Originally known as the Mark Antony Hotel, employees and guests here have witnessed shadowy figures as well as the apparition of a bellboy at the elevator. This home is reputedly haunted by Ghengis Hansel, who disappeared there during a storm in 1952. Yoder told News 18 "I love telling new people, like, do you know what happened here in the 60s?

An alleged horse thief executed by hanging here in the 19th century is reputed to haunt the park grounds. Staff at the theater have reported doors opening and shutting on their own and the feeling of being hugged by an invisible force.

Every day you'll find them serving up food and drinks. When we went back to the main bar area, the jukebox was turned off. Closings related to the prevention of the COVID-19 can be found on our Closings page. This venue is allegedly haunted by the ghost of Nina, a prostitute who was murdered in the elevator shaft of the building in the late 1800s, when it was then the location of the Merchant Hotel… "The phone number, I believe, when we looked it up was an Oregon phone number.

Police showed up and say "hey IU had called...we're coming to do a wellness check.". Although Bunk's life was taken, some say he may have never moved on. We also have a ridiculously high number of haunted hotels, movie theaters and cemeteries. When News 18 visited the bar for this story, Bunk may have even let us know he was there. Paranormal activity, reported by an owner of the home, has been attributed to the ghost of McCann's grandmother, who died there. But what makes the Wolf Creek Inn truly freaky is the reports of a “vampire-like” creature complete with fangs and blood on its mouth. This theater built in 1932 is allegedly home to a the spirit of a little girl in … "Any time anyone comes upstairs it's always like "hey Bunk, I'm coming up!" She said the town would burn to the ground 3 times, and since then Lafayette has burned down twice. This park is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a young girl murdered there in the 19th century, and visitors have described a blue light glowing above one of its ponds.

[1] In 2012, USA Today named Portland among the top ten most haunted cities in the United States. According to local legend, a woman was hung in Lafayette in the late 1800s for practicing witchcraft. The “Witches Curse”. Maybe that's why nothing's moved when I get up here." One going missing one month.

Countering theories say that it was actually the woman’s son who was hung for murder. You tell them and they just get so excited. Disembodied laughter has been heard in the ballroom by employees after closing. Syed said. The apparition of John Mock, a landowner, and several spectral children have allegedly been seen on the cemetery grounds. Originally constructed in 1922 as a Motor Inn Garage and Service Station, the Egyptian was converted into a theater in 1925 in the Egyptian Revival style. Co-Owner Maliha Syed told News 18. A former stagecoach stop between San Francisco and Portland that dates back to 1883, the Wolf Creek Inn hosted Clark Gable, John Wayne, Orson Wells and President Rutherford Hays, among others. Since then, it has burnt down twice. Another ghost who allegedly calls the Inn home is a female stagecoach driver who died on the Wolf Creek property. One of Portland’s most elegant hotels, the Heathman is popular with young and old, international and regional travelers, and apparently the living and the undead. BROOKSTON, Ind. This venue, built in 1926, originally exhibited.

“If there are ghosts, the story is, it’s not just one, it’s a whole party of them.

Mailing Address According to Syed, officers claimed the person calling was making suicidal threats because of the voices and ghosts coming from upstairs.

A few patrons, however, may never actually leave the bar. Hansel was never found, and guests have reported a foreboding presence there. Amelia Earhart and Hangar Number One (2018), The Tippecanoe County Triple Execution (2017), As the spread of COVID-19, or as it's more commonly known as the coronavirus continues, this page will serve as your one-stop for the resources you need to stay informed and to keep you and your family safe. The bar was first a dry goods store back in 1902. The apparition of a woman has been witnessed by guests, as well as floating orbs. Experience a virtual adventure in Central Oregon, Turn “Black Friday” Red: Thanksgiving Weekend Wine Tasting, Haunted places in America: Scariest destinations in every state – USA TODAY | U-P-O.com, Haunted places in America: Scariest destinations in every state – USA TODAY |, Top 10 Stories of the Year - 1859 Oregon's Magazine. The former site of this hotel is alleged to be haunted by a phantom.

CLICK HERE. Bunk also makes sure employees know his presence as well. This high school is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a former student, Robert Granke, who died in the auditorium after falling from a catwalk. Established in 1864, this hotel, located along thermal hot springs, also served as a, This library is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a former librarian, Ruth, who committed suicide in the basement by eating, This historic gold dredge is allegedly haunted by. [1] Its gritty history includes many locations alleged or reported to be haunted. Opened in 1883 as a carriage stop, this inn was allegedly the site of a, This restaurant is reportedly haunted by a "lady in blue.". The unexplained sounds of horses whinnying and disembodied male voices have been reported here. Now an arts and cultural hub for Coos Bay, visiting artists have reported seeing an elderly woman ghost that likes to sit in the balcony. "We've had things falling off the bar into the trough.". The staff makes sure to say hello to Bunk before starting their shift each day. "Even the regulars do it, you know? When they turned it back on, it booted back up much faster than normal. This concert hall is reputedly haunted by Timothy Moreau, a 21-year-old publicity agent who was murdered there by the club's owner in 1990. For the most part, the mood around the bar remains positive. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The town of Lafayette especially its cemetery is said to have had a curse over it since the 1800’s, when a woman accused of witchcraft was hanged for her supposed crimes.

The apparition of an elderly man has been seen numerous times on security cameras, particularly in a 2nd-floor conference room.

Bend, Oregon 97702. The apparitions of a woman and her son in period clothing have been witnessed in this theater. This theater built in 1932 is allegedly home to a the spirit of a little girl in white who fell to her death from the cinema’s balcony. This rustic lodge is reputedly haunted by a. Yoder and Syed say although the murder was a negative moment in the bar's history, Bunk's story has become a town tale. Kuhn Cinema in Lebanon. “There are some workers who will not go on the third floor after midnight,” said the couple that renovated the Geiser in an interview with The Oregonian in 1997. "There was a girl working here. Various explanations exist – a spirit from the woods, a mythological beast like Bigfoot, or even the ghost of a mentally disturbed person who wishes to be seen as a monster – but suffice to say, it’s appearance can be down-right terrifying. We Oregonians are blessed with an abundance of riches.

Adventure Calls explores the area’s multidimensional beauty by highlighting some of its lesser-known culinary, arts and cultural attractions, set against the backdrop of the magnificent outdoors.

"When we bought the place there was actually still curtains hanging from when the man was actually murdered." From its snow-capped mountains and basalt-colored rocks to its verdant forests and alpine rivers and lakes, Central Oregon wows with its abundance of natural beauty. Alleged hauntings on this college campus include a ghost on the third floor of the Prexy residence hall.

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