Orders placed between 31.10.2019 – 12.11.2019 will be shipped on 13.11.2019. Last step worth to mention here is grabber detection. You can expand its functionality with kits. Note: Copyright 2015 | Made with by lightberry.eu, Internet connection: ethernet cable, USB Wi-Fi Card. Upon arrival, our Lightberry system has to be assembled and configured. However, a Raspberry Pi is required, which should already be available in best case. Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only. Only minimal set is required: Next step is to prepare system for your Raspberry Pi. HDMI 1.4 compatible source (ARC & CEC not supported) For your convenience, a flat back TV is preferred. Note: We may use Post Office for overseas shipping of orders consisting of accessories. The software, which drives Lightberry is Hyperion. Mounting the strip/hooks on TV attached to the wall or on TV stand may cause injury and/or damage of your TV and potentially other unpleasant side-effects which one should avoid at all cost. Few important sections are described later in this document. By default, the config plugin should have best settings for APA102. I don't know if anyone else has seen it, but somebody did this project and crammed it into a box. Plus, if you run in any trouble, we’ve already done all the troubleshooting for you! If you did that, just skip the rest of this section. via HDMI Kit), the plugin should report that grabber has been found and it will ask you whether appropriate section should be added to the config file. Lightberry can be used in number of ways, but primarily it is used behind TV to produce ambient light, adjusting to what is displayed on TV. Let's now prepare a config file crafted for your hyperion setup. You can check if your leds are properly aligned. Iv now setup and tested the new lightberry HDMI box 2.0 and can confirm it now works great with Netflix, plex, PS4, NVIDIA Shield etc in 4k and HDR. Now with Lightberry 4K kit, you can have your amazing 4k resolution movies and games, accompanied by an awesome LED lightshow that is in full sync with the colors of your movies and games thus providing you with the complete immersive experience that a 4K TV should stand for! In the next steps you provide number of leds you have in horizontal and vertical direction (count only one edge per direction). ), use the rubber block to keep the strip in place (no need to peel of silicone paper from the led strip). If all previous steps were taken correctly you should be running awesome Lightberry setup, great for you!

Together with Lightberry you should have receive connection schema for all elements, but even without it, connecting all parts together is very easy. The Lightberry variant is the most favourable in terms of price. The simplest way to set up software for Lightberry is to buy SD card from us. MKV files, video streams like youtube). Govee LED Backlight – The Best Ambilight Alternative for Most Users. The simplest way to set up software for Lightberry is to buy SD card from us. But! In first step you will be asked to provide type of Lightberry you have. Having already thousands of satisfied customers under our belt, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with all the answers you need and of course, with state-of-the-art entertainment.

We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. you wont be able to put a plug in a place where it doesn’t belong. It will help you to switch between hdmi sources without plugging cables in and out. All other necessary components, such as an HDMI converter , a memory card , an adapter and of course the LED strips , can be obtained from the manufacturer. If everything was fine, select „yes” to have config saved as default one. Once you know the place where the strip will be bended (do not bend it on sharp edges! In case of any problems with shop please contact us at lightberry@lightberry.eu. Once Lightberry components are connected, connect PSU cable into AC wall socket.

