Up until the 18th century there were very few street names (and house numbers) and many people couldn’t read thus instead chose a name for their house and added the corresponding sign. Hagel â€“ Nowadays means ‘hail(stone)’ in English. Continue to German Surnames Beginning with I, Return from German Surnames Beginning with H to German Surnames Return from German Surnames Beginning with H to Learn German Homepage. Normally the whole family would have been involved in making the gloves. More unlikely is that it originally denoted somebody with a particularly unusual hairstyle or somebody with an abundant amount of hair. Improve your German language skills today with my top tips for learning German. It would have originally been the name of a forest labourer or lumberjack (woodcutter). This German surname would have originally referred to a `hay farmer’ or ‘hay cutter.’, Hildebrand / Hildebrandt â€“ Deriving from the Old High German words ‘hiltja’ meaning ‘battle / fight’ and ‘brand’ meaning ‘(flaming) sword’. A ‘Hauptmann’ is a high-ranking officer in the military and is normally likened to a captain in the US and British armies. Literally translated it usually meant ‘bold/brave/strong man’. It may have thus originally referred to natives of one or more of these places. There are numerous variations in spelling of this name. Hesse).

Hals â€“ Means ‘neck’ in English and is likely to have once referred to someone who had an unusual neck line. The German language isn’t known for being wistful or flimsy. Henning â€“ A short form of the name ‘Johannes’ and possibly also a variant of the German name ‘Heinrich.’ It was very popular from around 1300 to 1500, particularly in northern Germany in areas such as Mecklenburg, Hamburg and Hannover. Although nowadays it means ‘hair’ in German it is likely to have originally stemmed from the Middle Low German word ‘hor / har’ (dirt / mud) referring to a ‘swamp’.

There are, however, a couple of possible origins. Himmelreich â€“ Means `Kingdom of heaven / god` in English. The name was made famous through legendary ‘Hildebrand’ figures, such as the one described in the legends of ‘Theodoric the Great’ as well as those featuring in the following old German songs: ‘Hildebrandslied’, ‘Nibelungenlied’ and ‘Hildebrand’s Death.’. Please see post above for further information. German Haar: German Haas: German Name HAAS is a Latin spelling of its ... Habe: German Haber: German Haberfeld: German Haberlands: German Habermas: German Habich: German Habicht: German Hache: German Hacke: German Hackel: German Hacker: German The son of Hacgard. ‘Holzhauer’ can also be interpreted in the same way. Hildegard â€“ This was a particularly noble feminine name in the Middle Ages made popular by the Blessed Hildegard of Bingen (1098 – 1179), also known as Saint Hildegard. Haarmacher â€“ Referring originally to a manufacturer who worked with hair. In North West Germany, interestingly, the term ´Haar’ was generally used to describe a range of hills or mountains. Holz / Holtz â€“ Literally translated this name means `wood‘ in English. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). Horn â€“ There are many places in Germany bearing this name and it is thus most likely to have originally denoted inhabitants of one (or more) of these places. Firstly, it may have been a short form of one or more of the following German names: Johannes, Heinrich and Hans, particularly if there are northern German connections (i.e. It derives from the old German word ‘hube’ which meant ‘hide’ referring to the amount of land a farmer might own. Hugo â€“ A short form of Hubert. Haller â€“ A couple of possible origins. It is thus highly likely that the original bearer of this name was a ‘Hauptmann.’ ‘Haupt’ in German nowadays means ‘main.’. It may have also denoted somebody who had connections to a pagan / paganism. In German the word ‘Angsthase’ - literally translated ‘frightened hare’ - means ‘coward / scaredy cat’ in English. This German surname may also have links to the ‘Heller’ (or Häller) which was the name of a coin produced in and named after Schwäbisch Hall. Hesse). The father would be working at the work bench, the mother on the sewing machine and the children at the spinning wheel or carrying out other menial tasks. Herbst â€“ Means ‘fall / autumn’ in English. ‘Heller’ eventually became a general term for a coin with low value.

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