents in unincorporated areas, One new death announced as COVID-19 cases continue to climb.

The Kilchers, fellow homesteaders & cattlemen pay tribute to a fallen friend by driving over 100 cattle back home. The first storm of winter approaches as the family races to finish preparing for the next eight months; Atz herds cattle across flooded glacial rivers. The members of the Kilcher family film themselves crafting inventive homemade gifts for their first-ever "Couples Secret Santa" during the Christmas holiday in the remote area of the state of Alaska where they thrive off the land. He was born on September 2, 1947 to Yule Kilcher and Ruth Kilcher. At the head of the bay Atz Sr. divulges the secrets of the range rider to Atz Lee & Eivin in preparation of the future. “It brings home to me what a big, long full circle I’ve made and it’s a real gift to me just to be aware of who I am. The early winter storms have left the entire homestead unprepared. Otto receives a terrifying house call, and the prognosis is grim. The early winter storms have left the entire homestead unprepared. Speaking at the event will be a meaningful way to reconnect with their past. Eivin and August struggle to resupply the head of the bay while Jane and Eve go hunting.

The six sisters from Homer’s widely-known homesteading family, the Kilchers, will talk about their experience making a life as first generation homesteaders in Alaska at a discussion panel in Beatrice, Neb., on June 18 and 19. Otto and Eivin fight to douse a raging coal seam fire on Kilcher beach; Atz Sr. attempts the most unconventional bear hunt of his life; and Jane and Charlotte take a girl's day adventure clamming. [SPECIAL EPISODE] S01E02 with additional clips and interviews.

Atz's horse strands him on the range. Eivin and Eve burn up dangerous brush piles threatening their family. Shane & Kelli break ground on their cabin. Desperate for food, Atz Lee and Jane venture into the brutal elements in search of food, hoping that ice fishing and hunting will supply their needs. Atz and sons gather trees for a big new project. Atz Lee, Jane and Etienne stock their freezers with trout while Otto and August refurbish an old tractor.

Production occurs throughout the year on site. Eligible residents may receive up to $1,200.

Atz and Atz Lee head out to hunt bear. Otto surprises with an explosive gift to Charlotte, Jane builds a musical present for Atz Lee and Eivin constructs a dual-use vehicle for Eve and Findlay. And, the family go salmon fishing at the Copper River. Sparks fly between Otto & Charlotte while building a staircase to prepare for the winter. Shane Kilcher’s fall reminded fans of Atz Lee’s accident two years ago, when he fell from a 40-foot cliff and was rescued by a chopper before being taken to a hospital.

Today, she lives with her son in Nashville, TN. Winter has arrived. Atz and Atz Lee are forced to test their survival skills in the Alaskan backcountry. With bear season nearly over, the pressure is on Jane & Atz as they set out for their last hunt of the year. The Last Frontier:The Baby Kilcher Arrives. Atz Lee and Jane warm up their remote cabin. Fall arrives; the Kilchers scramble to finish their winter prep.

And it's not just the Kilcher men who have to be tough and resourceful.

Primal Information is your news, entertainment, music fashion website. For the first time since blasting Kilcher Road, Eivin tries to haul a huge pole barn to his homestead. Atz tracks down predators killing the herd. The Kilchers grew up in a world different from modern Homer life, but has aspects that people are trying to recreate, Fay said.

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Super bull 13-08 survives near-death experiences. In never before seen footage, go behind-the -scenes, with the daring camera crews who capture it all. The members of the Kilcher family celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday on the Yuletide, Atz Sr.'s floating homestead, and each person brings a special item to share, ranging from homestead dishes to the dinner table itself. Included: Otto and Charlotte's urgent rescue mission to Halibut Cove brings jeopardy on the seas; and on the homestead, Atz Sr., Eivin, Shane and Nikos come together in a massive effort to help Atz Lee. Atz Sr. goes on a solo hunt in the Alaskan wild. At the head of the bay, Atz Sr. & Bonnie team up with Atz Lee and Jane to stockpile salmon for the upcoming winter. Atz Sr. goes bowhunting to restock dwindling food supplies.

[SPECIAL EPISODE] The Kilchers celebrate the women in their lives, including new mother Eve; Atz and Otto remember their mother.

Eve finds her garden decimated. Atz Lee, Atz Sr., and Jane go on a horseback hunt in the foothills; Eivin fabricates a unique motorized cart for Findlay; Otto, Charlotte and August hurry to make repairs to a fence breach subsequent to their cattle making an escape.

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