Before the led strip is mounted on TV or in other place, it is recommended to connect all parts together and see if everything seems to be working fine. Write it on your SD Card with this tutorial: Matching power supply: 5V 4A for regular Lightberry, 5V 6A for 4m Lightberry HD or 5V 8A for 5m Lightberry HD, Raspberry Pi - Converter box connection cable. It has dedicated HyperCon tool to configure it, but most of the users do not require such level of details, thus we provide Kodi plugin to configure Lightberry in the easiest way possible. If you’d like any HDMI kit to serve for more than one device, you need HDMI switch. It will be easier to put everything back to the box if the strip was not mounted on TV yet. If you have ANY of our kits and want to use it, you have to add this section to your file. Window as shown below should appear (please note that you will have labels in different language :) ), Select drive corresponding to your SD card, Click folder icon and select the file you unzipped in step 1, When writing to SD card finish, close the window and safely remove SD card safely from the system. Lightberry works with every video you play from Raspberry Pi (i.e. Use remaining hooks to support the strip, especially on horizontal edges. Kits expand basic Lightberry set functionality with ability to work with signals external to Lightberry. For up to 55” TVs, we suggest the 4m LED strip, and for 56”-75” the 5m one. Lightberry is a base for our system, it contains LEDs, power supply and converter. Do not fear, as we‘ve done all the hard work for you for a hassle-free first experience! Lightberry uses 12LEDs/m bubbly type, Lightberry HD uses 30LEDs/m LED stripe. Required fields are marked *. Screenshot shows the message when grabber was NOT connected, thus not detected. If you select yes, then the settings will be downloaded and any settings you could have made via plugin settings, will be overwritten. Our Lightberry HD & HDMI 4K bundle is the most cost effective way to get the Lightshow experience! Recommended way is „Right/bottom corner and goes up”. Lightberry USB Hub with external power supply 30.00 zł Add to cart; Power Switch 15.00 zł Add to cart; Raspberry Pi zero USB B Cable 5.00 zł Add to cart; Raspberry Pi zero USB mini B Cable 5.00 zł Add to cart; SCART Kit 60.00 zł Add to cart; Lightberry USB Video Grabber 40.00 zł Add to cart; HDMI … For 10 seconds, 4 color rectangles will show iup on the screen. We test every single kit before it is shipped, but it happens that hardware gets broken during transportation. It will be enough to light up the whole strip. It will help you to switch between hdmi sources without plugging cables in and out. Depending on your LEDs and converter type you need a specific device configuration settings. We may use Post Office for overseas shipping of orders consisting of accessories. Select right type and move to the next steps.

Shortly after powering on, startup sequence of the leds should be displayed – all leds should turn red, then green and blue (each color for about half a second).

Everything you need is in the box (except for Rpi), ready to set up without soldering. Settings include things like color balance, smoothing and a few other parameters. If you did that, just skip the rest of this section. The Lightberry recognizes the color value and intensity of what’s been projected on your TV screen, and recreates them in value and intensity allowing you to fully experience any movie you’re watching and game you’re playing! Lightberry can be also used with external HDMI source (blu ray player, game console, etc.) Select „yes” in such case. We recommend that you use 2 hooks on each corner – one for vertical part of the strip, the other one for horizontal.

Lightberry kit is required to use Lightberry with external sources. Once Raspberry is started, KODI menu should apear on the TV screen (make sure you have right HDMI input selected on TV to the one where raspberry is connected to). If you’re mounting the strip on TV, we strongly advice to take of the TV from the wall or TV stand and place it screen downwards on soft and flat Surface and then proceed with next steps. Your email address will not be published. Base itself out of box work with remote signals and XBMC. You can check the type of your Lightberry on the order receipt which you received over email after purchasing Lightberry (most likely you purchased Lightberry HD USB (APA102)). Furthermore, we have at your disposal step-by-step installation guides to unleash your inner wiz-kid and get everything up and running in no time! Simply pay a visit to our blog for detailed tutorial & installation instructions, troubleshooting, configuration and customization for your convenience!

Lightberry is a base for our system, it contains LEDs, power supply and converter.

Repeat the same steps for all corners. If that’s expected, continue by clicking ok – if not, contact us. Software setup. For the OS configuration, we provide you with a smart Plugin that takes you through a simple question based procedure so that everything is configured easily with just your remote control and the required HDMI cable! If you want to use Lightberry with external video source ( i.e. Configuration wizard will start and guide you through the setup. Lightberry is plug-and-play, easy to use RGB LED kit for Raspberry Pi. Now Hyperion will be restarted and rainbow swirl effect should appear on the leds strip. If you’d like any HDMI kit to serve for more than one device, you need HDMI switch. Your email address will not be published. Please connect all parts together with power supply of Raspberry and leds unplugged from wall socket. When list of plugins shows up, select „Hyperion Config Plugin” and start it by pushing ok/enter on the remote.

The Lightberry team has been in the high-tech business for quite a long time.

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